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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

George Soros: The Most Dangerous Man In America Part 2.

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( SORO’S origins alone will tell us everything about what we’re dealing and will be dealing with for quite sometime, its important that we know this at the beginning of the last great battle for control of AMERICA, SOROS was born in 1930 to a JEWISH family in HUNGARY his actual name is GEORGE SCHWARTZ and what distinquished him from the rest of the JEWS who were caught in HUNGARY in 1944 is when the NAZI’S arrived and occupied HUNGARY he was willing to collaborate with them and help them dispossess his fellow JEWS of all their wealth and watch them be shipped off to the camps were most of them were killed just to save his own skin, because as he stated ‘if i hadn’t done it someone would have taken it away anyhow’.

THERE’S a chilling youtube video of George Soros describing this time in his life its a old 60 minutes interview that can easily be found where he casually say’s he has no regrets or remorse about helping the NAZI’S strip his people of their wealth and send 440,000 of them to the concentration camps and he goes on to explain to the interviewer STEVE KROFT, exactly what he felt about what he had done, ‘WELL of course i could be on the other side or i could the one the thing is being taken away.BUT there was no sense that i shouldn’t be there, because that was – in a actually a funny way its just like in the markets, that if i weren’t there – of course i wasn’t doing it but somebody else would- would -would be taking it anyway anyhow and it was there whether i was there or not, i was only a spectator the property was being taken away, so i had no role in taking away the property therefore i had no sense of guilt.

George Soros worked for the judenrat. that was the JEWISH council set up by the NAZIS’S to do their dirty work for them , instead of the NAZIS’S rounding up the JEWS everyday for the trains they delegated that murderous task to JEWS who were willing to do it to survive at the expense of their fellow JEWS ,this is also the man that say’s he fantasizes about being GOD and openly bragged that he talked his own mother into committing suicide.

AFTER the war GEORGE moved to LONDON and then NEW YORK where he became a stock broker and learn to speculate against national currencies and his career as a financial terrorist had begun, in 1992 he speculated against the BRITISH pound and caused the economy to crash, he made a cool $1.1 billion but he forced millions of retirees and pensioners to live their final day’s of their lives in poverty, he went on to crash the economies of MALAYSIA and THAILAND in the same fashion leaving these already impoverished nations with endless debt and decades of recovery, almost all of GEORGE’S wealth was extracted out of the blood , sweat and tears of the human family , none of it was honestly earned.


BY no means is SOROS the only JEWISH billionaire using his wealth to wreak havoc on the planet , however he is the most vocal and virulent, George Soros’S activities on this planet can easily be defined as global chaos as was the title of a JERUSALEM POST article 8/22/16 depicting what this man actually does on the planet and how many nations he has destroyed, the article goes as follows; ‘according to document’s SOROS’S has given $30 million dollars to HILLARY’S election in NOVEMBER making him her largest single donor and SORO’S funding of far left wing groups in the U.S and throughout the world has been documented for more than a decade.
THE first thing we need to see is the meglomaniacal nature of SOROS’S philanthropic project .NO corner of the globe is left unaffected by his effort no policy area is left untouched.

ON the surface the vast number of people and groups he supports seems unrelated. AFTER all what does climate change have to do with AFRICAN immigration in ISRAEL.WHAT does ‘occupy wall st have to do with GREEK immigration policies. BUT the fact that is SORO’S backed projects share basic common attributes.

THEY all work to weaken the abilities of national and local authorities in western democracies to uphold the laws and values of their nations and communities. IN other words their goal is to subvert western democracies and make it impossible for their governments to maintain order or for a society to retain its unique identities and values.

THEN there’s the SORO’S action on behalf of illegal immigration, from the U.S to EUROPE to ISRAEL,SOROS has implemented a world wide push to use immigration to undermine the national identity and demographic composition of western democracies. SORO’S groups are on the ground enabling illegal immigrant groups to enter the U.S and EUROPE.THEY have sought to influence supreme court ruling on illegal immigration from MEXICO and they have worked with MUSLIM and other groups to demonize AMERICAN and EUROPEANS who oppose open borders.’

THIS article was written long before TRUMP was in the white house or even considered a serious candidate and it should give us insight into what is opposing TRUMP, remember SOROS and his people are globalist and that means a world without borders ,national cultures and religion and also a world of no moral or legal definitions .


