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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Self-Hate – A Symptom Of Colonialism.

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( Recently, Waka Flocka Flame made come comments that may have shocked some people in our community, but the comments come as no surprise to me at all when he said, “Man, I’m not African”.

Waka Flocka Flame isn’t the only rich paid house negro that’s made such degrading statement, last year other rich paid house negroes in Bow Wow and Raven have also said that “They’re not Africans” either because they would rather associate themselves with anything other than being an African because under this current social system, having high self-esteem and being unapologetically African has always been seen as a threat to them which is one of the reasons why The U.S. Imperialist government through counterinsurgency crushed our black power movements and assassinated and incarcerated our political leaders in the 1960s that left us demoralized and flocking away from political life until a few years ago with the rising consciousness in our community that our youth and the working class are ready to once again lead the revolution that will overturn this colonial parasitic capitalist system that has oppressed and killed us for over 600 years.

His comments are reflective of the colonial symptom of self-hate that has plagued our people for over several hundred years since Europe’s vicious attack against Africa and African people 600 years ago in which we were stripped of our names, languages, identities, self-worth, & pride after we were forcibly taken from our homeland against our will and brought onto foreign land called America where our exploited labor was used to build this entire country.

We were taught at a very early age by the colonial education system and colonial media that Africa is “bad, war-torn, poverty stricken, poor, & be anything other than African”.

When our oppressors teach our kids in the colonial education system, they will never be taught how to value and love themselves because the colonial education system is an arm of The State whose mission is to make sure that our kids do not become academically gifted, but also not love and embrace who they were meant to be.

It’s because of the psychological brainwashing by the colonial education system and colonial media that has caused a lot of our people to hate who they were truly meant to be: an African.

Although self-hate is a big issue affecting our community daily, but the biggest issue that’s affecting our community everyday is Colonialism.

Another form of the colonial symptom self-hate that’s often pushed onto our community is the corporate sponsored bastardized rap music in which you constantly hear these corporate puppet rappers like Waka Flocka Flame buck dance by denigrating and shitting all over our community for the parasitic capitalist dollar.

Also, the self-esteem of young African girls are constantly attacked and bombarded daily with white Barbie type of dolls that are reflective of the falsified colonial beauty standard that’s promoted by colonial media.

There’s also the issue of some African people not just in this country, but around the world that are bleaching their skin because of the pressures of trying to be white and to fit in to the colonial white system because they don’t have an understanding of what it means to truly be an African because they were never taught that in the colonial education system.

Self-Hate also comes in the form of a small sector of African people in this country that justify “swirling” by deliberately attacking and shitting all over their community in the process by saying things like Trick Daddy said last year that “Becky’s winning and African women are losing” or Kenya Moore said a few years ago that “It’s hard to find a good African man because most of them are either dead, ain’t shit, or in jail”.

I was one of those African people who had self-esteem issues growing up, but my grandmother (one of my personal heroes) actually instilled in me when I was very young the importance of having self-worth and loving myself when I remember her telling me, “Always love yourself for who you are and never let anyone tell you that you’re less than”. I never forgot that comment and I fell in love with myself more because of my grandma.

The Conclusion – I say “It’s time to break that matrix and teach our kids on how to value and love themselves”.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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