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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Laid Back Can Kill You.

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( All doctors and hospitals are not created equal. While there are some doctors out there that make the wellness of the patient priority there are some that are high dollar driven. Seeing a doctor about health challenges does not absolve you from being an active participant in your health care. It is true you are not a doctor and there are times whereby you have to stipulate to their expert knowledge. However, there are times when doctors are wrong. You the patient know what you are living with everyday and it is important to have physicians working with you that are willing to hear. You need them to be willing to look at your situation on an individual basis verses treating you with the options that seem to work for the many.

It I understandable that you don’t want to be a difficult patient, so you are laid back and simply go with the flow. You hang on every word of the doctors regardless of how your body responds to the treatment they give you. You are focused on not being a hassle and of course the doctor must know better, so you remain silent. When your family members point out inconsistencies with what the doctor tells you verses what your body is doing you defend the doctors. This laid back pro doctor position can lead to more complications with your health, and in it can be fatal.

Your loyalty to a doctor(s) or a hospital should not come at the very price of your health. If you are given a diagnosis someone needs to explain why it being given. You are not being obnoxious for wanting to understand what the doctor is saying is wrong with your, nor the medication they are prescribing to treat said illness. If you are told you have congestive heart failure you need to know as much about your condition as possible. If fluid is building in your lungs you need to know why. Furthermore, you need a team of doctors that will be aggressive about wanting to know why you body is malfunctioning.

When you notice you are not being tested but was given grave diagnosis you must consider getting a second opinion. When you are constantly being admitted into the hospital at an unprecedented rate you might need to go to a different facility. Sometimes, when you have been with certain doctors to long they focus too much on what you have dealt with in the past verse giving your situation a fresh look.

It may be that you need new doctors that know nothing of your background and are new to you to give you the fresh set of eyes that could save your life. Having a voice in your health is your right, and while respecting the doctors remember it is you and your family that live with your illness. You can be a good patient without disregarding your family and giving the doctor so much control that you are blind to the truth of your health declining under said care. Be confident in doing what is best for your quality of living via your health.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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