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My Views On Hybrid Africans (aka light skins).

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( Lately, there’s been a huge influx of Hybrid Africans appearing in mainstream media from movies, tv, ads, magazines, newspapers, and even commercials nowadays.

I coined the term Hybrid African to describe African people who have a much lighter skin complexion that comes from the fact that they have a white parent. They didn’t asked to be born into the world. Hybrid Africans, even though they have a white parent, this society will always view them as Africans regardless

In the meantime, you got these divisionists house negroes in the community from pseudo-conscious and pseudo-hoteps as well as other divisionists who continuously spew nothing but hateful, nasty, and very divisive rhetoric against Hybrid Africans. They will sit behind their computer and make videos and write posts and blogs all day about how these Hybrid Africans are “cancerous” and “threats” to the entire African Nation and how they’re “not African”

They often say that Hybrid Africans aren’t even African because their skin is “white-like” and they have a white parent. This type of statement of Hybrid Africans are not African is very ignorant and backwards because they deliberately ignore let alone don’t even wanna acknowledge the fact that an African person that’s born through a white parent, particularly a white mother is STILL an African regardless because that’s how society will ALWAYS view them as. When they say such things like Hybrid Africans being non-African, they are actually speaking like our oppressors.

These divisionists deliberately tend to forget that Africans are the most diverse group of people in the world and that African features are very diverse such as afros, curls, and locs. There are many groups of African people all over the world like Afro-Mexicans, Afro-Indians, Afro-Brazilians, Afro-Colombians, Haitians, Puerto Ricans, Afro-Cubans, etc.

It is through colonialism and neocolonialism (house negroes) that there’s a huge divide between the dark skinned Africans and the Hybrid Africans that they want to maintain and our oppressors know that if we remain divided, they’ll always conquer us.

It’s through colonialism that we have these very negative and toxic relationships that we have with one another whether it’s through shooting one another through state-sponsored horizontal violence or even robbing our own neighbors just to get resources to survive because of the imposed deplorable conditions on our communities across the country by this social system and even perpetuate these colonial imposed divisive tactics of “light skin/dark skin”

While these pseudo-conscious and pseudo-hotep divisionists wanna portray all Hybrid Africans as “enemies” of the African nation, they deliberately forget let alone don’t want to acknowledge the fact that many of the greatest Africans in history are Hybrid Africans.

There were plenty of Hybrid Africans that truly stood up and fought for the masses of our people like Muhammad Ali and Bob Marley for example and they weren’t afraid to even risk their own careers in doing so.

The term of “biracial” that pseudo-conscious, pseudo-hoteps, and other divisionists like to throw around so recklessly and ignorantly comes from white people that created that term they used to justify the division between Africans and Hybrid Africans so that it was easy for them to conquer us as a nation.

There are plenty of sellout Hybrid Africans out there today like the Stacey Dashes that not only refuse to identify themselves as being an African, but they also use the colonial created term of “biracial” as a way to distance themselves from being an African and run towards being assimilated into the colonial social system.

There were also plenty of other sellout Hybrid Africans like Barack Obama who carried out the mission of the U.S. imperialist power structure by dropping hundreds and thousands of bombs on Africa as well as being complicit in the brutal and genocidal mass incarceration of African people in The U.S, he even signed a “Blue Alert Bill” that protected murderous pigs from threats made against them, and he called the young African working class in Baltimore who was fighting back against the colonial state in the form of the police as “criminals and thugs”

The Conclusion – For me personally, I love Hybrid Africans who have not only embrace being an African and fight for the masses of African people, but also embrace being a part of The African working class and not this parasitic social system that’s built on the oppression and exploitation of African people and the genocide of indigenous people.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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