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Test Clear – Tips for Clearing A Drug Test Fast.

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( Drug testing is essential for the workplaces and learning institutions that require drug-free environments. In sports, the International Olympics Committee (IOC), International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), and the World Anti-Doping Agency are some of the institutions that conduct random drug testing on athletes, marathoners, footballers, and tennis players.

Getting Ready THC Urine Drug Test

As a worker, the employers may surprise you with abrupt THC urine drug test. If you really value your job or sports career, always clear the THC traces after using cannabis or hashish. Moreover, if you are a job applicant, it is necessary to remove THC metabolites before the pre-employment screening

What is THC?

THC, or tetrahydrocakknnabinol, is a mind-altering chemical substance from the cannabis plant. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), THC is similar to the natural cannabinoid in the human body. THC has psychological effects on users and may alter the consumer’s memory, thinking, pleasure, perception, psychomotor functions, and coordination. THC levels in hashish, it is 5 to 15% and in marijuana it is 1 to 5%.

How can you prepare for an upcoming urine drug test for THC?

If you are a regular cannabis user who has a THC drug test coming up, fear not. There are simple ways to help you flush out tetrahydrocakknnabinol from the body so as to pass a urine drug test for THC.

How to Eliminate THC from Your System

Drug testers can notice the presence of marijuana or tetrahydrocakknnabinol for up to 3 days in occasional THC users, 5-7 days for moderate users, 10-15 days for the people who consume THC daily, and 30 days in chronic or heavy THC users. The detection of THC depends on your metabolism and how frequently you smoke marijuana.

Passing a urine drug test for THC is fairly easy if you follow the steps hereunder to speed up the metabolism of cannabis in your body.

* Adapt a ketogenic diet: A ketogenic diet is a protein-rich, high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that enhances the body’s capability to metabolize fat. Body fat is the storage for THC. So, by helping to burn fat, a ketogenic diet can help to flush out THC from the body.

* Drink plenty of water daily: 8 glasses of water every day will not only help to flush your system but also assist to metabolize THC molecules. Plain water, or water flavored with lemon, is an excellent body cleansing drink.

* Drink green tea: To lower THC levels, drink green tea, which will help to urinate often and technically wash out the blood system, kidneys, and liver. Green tea is a good blood purifier. Include green tea in your diet for at least 7 days before the THC drug screen.

* Exercise vigorously: Enroll for jacuzzi, steam-room, or sauna services to help improve your metabolic rate as well as get rid of THC from your body faster.

* Detox: If you would like to increase your chances of passing a urine drug test for THC, embark on a detox program in the days before the screening.

* Take Zinc: Zinc is a good urinary adulterant or THC neutralizer. You can generate negative THC urine tests or obstruct THC detection in urine for between 12 and 18 hours by taking zinc powder capsules after smoking cannabis.

* Dilute your urine: Positive urine drug test for THC usually read 50ng/ml. Cannabis users who drink plenty of water can lower the THC metabolite levels. Additionally, to reduce the quantity of metabolites in your urine, pee as much as you can 24 to 48 hours prior to the THC examination.

Work on the THC Metabolism and Storage

The best way to prepare for a THC urine drug test is to work on the THC metabolism and storage. After you smoke cannabis, the tetrahydrocakknnabinol blood levels will rise significantly. Once in the body, THC molecules get broken down into inactive metabolites, for example, tetrahydrocannabinol carboxylic acid, also called THC-COOH. If you don’t want to do it the natural way, you can look at test clear reviews online for more info on using them to get products that pass drug tests.

THC-COOH can remain in the body for many days, a fact that makes THC detectable during a drug test. The normal half-life of THC metabolites is 1 week. Typically, the THC levels will decrease by 50% after 7 days. If cannabis consumption comes to end, your body may be free of THC within 4 weeks. The more cannabis you smoke drink, eat, the higher the levels of THC in your system and the harder it is to knock the tetrahydrocannabinol out.In short, keep in your mind that you need to hasten the THC metabolism and lower the THC accumulation before the urine drug test.

Staff Writer; Bobby Moore

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