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Modern Careers: How the Engineering Field Offers Variety and Valuable Experiences.

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( A career in engineering opens up the floodgates of opportunity, with jobs that are as diverse as you can image – probably more. Here’s how to get into the industry and figure out what you really want to do once you’re there.

You Make Lots Of Money

An engineer typically makes a lot of money. How much? That depends entirely on the type of engineer you are, but generally, the pay is between $75,000 and $200,000. It’s one of the reasons so many people are drawn to this industry – you will be one of the top-paid individual in the world.

And, you don’t always need to attend a physical classroom or go to an expensive Ivy-league school to make that kind of money. You can attend a college in Texas that’s primarily or exclusively online.

Everyone Thinks You’re a Genius

There’s a certain prestige associated with being an engineer that doesn’t come with any other profession. Most everyone will look to you for advice on anything from building homes to finding solutions to complex computer and technological problems to solving world peace.

Seriously! It’s like being a rock star. People will think you’re a genius…

Because You Actually Are A Genius

There’s some truth to your perceived reputation. Engineers are really intelligent and analytical people. They are often able to solve complicated problems that no one else can solve. They devise solutions that no one else thinks of, and they do it at almost any budget on impossible timescales, and contemplate situations that don’t exist yet.

What else can you call that but “genius?” And, it’s something that can be taught. So, basically, you go to college to learn how to become Superman.

It’s Easy To Get Your First Job

There are so many jobs out there for engineers, it’s silly. No really. Electrical engineering is just one example of how easy it is to get a high-paying engineering job. It’s fairly easy to find an employer because most of them in this space are hungry for a fresh mind with fresh knowledge and someone who they can mold into an expert within the context of their business and industry.

You Can Work Literally Anywhere

You can work almost anywhere as an engineer. Laws of math, physics, and electricity apply everywhere in the world.

You Are A Professional DIY’er

How cool is that? If you love DIY projects, you will love being an engineer because this is basically your job description. You are constantly tinkering with things, coming up with innovative solutions to unsolved problems, and are analyzing those solutions to improve upon them.

It’s Never Boring

The landscape is always changing because this field is technologically-driven. Translation: you’re never bored. Employers are always testing you and challenging you to come up with better and more effective solutions to problems.

As new knowledge becomes available, you broaden your own knowledge base and apply it to your job. In some respects, it’s almost too fast-paced.

Staff Writer; Rita Moore

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