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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

PlayStation Classic: Here’s Why Sony Will Fail to Recreate the Experience.

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( The Sony PlayStation Classic hits store shelves on December 3 with 20 preinstalled games. The PlayStation Classic is a miniaturized version of Sony’s original PlayStation which was launched in 1994. The Classic is 45 percent smaller than the original console and retains the same button layout, logo, and design of the packaging.

Everything looks good, including the price which is $99 for a console that comes with two PlayStation controllers. For starters, the original PlayStation controller features a four-way D-pad for movement and doesn’t come with analog controls. In the box, you get the PlayStation Classic console, an HDMI cable, two controllers, and a USB cable. Consoles and video games have become more like comics. Many people collect them as a part of their hobby.

From packaging to design and controllers, everything in the Sony PlayStation Classic is attractive enough that it can actually take you back in time. The same packaging, the same design of the round buttons with glowing text, and wired controllers look excellent. Overall, the PlayStation Classic at a glance looks like a steal deal until you dig deeper into what you get after spending $99 on this console.

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Classic comes with 20 pre-installed games. Some of the games are Tekken 3, Final Fantasy VII, R4: Ridge Racer Type 4, Wild Arms, and Jumping Flash. You heard right, Sony is bringing many fan-favorite titles with its new console. These games are enough to excite many of us, but still, Sony will fail to create a magic with its PlayStation Classic, and here are the reasons.

Sony is giving us one of the oldest PlayStation controllers to play the games. The two controllers which you get with the console don’t have the analog stick. It clearly means that most of the games that you love won’t make it to the final list of 20 games. With that said, it’s surprising that Sony is bringing games like Tekken 3 on this console.

It’s true that D-pad and sticks are more about personal preference, but the movement in such games feel better on a DualShock controller. One of the main advantages of using a stick controller is that it prepares the players to be able to get better at fighting games. The problem with D-pad is that many popular games on the original PlayStation feel better with a DualShock controller. Gran Turismo, Porsche Challenge, Quake II PlayStation port, and Ape Escape are some of them.

Beyond the 20 games, there’s nothing more you can expect from the PlayStation Classic. The PlayStation brand has always been about entertainment and the original PlayStation console laid the foundation with the inbuilt CD player capability. Sadly, the new console, due to its small size, can’t hold the discs and the USB support is the only way you can enjoy some basic MP3 music.

The PlayStation Classic supports virtual memory which means players would miss the ability to transfer saved game files. Some of the games with massive content can be enjoyed better if players can transfer their files. Sony says that they have added a virtual memory card so that players can save files when switching between titles.

Sony is ignoring many key features and it’s hard to imagine that everyone will be able to enjoy gaming on PlayStation Classic without those features. Some players didn’t like the idea Sony is pushing because most of them feel that Sony could at least allow the players to buy more PlayStation games in the future rather than limiting the console’s content to 20 games.

One more thing which is not a very big issue for many players, but it still caught our attention. The Sony PlayStation Classic package won’t include an AC adapter. The USB cable provided with the console will be the only way to power the console. Many people have TVs that support standard USB, so this is obviously not a deal breaker.

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