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An Open Letter to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

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( Yes, Black Lives do Matter.  Just ask a “Black” person in America.  But, no, the Movement won’t matter very much with an ideology that’s unable to move American society from its current thinking and values.  Protesting, by shouting and lying in the streets, often brings attention but offers very little persuasive argument.  It’s like sprinkling cayenne pepper on an over-ripened banana.  Looks appetizing and smells yummy, but, seriously, who will eat it?  You’re just wasting good spice.

The Movement has many ingredients to add but one in particular is missing – fear reduction among the dominant population.   Until Black Lives Matter gets that one right, you’re essentially “preaching to the choir.”  Getting to the point, taking such enthusiasm to White churches would get you where you want to go much more Black Lives Matter 2efficiently.  Visiting with White Catholics, White Methodists, White Evangelicals, White Southern Baptists, White Mormons, and the other various denominations would make your organization an instant hit one way or the other.  That’s what you want, right?  Sitting in pews rubbing elbows with the congregation of White police officers, White political officials, and targeted corporate leaders would serve your purpose more forcefully than disrupting traffic during rush hour.

Making your presence known in the chamber of Jesus, who, as Christians believe, died for (Black) you as well as (White) them, forces the dominant majority to at least consciously consider your goals and desires for several moments.  Nobody can legislate laws forcing others to like them, nor can they force others to stop physically assaulting their dignity without using further violence.  And, for certain, you can’t ask those who think they own you to stop using you for their purposes.  Black folks’ values and cultural norms intertwine with White folks’ values and cultural norms.  Your work begins there, not in pleading and weeping over matters that any reasonable liberal would judge as unjust.

So do something you’ve never done before.  Go and silently protest where it really matters.  Find the people who really are with you or who are against you.  If they can’t stomach your presence, call them hypocrites.  If they accept you, consider them saints.  If you want a peaceful, just America, then find a way to connect with your Christian White brothers and sisters who hold the Lord in their heart like you do and who, supposedly, will do the right thing – change the American landscape of values and culture that truly allows Black Lives to Matter.

Staff Writer; Mu Octavis Taalib

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2 Responses to “An Open Letter to the Black Lives Matter Movement.”
  1. Agreed. They have some work to do.

  2. Marque Anthony says:


    We at the Metro Atlanta Crime Commission have developed the first Nationwide Strategic Comprehensive and Collaborative Plan For Ending Police Brutality. You can find info about the plan on this site or email us at Sadly, there was very little interest in the plan and REAL SOLUTIONS when we wrote an article on this site to share it.

    This is important because we reached out to BLM, specifically Alicia Garza who was one of the founders. To date, nether Alicia nor her assistant have gotten back to speak to us. They assume they know what to do but they really don’t. The approaches are violent and confrontational which play right into the hands of rogue police officers while at the same time diminishing the BLM credibility, making more enemies than supporters and placing BLM members at unnecessary risk.

    We have told BLM there are better ways. As a whole, they do not have any idea of how to fight the war that is being waged against our people. We have proposed thorough solutions that will work but we have been met with hostility from BLM, threats and ignorance. They are not listening and they have painted themselves as a gang of ignorant, disruptive, confrontational people with no clear cut agenda but to be anti-establishment, all the while ending up in the FBI watch list and the new Justice Department list created by the new Blue Alert Law President Obama quietly signed.

    Only fools do exactly what your enemy expects while thinking you are actually gaining ground. Finally, WE ARE NOT BLACK. Scientifically black is not a color and certainly black is not an identity. Factually we are brown and y9our car tires are black. When you overstand why they labeled themselves white (they are not) and they labeled us black (we are not), you will see why they treat us by definition the way they do.

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