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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

MisEducated Minds, Still Linked to the Chain.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) “America is like a beautiful, ornate mansion with pristine gardens and well manicured lawns on the outside, however, once you enter through the front door, the stench of the filth that lurks within arrests the human senses like that of a powerful and intoxicating gas, and can render one unconscious; and once you’ve awakened you find that you are enslaved within the walls of an ominous and sinister dungeon; shackled by Capitalistic greed and chained with link, after link, after link of social injustice that leads to dehumanization.”

This quote came to me after viewing the documentary, “The House I Live In”. In particular, the scenario that played out in the scenes of brother, after brother, after brother becoming lured and trapped into the system of Mass Incarceration. Subdued and confined within the walls of chain-linked fences. Criminalized and demonized as days pass into months, and months to years of unfair sentencing that certainly surpasses the intent of the so-called “crime”. While being molded and labeled to reside as valuable commodities of the profiteers of the “modern day slave trade”.

Yet, as I viewed the film, “12 Years a Slave”, this same quote came to mind. As Solomon Northrop awoke in shackles and chains, after being lured and seduced within his comfort zone of living life blindly as a Northern Freeman, his life as he knew it, was never to be the same. Solomon was rendered unconscious, as his enslaved brothers and sisters toiled through the brutality of the overseers’ wicked hand. Still, Solomon’s odor emanated.

Although faint, its aroma still blended with the staggering stench of injustice that led to the oppressive chain of being sold on the block as a day-laborer, a musician on demand (when Massa desired his attention) and, eventually, being labeled as a criminal when he DrCarterMiseducationOftheNegro-2015fought back using And, again this quote resonated with me as I witnessed the film, “Django: Unchained”. Little Jodi was about to be punished for breaking eggs. But, the occupants of the plantation went about the business of minding their business. Going about their day while turning a blind eye to the brutality that they knew one of their sisters was about to suffer. Conforming to quietly falling in line and hoping not to bring any cause of attention to themselves. Chained to silence.

In each of these films, the vividness of the chain becomes clear. Yet, in our everyday lives the lackluster of the chain produces a dullness in which we choose to ignore. The chain is still there linking us to an unjust society. Linking us to Mass Incarceration; linking us to Voter suppression; linking us to a failed education system; linking us to financial predators within our neighborhoods; linking us to a deafening silence in which we’ve become accustomed and complacent to continue latching on.

How long will we continue to mis-educate our children by remaining complacent, silent and, yes I dare say, afraid? What have we conveyed to our children by sitting on the sidelines and just going about our own selfish lives? That it’s acceptable to remain silent when our people are being imprisoned in unprecedented numbers for the sake of the oppressors’ bank account? That it’s acceptable to ignore the mistreatment of our poor, overworked and underpaid brothers and sisters? That it’s acceptable to turn a blind eye to the abuse and misuse of our brothers and sisters crying out for us to do something, anything to cease their overwhelming pain and needless struggle?

I ponder brothers and sisters, what will it take to break the links of the chain of oppression of our unjust society?



We were sought,

Hunted, then caught,

Middle Passage we fought,

We landed and were quickly bought.

Then stripped of any cultural thought

Conformed to what Massa brutally taught

Bought into what he thought we ought


Hunted, kidnapped, bought

Stripped, conformed, mis-taught…


Now we choose not to seek, so nothing’s sought,

We claim to be free, but really we still caught,

Our complacency insults those who stood and fought,

Pawns of fool’s gold, keeps us selling, so we bought.

Writing our own history should be more than a thought

Surrender, repent and ask for wisdom to be taught

So we can live according to His Will, as we ought


Seek, claim, and free your mind of binding thought

Surrender; stand unbossed, and unbought…


Staff Writer; La Royce

One may read over more of this sister writings over at; http://laroyceblog2014.com.


9 Responses to “MisEducated Minds, Still Linked to the Chain.”
  1. hassan aziz says:

    La Royce,
    I don’t have the time nor the inclination to read a book that supports your opinion or point of view. I was asking you for specifics, you can’t give any, so you digress and redirect me to the next customer service agent. I did watch the boyce Watkins video for about 10 min. and yes, for such a small populous of this nation we do represent the majority or at least half of the population of the prison inmate population. But if we are to truly research and think within the realm of the scientific method we have to go where the research takes us. The problem is, during Jim Crow, segregation, and the existence of legitimate racism that took place in this country we thrived as a people. At one time in this country illegitimacy in our community was almost nonexistent, in fact it was more prominent in the white community than ours. The same with inmate populations, the same with crime.
    We now have a generation of young men that see going to prison at a “right of passage” into manhood. Criminality, misogyny, and promiscuity, and the same can be said about the women. I have met quite a few drug dealers in my life and trust me, they are fully aware of the consequences, and that their lifestyle of choice will lead to their ultimate demise. But, they don’t care, they will cont to pimp women from their own community, sell illicit drugs to their own people, and when its all said and done, it was whitey that made them do it. Again, that is what should be expected if you choose a life outside of law.
    Politically we are all so one sided, we don’t see any options. Watkins also mentioned Rand Paul, the problem is the average negro has the political depth of a mud puddle. All they want to see is black skin no matter how bad the politician is. We had a black president, a black head of the DOJ, etc. they could have ran through the legalization of marijuana at the very least, like everything else like the current TPP, that we are not even allowed to see, per our pres. Guys like Rand Paul, ultimately want to decriminalize narcotics completely, and those that are serving prison sentences for non violent felonies to get their records expunged so upon release they are at least employable. But, the average black person just sees a white guy. That’s the prob. Beyond that, they are not interested in anything. This guy has gone to black colleges, the NAACP, and even met with the ultimate filthy fraud; Al “the fbi snitch” Sharptongue.
    Im sorry, Im tired of the same ole, same ole, and the same negros teaching and talking about the same nonsense and being the complete consummate victim. Its old, and I have news for you. These new americans that are coming here by the thousands everyday, do not care to hear about you, your struggle or what whitey did to you a hundred and fifty years ago, as they have their own stories. Once they have a foot hold in this country, this will be our true demise. Mark my words, I seriously doubt if there will even be a black caucus in 20 years.

