George Soros: The Most Dangerous Man In America Part 1!

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( IF you watched the presidential debates you would have noticed that TRUMP mentioned SOROS’S name twice and he did if for the purpose of alerting everyone with ears to hear that the contest was not between he and HILLARY but himself and SOROS and in fact SOROS was the defacto ruler of AMERICA and it was SOROS that TRUMP was referring to when he said we have to ‘take’ AMERICA back.

GEORGE SOROS is also a major donor and a political godfather to OBAMA and his lost to TRUMP not only cost him a billion dollars in cash but control of the country and with it his dream of a NEW WORLD ORDER!

SOROS is not dealing with the lost to TRUMP and power very well and he’s still very angry and vengeful and making bellicose statements against the new president and even open threats and in a recent article written by SOROS for PROJECT SYNDICATE , SOROS calls TRUMP a ‘would be dictator who threatens the NEW WORLD ORDER!

SOROS also say’s TRUMP is a con artist and his cabinet contains extremist and retired generals.

SOROS stated in a interview with BLOOMBERG NEWS at the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM in DAVOS, ‘people like me would like president elect DONALD TRUMP TO FAIL as president.

THIS comment was made after his lost of a billion dollars to the market because as he claims a ‘too cautious approach’.

GEORGE SOROS exclaims again ‘I am personally convinced he’s going to fail, not because people like me would like him to fail , but because his ideas that guide him are inherently self contradictory and the contradiction are already embodied by his advisers and his cabinet.

AND on the day of TRUMP’S inauguration he issues a panic rant in front of packed room seething with anger threatening to ‘take down TRUMP’ and promising the audience at DAVOS that the NWO were making every preparation to make every single TRUMP plan fail.VIDEO

HE also warned all multinational corporation from doing business in the US until he ends TRUMPS presidency or face the consequences.

AND asked what advice he would give to businesses preparing for the impact of the new presidency, he said ‘i’d keep as far away from it as i can’.

JUDGING from his words and reaction to a devastating and unexpected defeat SOROS is a wounded beast looking to unleash financial hell on AMERICA by doing what he does best, market manipulation that can cause a economic crash.

THESE are also the words of a frightened man whose still confused on how TRUMP beat his totally rigged presidential election and kicked him and puppet presidents out of the white house and he’s been caught completely off guard.

GEORGE SOROS is down but not out he still has many resources he’s worth $24 billion, he owns the congress, the senate and the media he also controls many GOVERNORS , MAYORS, and all the way down to the local city counsels and this is why we’re witnessing this messy transfer of power which this country has never seen before no matter how big the differences were between the two sides and this is for one reason only, we have never seen GEORGE SOROS loose the white house before.

GEORGE SOROS also has control over many NGO’s and other organizations some are well known like ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’and ‘MOVE ON .ORG to name a few , he’s also known to hire protesters and pay for demonstrations such as the recent ‘WOMANS’ MARCH ON DC of we should expect many more throughout the duration of TRUMP’S term unless this man is somehow stopped.


FOR those of us too young to have never experience a presidential campaign and for those of us who just started paying attention because of OBAMA’S election, presidential historian and author GREGORY R. COPLEY sums up what we are witnessing in a article entitled ‘THE SNEERING REVOLUTION!’

QUOTE: THE outgoing US BARACK OBAMA administration and its supporters embarked on a campaign to traduce and challenge the incoming administration of DONALD J . TRUMP in hope that it would find it difficult to govern effectively .

THIS may be unprecedented in US history to the degree that it succeeds have a impact on US strategic capabilities , actions and alliances going forward.

NO departing US president has gone to such lengths to use the pulpit of the presidency to discredit a incoming president or presidential candidate as to the lengths to which went OBAMA with TRUMP. THE result was even by JANUARY 17, 2017 before MR TRUMP was sworn into office_ to deliberately inflict damage on the strategic credibility and influence of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA going forward.

MORE pernicious attempts to undermine the incoming administrations agenda were undertaken discreetly, and flew directly in the face of the hypocritical claims of MR OBAMA that he was working to ease the transition process of the new administration. HE was in fact working in the opposite direction.MOST of his actions were done after the electorate had repudiated PRESIDENT OBAMA’S and his DEMOCRATIC policy’s putting in place a REPUBLICAN administration, a REPUBLICAN house of representatives and SENATE and a majority of GOVERNORSHIPS and state politicians.

PRES OBAMA in the times following the elections, quietly sanctioned a concerted program of civil unrest and disobedience at many levels of US society , particularly within government departments which have been heavily staffed up by DEMOCRATS .THE incoming TRUMP administration would need to take a major program of staff retrenchment within the government departments to avoid obfuscation and deliberate sabotage being proposed.
PRES. OBAMA also went to considerable lengths to discredit the incoming administration to the international community.

ITS no doubt SOROS and OBAMA has continued their campaign of destabilization against the TRUMP administration even in his post presidency phase, its simply unheard of in AMERICAN politics and completely unacceptable. and I might add very , very dangerous.


IF you compare the statements and treatment of OBAMA and other black DEMOCRATS to TRUMP you see the same language and venom displayed by SOROS and other global elites to the new president who hate TRUMP and for good reason he’s in the process of destroying the work it took them 100 years to build
BLACK AMERICA’S leadership are members in a losing and dying coalition that TRUMP has totally defeated and it’s taking its last desperate breaths of life and TRUMP is trying to finish them off as soon as possible.

THE antics of JOHN LEWIS, MAXINE WATERS and CORY BOOKER and other black DEMOCRATS all of whom committed acts of political suicide in a attempt to display loyalty to their political masters should serve notice to all of us of how under served we were by these people because TRUMP hasn’t done anything or even threaten to do anything to black AMERICA to justify this type disrespectful behavior coming from our leadership.

NO people in AMERICA is forced to share its leadership and neither should we , we deserve leaders who’s
sole purpose is serving the interest of black people and not illegal aliens, the LGBT community and this insane obsession with changing the racial demographics of the country.

LET’S face it brothers and sisters our leadership is given to us and controlled by people outside our community , which means we are a in house colony who can be told who to hate , who to love and who to show concern for , it also mean we wound up right where we started in SLAVERY!

A free and intelligent people will never make permanent political alliances , this always depends on the interest of the people and that can change on a day by day bases , our goal for the new year should be to reclaim control of our political leaders by voting out the slaves and replacing them with true representatives of black people and our interest and also to provide the new president with fresh faces who are not hostile to him in the name of SOROS or anyone else with the money to buy or create black leaders.

GEORGE SOROS has declared war on the new president and he wants us to join him in his campaign to delegitimize and disrupt theTRUMP’S presidency to enable him to reclaim power through another proxy president, let me make this clear , there is absolutely no reason or justification for us to aid , abet or have any affiliation with this man or any of his groups, these people want trouble and SOROS is a old man and has a long history and if you look you’ll see its written in blood!

Staff Writer; Robert Jordan

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