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Halo Wars 2 Update: A New Campaign, Game Mode, Leaders & Arenas Coming Soon.

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( With the Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare DLC, players will be getting a new expansion to the Halo-based RTS where you take charge of the Banished against the Flood. The new DLC pack will bring two new leaders, two maps for multiplayer gameplay, a new campaign and a new game mode titled Terminus Firefight, which is a cooperative mode where the players will be building armies and bases to survive, defend and fight against enemy forces.

In addition to the Banished campaign, the Awakening the Nightmare DLC brings Terminus Firefight. In this unique game mode, up to three players can come together and build their armies. Alongside the new campaign and the new game mode, the Awakening the Nightmare DLC will bring two standard multiplayer maps which will be available for free.

Players in the new game mode will be using new and classic ways to fight and survive. Building new defense systems will be crucial to fight enemy forces. Mixing new measurements such as barricades and spike floor with classic features like tech trees, base-building and Leader power will give a competitive edge over opponents. So, players must remember that at least three players must defend the Forerunner Terminus nodes and their bases against Banished, UNSC, and Flood forces.

The Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare DLC will be available for US$19.99 on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Neither Microsoft nor the game developer 343 Industries have shared details about the release date of the expansion. According to the company, the DLC will be available sometime during fall. Meaning that you will have to wait a little long to get the new content. If you purchased the season pass, you won’t have to wait any longer to get fresh content. Although the Awakening the Nightmare is not coming anytime soon before fall, the season pass holders will be getting two Leaders and an additional two campaign missions in the coming days. No confirmation on the season pass content is available but the developer has assured players that it will be bringing new details anytime soon.

Halo Wars 2 Awakening the Nightmare DLC will not be available as a part of the season pass. It is an expansion which will be sold separately. Both Creative Assembly and 343 Industries have worked on the development of the DLC pack. Now when the game support HDR, the upcoming DLC content will also be available with HDR support.

If don’t know, the game received an update patch at the time of the Sergeant Johnson DLC launch in May enabling both the original game and the DLC content to support HDR. The new patch released in May enables HDR lighting for compatible devices. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) allows a broader range of colours in the video games making the game look better in terms of graphics. The developers also made some balancing changes in the previous Halo Wars 2 updates.

Soon after releasing the update, during E3 2017, Microsoft and 343 Industries unveiled a trailer video of the upcoming DLC for the game. Awakening the Nightmare continues the events in Halo Wars 2. The battle to get control over Ark is going on and the Banished are ready to regain the power. The battle between forces has its own serious consequences and the new maps are there to make these battles more intense.

Meanwhile, regarding the mainstream franchise, the game developer 343 Industries has said that Halo 6 is not coming anytime soon. There were talks about the Halo 5 successor, and 343 Industries in fact shared that it has plans for the future of the franchise. The revelations led people believe that the company is gearing up to announce Halo 6. The studio’s Jeff Easterling has clearly said that the next major title in the franchise will not be up for display this year. Let’s wait and see!

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