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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Making KidsCamp Fun and Inviting for Kids Seeking Sponsors and Donations.

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( William Jackson and Aida Correa, KidsCamp Organizers for KidsCamp Orlando 2018 incorporated an initiative of STEAM  (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) into the KidsCamp curriculum they created. The 16 kids that attended KidsCamp Orlando, Florida, ages 7 to 12, participated in projects that required completing individual and group projects based on
the theme “Space.” Incorporating design thinking, creative thought process and critical thinking. Mission requirements that would have impressed NASA.

The parents, in positions of support and guidance as “First Officers,” while the kids, designated having the ultimate responsibility of leadership roles. The “Captains” (kids) were engaged in working together in teams to encourage collaboration, teamwork and using critical and higher order thinking skills and strategies.

Our desire is for this model to be used to increase the effectiveness and fun of KidsCamp that is associated with WordCamp conferences. Youth, teens and young adults are the future of WordCamp and KidsCamp, they are the foundation for future attendees and speakers.

WordCamp conferences are changing the way web development is seen by youth, it is not just for adults. Encouraging youth, teens and young adults to participate and embrace the excitement and learning of digital web design, HTML Coding and gaining tech skills that may lead to potential employment and business opportunities.

William Jackson and Aida Correa are seeking sponsors and donations
for the next KidsCamp in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday, June 30th 2019 and other WordCamp conferences that are interested in a fun, dynamic and inclusive experience. Males and females gain a great deal from participating and contributing to the learning and the fun.

Having businesses connected to STEAM; Ms. Correa (LoveBuilt Life, LLC) a designer, artist and writer has spoken at national venues focusing on child development and welfare and spoken at
WordCamp conferences.

Mr. Jackson is a national and international blogger over 15 years and a educator with over 30 years of service. He has spoken at WordCamp conferences nationally and internationally. Both have volunteered at KidsCamp events in other states and internationally in Costa Rica in Central America.

We are hoping to change the way KidsCamp conferences are managed to promote participation by youth to be involved in areas they enjoy with tech by embracing creativity and innovation.

KidsCamp is a great opportunity for parents and their children to collaborate, cooperate and share. To gain resources from vendors and companies that will support their continued involvement and growth using the WordPress platform and tools.

To keep costs down for tickets and even provide “SWAG” that excites and motivates both parents and youth to attend, you’re being contacted and asked for your help in making KidsCamp a great experience for kids. Please contact us to collaborate on what item(s) you can donate and how your business can be a sponsor of KidsCamp during WordCamp Jacksonville, WordCamp Miami and other potential future venues.

This will provide potentially additional markets for you to provide your services to the growing KidsCamp audience. Thank you for continued support in the growth and engagement of WordPress as it grows globally and allows future digital innovators and creatives the chance to shine and grow.

Your attention and support is greatly appreciated.

Staff Writer; William D. Jackson

Find out more about this talented writer over at; OCS For Education.

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