  2. La Royce says:

    Brother James,

    Thank you for your comment, and mostly thank you for sharing the link.
    I will be purchasing your book.

    You are absolutely correct in pointing out the fault in our current leaders….
    They are reactionaries instead of leaders with a vision. And there is no
    way to move forward without vision.

    I also believe when you are a leader, your vision should cause your followers to have even greater visions.

    “A powerful vision aspires envision within others” – La Royce

    Peace and many Blessings

  3. La Royce says:

    Greetings Hassan,

    I don’t know if you’ve had the opportunity to view this, but I thought
    Dr. Boyce Watkins could break down the system of White Supremacy Racism and how it relates to mass incarceration of our African American people.


    Also, I recommend Michelle Alexander’s book “The New Jim Crow”.

    Please read the following article published by the Center for American Progress. The statistics are startling. NOTE: There is contact information
    at end of article to contact an expert in Washington D.C. regarding this issue. I’m sure they can provide more in depth research studies for you to review.


    If you’d like to delve a bit further and explore the psychological break down of why our society is the way that it is and the challenges we face as a people just to survive, you should read and study published essays from Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and Dr. Umar Johnson. Also, you can find lectures by both of them on YouTube.

    Again, I hope this helps in your quest for truth.

    Peach and many Blessings

  4. hassan aziz says:

    what is this system of white supremacy? and how does is obstruct equality and justice? all im asking for are the specifics. again, there are alot of people out there that are just not good people. but i do not see white working in cohesion against our best interest, we do a good enough job of that on our own.

    im sorry, i do not see the evil that you see i diff races of people. in fact i know quite a few white people that have risked life and limb to help others outside their own race and even travel to places like haiti on their own dime. bribing police and officials there just so they can feed the poor there.

    with regards to slavery, of course its important to remember where we came from, but i dont fixate on it either, one of the many reason why i dont is because there were many black slave owners, that had no problem owning and mistreating a black person like their white counterparts. i look back on that period with pride, as i represent the prodigy of my ancestors that showed the strength and resolve so that i may represent them. i also have traveled quite extensively with some of my recent trips coming from the middle east and europe. and let me tell you, you would be amazed of all the black people risking life and limb to live and be around those racist white people in europe. you get where im going? and how non nonsensical that sounds? we have a marred past, and a checkered history, but i believe i am blessed and fortunate to live in this country. and i believe Americans as a whole are good people. in spite of our diff we have an uncanny ability to pull together when the proverbial **** hits the fan. i mean seriously if you are that disenfranchised or that disadvantaged why stay. i know i wouldnt

  5. La Royce says:


    Thank you again for your comment.

    Since, your preference is “factual” versus the “Hollywood fiction” that I chose to reference in my article, then may I suggest you that you spend some time reading “The Slave Narratives”. You can’t get anymore factual than the words coming straight from the mouths, spirits and hearts of our ancestors who were enslaved.

    It’s imperative, as a people, that we take responsibility for ourselves and our communities. So, indeed, you are correct regarding our individual actions, parenting responsibilities and education. However, these things become more difficult for African-American and poor people to accomplish, (especially, within a mentally, emotionally and physically healthy environment), when you have the system of white supremacy racism obstructing equality and justice. If you truly understand my words that I pen, you would understand that I am indicting America. So, in turn, I am indicting all of us who call ourselves Americans. We all make up America. And it will take America to wake up, if we are to move forward in change.

    Also, you mentioned in a comment from my mass incarceration article, that you are tired of “reading in between the lines”. I just want to caution you brother, ALWAYS, read-between-the-lines. When you refuse to do so, you have stopped thinking for yourself, and have then allowed the author/writer or orator tell you what to think. At that point, one would merely exist to be used as a pawn, instead of being a contributor to mankind.

    Peace an many Blessings

  6. hassan aziz says:

    I prefer articles that are factually based, and not based on movies made by white people and/or Hollywood’s version about slavery. As much as American society continues to minimalize the importance of a traditional family, if you consider “the facts and data” conservatives, especially black conservatives make great points. With regards to “the home I live in” doc. Its simple, don’t break the law and sell drugs, parents can play a big part by being involved in their child’s life.
    Here ya go.


  7. James Davis says:

    It is all about planning and looking forward my friend. There is no truer statement:

    Proverbs 29:18
    Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

    Dr. King and his followers had a vision of how things could be and an understanding of how to make their vision a REALITY. What we have today in the top tier disguised as leadership are reactionaries. They have to be moved aside before progress can be realized. It is what it is.


  8. La Royce says:

    Indeed, you’re welcome.
    Peace and many Blessings.

  9. Pat Barrow says:

    Thank you. Somehow I felt soothe and healing taking place within in the mist of this FIRE!

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