MANY nations have started to defend themselves as if they’re fighting a terminal disease trying to uproot SORO’S and his many organizations just for their national survival, only a few countries such as RUSSIA has been successful at defeating SOROS and his people by expelling all of them and putting a international arrest warrant out on George Soros, PUTIN also placed all of SORO’S groups on his terror watch list including the members of ‘BLACK LIVES MATTERS’.

THE smaller countries such as MACEDONIA and the land of his birth HUNGARY are having a harder time fighting him off because they’re weak and George Soros is so deeply embedded in their countries that he’s literally stronger than their presidents and prime ministers and it always comes down to the issue of the countries defending its borders and deciding who can and cannot enter their country, this will bring the wrath of SOROS upon you.

THE foreign minister of HUNGARY recently stated ‘SOROS would like this government to fail , he would like to kinda fire our government because he doesn’t like our approach,doesn’t like our policies’ and what are the policies SOROS doesn’t like , HUNGARY is trying to close its borders to protect itself from the massive immigrant wave passing through the heart of EUROPE, does all this sound familiar ?

George Soros and his people are experts at collapsing countries governments and economies and he has the record to prove it, he uses strikes , riots , government shut downs and or assassinations he and his people are able to intensify so much chaos the country’s leader can no longer rule , the country is made ungovernable and the president as in the case of the UKRAINE is forced to flee for his life and we’re seeing the beginnings of this formula in the country today.

AMERICA is not MACEDONIA or HUNGARY and although weakened she’s still a big strong nation and it remains to be seen whether SOROS can knock over our government the way he has done so many others, hopefully this man will come to his senses and realize he finally met his match , TRUMP has already taken the most valuable thing he owned and that was the office of the presidency.


WHEN SOROS boasted that he would use black AMERICA to bring down the U.S. he wasn’t talking about any specific groups like BLACK LIVES MATTERS but he was targeting us as a people because by having control over the black political establishment and by giving us a black president he was able to assume our political identity and use our votes and political support to advance his agendas and policies that would have ultimately led to the death of our borders and with it our nation, essentially he got us to do all his political dirty work.

George Soros is not done with us yet although he would’ve been had HILLARY won, however soon OBAMA will reactivated he will not go into retirement and count his money as the previous presidents have and he will take the role of nemesis to TRUMP a kind of second president in a attempt to shear away some of TRUMP’S authority , power and credibility and he’ll expect us to show up at the rally’s , riots and demonstrations,the sit ins and walk outs in the coming day’s all in a attempt to heighten the political tension and division in the country, this is not rocket science these are typical SOROS tactics he does it over and over.

WE can’t be fooled by OBAMA and the black DEMOCRATS into personalizing this against TRUMP or that this is about OBAMA’S legacy, this is far more than that, this is attempt to overthrow a sitting president as SOROS claimed he would, the black democrats should reconsider their actions because there’s a legal term for it and its TREASON and if you read the statue it doesn’t say you have to be successful at overthrowing the government , it just say’s you have to aid a enemy from within that’s trying and whether you know it or not that’s what you’re doing.

BLACK AMERICA cannot afford to fall into anymore of George Soros’S traps and we’re at the end of the ride with the democrats and this is where we get off, I believe TRUMP will be successful at defeating the coming SOROS insurrection and he may not be so forgiving to those who participated in it especially if there is bloodshed and we may not have to bother voting these traitors out of office because TRUMP will have them standing in front of firing squads.

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Staff Writer; Robert Jordan

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3 Responses to “George Soros: The Most Dangerous Man In America Part 2.”

    IF out of two of a three part series that’s the only critic you have I’LL take it , just keep reading my articles I’LL show you how delusional I am !

  2. Darrick Herndon says:

    One quick look at…The author is obviously in a paranoid and delusional state. The Bild interview never happened and the author was triggered by an internet meme. Fake news.

  3. Henry Lombardi says:

    How did they publish your site on Google. I feel the exact same way about Soros,Trump should have him arrested immediatly, I was raised in LA next door to Watts.The blacks have been ravished by the Clinton private owned jail bullshit of the ninetys. And the jails should also be immedialty be deprivatized.and the Clintoms got plenty money from Soros.I sure Dick Cheney ows a few jails. its huge money. You must also remember that the German Jewish banks of Warburg and Rothchild sold out the poorer jews. They financed Hitler . Soros is like them. They control America thru Aipac and Israel. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion says it all. How the blacks fit into the goyim category is still a mystery.They’re probably considered pawns to be used like the poor Jewa. The deathe of Michael Jackson and Prince was no accident. etc, I’ll check out your website further and get back to you with more, Henry on Maui

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