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7 Everyday Things That Negatively Affect Your Health.

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(ThyBlackMan.comWe’re all aware of the big health risks. But those are just the tip of the iceberg; when you get down to it, there a lot of much smaller details which can put your health in jeopardy, especially when they’re all grouped together. And the issue with these health issues is that they’re all so straightforward, so every day that we barely stop to think about them. Below, we take a look at those everyday occurrences that you need to keep an eye on, for the sake of your health.

Driving to Work

If our ancestors could see how we spend our days, they would think we’re crazy! If you’re driving to work, sitting down all day, and then returning to your home only to sit in front of the television, then your health is a ticking time bomb. We were not designed to sit down so much, and also to be inside as much as we are. Moving forward, try to one make a small change to your commute. If you park ten minutes away from the office, then you’ll have at least twenty minutes of walking per day. It’s more convenient to drive, but what’s convenient isn’t always the best option for your body!

Staying Alert All Day

Yes, we all want to achieve as much as we can throughout the day, but it’s important that we’re not using caffeine too much to help us do it. While in small doses it’ll pose you no problems, having too many cups of coffee a day has been linked with a number of serious health risks, such as heart attacks. Even the lesser health risks are unpleasant; these include indigestion, headaches, increased anxiety. Have one in the morning by all means, but don’t rely on caffeine to be a substitute for sleep! And talking of which….

Use Your Phone

Technology has done a lot of good for society, but there’s a chance that we’re becoming a little bit too dependent on it. At night, we can spend hours scrolling through our phones and tablets, unaware that in doing so we’re greatly compromising the quality of the sleep we get. As such, it’s important that you cut out your screen time in the two hours running up to your bedtime. Additionally, just think of how much time you’re spending on your phone, when instead you could be practising yoga, or mindfulness, or hitting the gym.

After Work Drinks and Partying

Drinking is everywhere in our culture, and for that matter in cultures around the world. But the risks of drinking are real, even if it is a socially accepted vice. If you find yourself constantly saying ‘yes’ to after work drinks, or going out on the weekend, then you’ll be putting your body through the ringer. If you find that you can’t stop, then you might need professional help; take a look at What To Look For In A Detox Treatment and begin a new life away from alcohol. Your body will thank you, and you’ll save a lot of money – alcohol isn’t cheap – too.  

Treating Yourself

We work a lot, and we all have more responsibilities than we’d like to have. As such, it’s easy to convince yourself that you’re worthy of food that you know isn’t good for you. A takeaway pizza, fresh cookies, or a bar of chocolate at your work desk might taste delicious, but what’s it doing to your insides? Remember what they say: a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips! Being overweight is linked to a lot of health problems, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay within your BMI allowance.

Cosy Days In

When the weather is cold outside, it’s tempting to put a log on the fire, and spend the day in the comfort of your own home. But as we said above, humans are not supposed to be inside all the time! We belong outside. Even when the weather outside is anything but agreeable, make sure you’re at the very least going for a stroll. Twenty minutes of outdoor time can do wonders for your mental and physical health!

All Work, Work, Work

In today’s go-getter culture, it’s admirable to work for as long as possible. But if you’re putting twelve hour days in the office on a regular basis, then you’ll be putting your body under pressure that it could really do without. Instead of working every hour of the day, schedule in some relaxation time.

Staff Writer; Larry Jones

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