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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Guess What? Samsung Galaxy Sport Smartwatch Doesn’t Look Sporty.

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( If the stars are aligned just right, Samsung Galaxy Sport smartwatch will be launched on February 20 during the Galaxy Unpacked event. What’s more interesting about the Galaxy Sport Smartwatch is that it doesn’t look sporty. The latest renders show much smoother edges making it an ideal smartwatch for any occasion.

The new design is very different from the previous Galaxy Gear Sport smartwatch models. New renders show a minimalist design with two input buttons on the right side. The Samsung Galaxy Sport smartwatch is sleek and rotating bezel is gone. If you see the Gear Sport watch, you’ll notice a mechanical gear-like design of the rotating bezel that sits over the dial.

Despite being a direct successor to the Gear Sport watch, the Galaxy Sport has a minimal appeal and it looks more like a traditional watch which you can wear with almost any outfit. Bixby will be the center of attraction and Samsung will also highlight it as the core feature of the watch. If you are not familiar with Bixby, it’s worth noting that the smart assistant has become more useful after several updates released by Samsung.

The input buttons on the side will be used to launch the menu and to control smartwatch applications. The Samsung Galaxy Sport will not use Wear OS. The company will bring the smartwatch on its own software platform Tizen. For the hardware, it is expected that the watch will come packed with 4GB of RAM and it will support wireless charging.

The smartwatch was recently spotted on the FCC website in the United States. The description and reports available on the FCC website suggest that the watch will support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, and wireless charging. According to reports, the Samsung Galaxy Sport smartwatch will be available in black, silver, pink/rose gold, and green color options.

Samsung released Gear Sport watch in 2017 and last year, the company unveiled the Galaxy Watch that earned high praise for its impressive battery life, design, software, and UI. The new smartwatch is expected to be a direct successor and a worthy replacement of the Gear Sport watch. The Galaxy Watch is considered the most refined smartwatch from Samsung and it offers some of the best fitness tracking features.

The only thing that many people didn’t like about the Galaxy Watch is its limited support for iOS devices. If you’re an iOS user, you won’t be able to access third-party apps on your Samsung Galaxy Watch. Lack of support for iPhone makes this smartwatch ideal only for Samsung users. For the software, as mentioned above, the new Galaxy Sport watch will run Tizen. The reason why Samsung chooses Tizen over Wear OS is the latter doesn’t support rotating bezels and it also consumes more battery power than Tizen.

With the 46mm model of the Galaxy Watch, you can skip charging for four days. Even the battery on the smaller 42mm model lasts three days that too when you use the smartwatch to check messages, track activities, play songs on Spotify or other apps. We expect the same from the new Samsung Galaxy Sport smartwatch because battery life is the major concern for smartwatch users, especially when someone is buying it for traveling, trekking, and camping purposes.

Taking a deeper look into the pricing strategy, we see the new Samsung Galaxy Sport smartwatch will be available for around $300 to $350. When Samsung launched the Gear Sport, the smartwatch was priced at $299 and later the price was reduced to $279. Last year’s Galaxy Watch comes in two sizes 42mm and 46mm and is available at $329 and $349. The 4G LTE model of the 46mm Galaxy Watch is available at $399. If Samsung adds some new fitness tracking features to the watch, for example, ECG sensor like the Apple Watch Series 4, then the price will definitely go up. We’ll keep following the updates to bring you everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Sport smartwatch.

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