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Managing Your Ostomy Issues.

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(ThyBlackMan.comWhen you have a medical condition called ostomy first of all you will get professional help from a nurse in the hospital. And until you remain in the hospital everything will be easy for you. However, when you get home you will have to take care of your medical condition yourself and this will be the time to discover that there are not so many types of stoma bags to help you live with this condition. First of all, we advise to consult a nurse in the hospital about the options that will work best exactly for your situation.

As a rule in the hospital the doctor or a nurse will give you some directions about the ostomy products working best for you, however over the time you might find out about other options that will be more comfortable. In case you decide to change the ostomy products you currently use we strongly recommend consulting your doctor and caring nurse before making any decisions. If everything is fine then to find a place to buy new ostomy products you can check several websites to check discount continence products in your local stores of your neighborhood. Below we propose the description of four main ostomy products available on the market and some of their pros and cons.

Closed Pouch


With closed pouch you will be able to replace it two to three times a day and avoid any discomfort. According to medical supply store assistants it is more suitable for coping with formed motions. There is also several improvements on the market which allow to flush everything and so have a disposable ostomy product.


It is not very comfortable for more liquid output and the pouch might require replacement which is not the most comfortable thing to do while not at home.

Drainable Pouch


It is more comfortable for coping with a liquid output and can be changed less often than a closed pouch. In case of reusable options it is easy to empty prior to disposal.


In case you get thicker consistency might be harder to empty and so these ostomy products require more careful cleaning.

Two-piece system


The greatest advantage is that flange can actually remain in place for several (2-4) days and so the skin feels better and less disturbed. In case you have ostomy with arthritis the ‘stick on’ system is much easier to use.


You might miss the moment of leakage behind the flange and end up with sore skin. Some patients according to medical supply stores also complain about the system being rigid and bulky.

One piece system


This is definitely a flexible and compact ostomy product which has better adherence to uneven or scarred skin.


Every time you change the pouch you need to very accurately position it around the stoma.

Writer; Jacqueline Thomas acts as a content developer for a line of online content hubs, who writes about a variety of medical themes typified by the tips and hints to buy right ostomy products and other matters alike. A proud traveler of digital community and an opinion maker in all having to do with the ostomy treatment.

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