Arms 4.0 Update Brings Misango & A Mysterious Spirit Companion.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Arms 4.0 Update Brings Misango & A Mysterious Spirit Companion.

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( Out of the 13 planned characters for the game, Nintendo has introduced the third character Misango with the Arms 4.0 update on Nintendo Switch. The update is now available for download and other than the new character, Nintendo has added a new stage called Temple Grounds. There are three new ARMS added to the game and each of them will be available for the other characters as well. The ARMS include the Scorpio, Skully, and Glusher.

The latest update is completely free of cost and the most interesting thing about the update is that it brings a spirit companion with the character. A spirit follows Misango wherever he goes. The spirit aids the character in combats and helps him absorb charge. Misango can absorb the spirit in two ways. Through dash or jump, players can fully charge it. There are short and long charges, but with charging, players can immediately absorb the spirit. You can also charge it through guarding. If you are capable of holding a guard for a long time, you can see the spirit transforming itself into a pillar of energy. This pillar can be used in two ways. Misango can just enter into it and absorb it or he can just take cover and block the attacks.

There’s so much more about the spirit as there are specific color codes and each gives Misango a different ability. For example, if the character absorbs the yellow spirit, he will be able to block all the incoming attacks for a certain period of time. Once after the power gets activated, Misango gets a mask. If the character absorbs the red spirit, he will gain the ability to cause more damage to the enemies. His mask will be different this time and there will be a set of horns visible on the head. The third color is blue. If the character absorbs a blue spirit, he appears wearing a mask and gets the ability to move faster.

Out of the three ARMS for Misango in the Arms 4.0 Update, there is one called Scorpio. The arm injects poison as it reaches the target by crawling on the ground. The best thing about the arm is that it can actually fly in the air and it moves faster. The second arm is Glusher that bounces and reaches the target, and it causes significant damage to the opponents. The fastest arm is Skully and it is also a poisonous one that hits the opponent directly in the face.

Once after downloading the Arms 4.0 update, you can play as Misango or play against him. Depending on the opponent, you will need to learn and try different ways to defeat the enemy. Since some of the moves can turn out to be counterproductive, you will have to be very careful with timings and movements. Picking the right time to defend yourself and launching an attack is very crucial. You can try different combinations of arms and use the charge as much as possible to stay undefeated.

The new Arms 4.0 update also adds a new multiplayer event mode called Party Crash. The first event will start on November 22. The addition is very similar to Splatoon’s Splafest events. During the upcoming event, characters including the Spring Man and Ribbon Girl will be the center of attraction. Players will be able to collect badges and in-game money once after the event ends on November 24. So, those who’ll level up during the event will be able to earn more in the game.

According to Nintendo, Misango has a medium-high learning curve. Practicing with the character will pay off in the long run especially when you’re playing with or against it. The new Temple Grounds stage is where players can try Misango’s new set of moves and arms. To check if the Arms 4.0 update is available on your Nintendo Switch or not you can follow the official guideline provided to you by Nintendo.

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One Response to “Arms 4.0 Update Brings Misango & A Mysterious Spirit Companion.”
  1. Larry Moore says:

    Good update here. May just start playing ARMS again.

    Note: I seem to play “Splatoon 2” all the time while on my Nintendo Switch.

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