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New Book Explores the Relation of Faith and Fitness.

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( In 2008, author and fit pro W. Eric Croomes made the decision to improve his health.  At that point he was almost 200 pounds – which at five-feet and nine inches and in his forties – wasn’t healthy.  Croomes made a plan and stuck with it; watching with utter amazement at how his body was literally transformed when he began training to become a personal trainer in January of 2009.

Moreso, he also discovered how his spiritual and mental well-being began to take on new meaning.  Not only did his body change, his life perspective began to change, too.

“I was training my body, but I was also training my life”, writes Croomes, in his new book Life’s a Gym: Seven Fitness Principles to Get the Best of Both, the author’s fourth book, and recently re-released in June 2018 as print copy.

But the most important element of change that Croomes noticed was that his faith in God began to deepen; what was once merely an experience in religion, now took on a greater organic depth and meaning.

That one truth is what encapsulates Life’s a Gym, the fact that we when we endeavor to make our best body our best life, we, in many ways, move closer to our sacred selves.

With this important book, Croomes brings the wisdom and power of the gym into everyday life and shows his readers how to turn everyday challenges into channels of holistic well-being. In doing so, Life’s a Gym incites a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection, a phenomenon that we now know more about based on research over the last quarter-century.

For the enthusiast who’s interested in more than just a ripped body, a chiseled physique and how many pounds to lose or not to lose, Life’s a Gym is a great read. It incorporates principles of fitness as metaphor for transformation; seeing your life with a new perspective; using the best of what you have for growth and accomplishment.

The interested reader might understandably ask, “Just how does training one’s body bring one closer to God?” The answer tucked within the pages of this easy-to-read, seventy-page wellness manual is simple: through training principles, motivational tips, success mantras, Holy Scripture and personal experience, the reader is launched on a journey of self-discovery. In this discovery, one feels more closely connected to a Higher Power, to the elements and to those with whom we connect on a daily basis.

What makes Life’s a Gym an exceptional read, though, is more than its claim of forging a connection between the reader and a Higher Power, it’s also the fact that, not only can the ‘couch potato’ find value in reading it, but so can the ‘gym potato’ – the person who goes to the gym with frequency but does not know exactly what to do once there.

Hence, Life’s a Gym fulfils not only a sacred and devotional value, but a practical one, as well.

Whatever the reader’s journey – and even ‘wherever’ they may be in life – Life’s a Gym is a guidepost for body, mind and spirit wellness.

The interested person will find insights on what to do with the cumbersome tire around the waist, as well as how to handle the grouchy boss or co-worker at the office. After all, it’s how you metabolize your experiences that matter.

This book will leave you with a feeling of unbridled physical, mental and spiritual empowerment!

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Life's A Gym: Seven Fitness Principles to Get the Best of Both.

Or visit Amazon here; Lifes-Gym-Seven-Fitness-Principles.

Staff Writer; William Ross

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