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Sunday, August 25, 2019

4 Ways Microsoft xCloud would Change the Video Game Industry.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) While the idea of gaming on Microsoft xCloud is creating inspiring experiences for players around the world, the idea of what would happen to the video game industry is sparking interesting discussions. Will people accept game streaming early or they will stick with their PCs and consoles? The service we are being introduced to is a bold step for developers and players, but we should know what could happen to the video game industry when the Microsoft xCloud arrives.

The decline of hardware spending

For gamers like us, hardware requirements are complicated. The need for more storage space and the latest generation components often leaves players confused and unable to play all the games they like. Microsoft xCloud service will address many such problems. First, it will free up storage space on your PCs and consoles. Second, you won’t have to worry about upgrading to the latest console or PC components. Minimum system requirements no longer will be a problem for gamers after the release of Microsoft xCloud.

Microsoft xCloud will be the driving force for innovation

Console war has always been a part of the video game industry. Xbox vs PS vs Switch, PC vs consoles are the main topics of many endless debates and discussions among gamers. Keen on the success of video streaming services like Netflix and its competitors, gaming companies began finding new ways to use cloud computing to bring games without hardware restrictions. With xCloud, the competition is set to make room for more innovative ideas which will be worked upon in the coming years.

The competition will be for everyone including streaming providers, game developers, and players. Companies will look for new ways to bring more customers to their services. Before game streaming, companies had to focus only on two important things – hardware and games. After the arrival of services like xCloud and Google Stadia, their focus will be on multiple areas like subscription, pricing, content, and reach.

More competition, less control

Microsoft xCloud and other game streaming services will make the market more competitive in many areas. Big or small, companies will be having less control over the market. Console and PC market won’t see an immediate downfall, but the arrival of game streaming services will still badly hit the PC hardware market. This competition is and will be good as long as the entire move from hardware to the cloud brings value to the end user.

The idea of ownership

Believe it or not, game ownership will be one of the most controversial aspects of game streaming. Microsoft has not shared details on how the xCloud pricing model works, but it is safe to assume that the content will be available on subscription. In simple terms, you will pay a fixed amount to get access to a library of games. The company, however, may create different pricing plans depending on the quality of content.

If we look at the other side of streaming, particularly the music, movies and TV shows, people these days hardly care about content ownership. But there’s a huge difference between games and other media. Not everybody watches the same movie or a TV show over and over again, but that’s not the case with games. People love to replay the games in the long run. The fear associated with game streaming services like Microsoft xCloud is that people don’t know whether they will be able to own a game or not.

There are many unanswered questions like what will happen if you lose games on xCloud? What happens when you lose data? Is it a permanent loss or there is a way to recover saved files? On the cloud, there won’t be a copy of the game which you can access in the future unless you have complete access to the data center. Games will come and go, but the memories you create in a game matter. It looks like streaming will take them away as well.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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