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Saving Money On Things You Use Everyday.

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( Did you make a resolution to save money for you and your entire family? If so, trying to find different ways to stay on a budget to cut back costs can be a challenge. Getting everyone on board is the only way to do it. From slashing your grocery bill to cutting back on spending money at the gas station, here are just a few suggestions that may help put a little more money back in your pocket this month.

Cell Phones

Almost everyone has a cell phone and so do tweens and teens. In a large household, this can really put a dent in money going out the door each month. Overages, excessive data usage, and downloads can happen unexpectedly and throw your budget out of whack. Switch over to unlimited plans if you see yourself going over your bandwidth each month. Another option is to combine or bundle all of your services into one package. For example, i3Broadband offers bundles that help save you money on internet television and phone. This can help you save on the internet usage you may happen to access on your phone. It also gives you more services for one low cost, as opposed to paying for just one or two services that ultimately may cost more. Calling your internet service provider to see if this option is available in your area may help you save on all of these services each month.


One area where many families struggle with their expenses is with food. The food bill takes up a large portion of everyone’s budget on a daily budget. You definitely need to eat, and healthy eating is one thing that can be expensive, especially for a larger family. There are some ways to cut back on costs, such as:

  • Limit eating out at restaurants to days that kids eat free
  • Combine in-store coupons with manufacturer coupons for extra savings on groceries
  • Utilize sales on meats, vegetables, and canned goods whenever possible
  • Shop wholesale clubs for significant savings on bulk household items and food

Planting your own garden and saving the seeds for replanting is another way that you can also save on food in the long run. If you live in an urban area, try to utilize your small space for container vegetable gardening. Canning and freezing is another way to make your veggie harvest stretch throughout the winter months.


When you look at your monthly expenses, utilities are something that ranks up there as some of the main bills that you pay. Gas and electric can fluctuate throughout the year, but if you notice a large fluctuation, it could indicate a problem with your HVAC system. Having your furnace and AC checked is one way you might be able to slash your monthly gas and electric bill. Replacing outdated parts will help your unit run more efficiently and reduce your utility bills. Is your HVAC system outdated? If so, switching to a more energy efficient model, along with a programmable thermostat will help cut your utility bills significantly over the course of the year. Making sure that your home is properly insulated from top to bottom also helps with gas and electric bills. A contractor can add batt, blown-in, and SPF insulation to areas with air flow to help button up your home and make your furnace and air conditioner work less when they are in operation.


Your car is a solid investment that you’re proud you obtained at a good competitive market price, but the real cost is keeping it on the road. Getting to and from work and then running errands after work can drain your car’s gas tank quickly. It’s something you have to do and there’s no getting around it. But teaming up with friends, neighbors or other co-workers may be one small way to cut back on gas usage and help reduce your car’s emissions into the environment. Ask about carpooling, back and forth to work as well to school functions. If you can set up a good system with other parents and neighbors, you can see huge cost savings in your budget when it comes to gas expenditures.

Cutting back on costs is hard, but if you look closely there are several ways that you can utilize cost savings that will work for you.

Staff Writer; Ron James

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