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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Behind the Wall.

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(ThyBlackMan.comBehind the Wall is a term referencing the towering cement wall that encircles most, if not all, maximum security prisons. This soulless wall blinds millions of men/women from viewing the outside world, from seeing families and friends. This heartless structure says nothing; but his mere presence produces fears and anxieties. This cemented deaf-mute can neither hear no speak; yet, his existence is not only deafening; but, because of the central fact that it is deafening; it  speak volumes to those of us whom reside on the other side of the world.

In addition, the top of the wall is furnished with trigger-happy, gun-toting guards all of whom are handsomely rewarded to keep outsiders out and insiders in. In New York most of these prisons are located upstate; you know, upstate New York in the midst of many hills and mountains. Therefore, many hillbillies inherit decent employment off of those of us who are buried alive.

There is no freedom behind the wall. There is no justice behind the wall. There is no equality behind the wall. It’s just a wall. A wall so ugly that it unearths and perpetuates the immoralities and unethicalness of most of the people it encloses. It gets so close to you it can pick the pockets of your sanity. It can rob you of your own reality. Hard-hearted, self-hating gangsters return home as Muslims, Christians, Israelites, 5%’s, Panthers, etcetera; yet, oft-times too many brothers return home as: broken men.

Therefore, I couldn’t comprehend how the president of the United States could suggest that the democrats should get Behind the Wall. I mean, will the top of this wall be furnished with trigger-happy, gun-toting, racist guards? I mean, are we walling the immigrants out or are we walling in the American immigrants? Once the wall is constructed, will America become a maximum security prison?

I mean, Warden Trump has already said, “If you punch them in their faces, I’ll bail you out.” I mean, Warden Trump has already ordered armies of police officers to roughly shove the heads of their prisoners during arrests. I mean, Warden Trump has already kidnapped thousands of (now) parentless immigrant children. I mean, Warden Trump said that he would bring back waterboarding. I mean, Warden Trump called for the killing of the families of known terrorists. I mean, Warden Trump said he could shoot someone on Fifth avenue with impunity. I mean, this is the president of the United States; yet, I can ramble on for days.

Perhaps I’m being pessimistic. Maybe I’m losing faith in the resilience of Americans. Yes, because General Flynn is now a convicted felon. Papadopoulos is now a convicted felon. Rick Gates is now a convicted felon. And, Manafort is behind the wall. And, Cohen is behind the wall.

So, yes, I may have misspoke. It won’t be Warden Trump. If anything, it will be Ward of the State: Trump. And, Trump should be real careful of what he asks. He said that he was standing behind the wall. Well, if the fate of friends and close associates is an indicator of his destiny; and, if jailbirds of the same feathers, lock together; then, yes, Trump will find himself standing behind a wall. And, it will be the president’s wall. A wall

In fact, I’m going to get a beer. It’s almost MUELLER time!

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