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5 Reasons Why Apple Leads The Race Always: You Never Knew These Facts.

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( There are many answers to the questions like why Apple is successful and why it leads the race. The biggest reasons we know so far are the technology and product quality. But beyond these, there are some solid factors that lead consumers want more from Apple and it’s surprising how Apple successfully delivers what fans need.

1. Simplicity

Apple products aren’t just a piece of technology, they are extremely simple yet beautiful. Whether it’s about design elements or the controls, from Apple’s iPad to iPhones and now HomePod, the company has seen so much and created its own market nobody is able to break. For example, when the iPod came, it was not a very beautiful looking device, but within a few years, Apple delivered some extremely good models in the product range and finally with the newest versions, the company brought the single seamless control back in action.

2. The best mobile OS

Businesses are going digital and most of them are software-driven. Ultimately, the experience turns mobile-centric and is no longer about just consumer services. Apple’s iOS is the most innovative operating system in the smartphone world. The technology Apple uses in the smartphone gets more power with iOS. People like Rowan Trollope of Cisco also believe that iOS is the world’s most advanced operating system.

3. Loyalty

Another reason is the user loyalty. Apple enjoys more than 90 percent loyalty among its customers in the enterprise deployment. Android holds a larger market as a platform, but Apple holds the smartphone buyers who are ready to pay more for the technology and innovation. With that, the company also enjoys the ease of configuration and deployment.

4. Relationships

Apple has constructive relationships with the world’s leading companies. Microsoft, Deloitte, Cisco, and IBM are some of the brands Apple enjoys healthy relationships with. The company and its partners have secured massive deals in the past and even today, some of the companies like Volkswagen are putting capital in Apple’s technology and products.

5. Criticism

For Apple, criticism works as a positive force in many areas. Lack of some basic features and presence of hard to ignore exclusive features make Apple remain a part of the discussions. The company has worked hard to break some labels critics put on it. The company is focused on the safety of its users, while it has also started working on API enabled solutions to help developers while maintaining the premium quality security services for its hardware and software.

No matter how you use Apple devices, the best thing about them is that even if you are an average user or an enterprise user, you will enjoy the same level of security and ease-of-use. Performance, security, and integration are some of the factors that make Apple products win hearts very easily.

Apple supports its products for a long time. None of the smartphone makers pay so much attention to the devices released more than two years ago, but Apple does the same. The level of programming and developing products is so amazing that even an iPhone 5 can run iOS 10. It’s wonderful because there’s a huge gap between the hardware and software release dates.

None of the smartphone makers can guarantee cyberattack-free service on the device, but Apple is certainly the one which is close to that level. The limited applications from third parties and regular updates on the devices are a clear sign that the company cares a lot about the protection of its devices. On the other hand, if you look at the records in the Android realm, you will see that the rate of malware identification on the platform is higher than Apple.

We all question why Apple is leading the race and why everyone cares about Apple products. The reason is the company started with a big idea and very less technology. But it was the idea that pushed the brand to new heights and Apple understands the power of software, hardware, and simplicity.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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