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WARNING : Dangers of a Psychotic Nation.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) In this article I want to point out a serious problem in our country that goes virtually unspoken of in the mainstream American Conversation. And at this point this problem can literally be considered a ” Plague ” and that plague being Mental Illness. The National Institute of Mental Illness stated that ” Mental Disorders are very common in the United States , an estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older , that’s about 1 in every 4 adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. The 2004 U.S. Census estimated that 57.7 million people are suffering from a mental illness , and that number is rapidly increasing.

What is scary is that millions of people we see everyday are clinically insane but do not know it. ( Why ? ) Because when everyone else around you is crazy who can tell the difference ? And only in the past century or so has mental illness been documented on a large scale. So it is safe to assume that many of the people we recognize in history wereJoker-2014 completely insane , possibly even our own parents. And not knowing that fact we have studied those people and emulated them and internalized their philosophies – in essences learning to be insane just as they were. 

But as I said , when everyone else around you is crazy what we do seems normal. But not knowing if we are functioning off of a psychotic philosophy of life is dangerous. Because we can pass it on to our children when we are raising them , and then they pass it on to there’s – this is why racism still exists. And then that creates an entire society , and all the traditions and ideas and lifestyles are established as normal – but in fact are completely psychotic. 

The Danger of letting mental illness go untreated in this day in age is that we live in a world of information. Today a mentally ill person has an abundance of ideas to emulate at their disposal. And in the hands of a psychotic something as harmless as a science book , a movie or a song , or a religious book can be twisted by their sick mind into a motivation to destroy millions. This is why we are seeing movie motivated school shootings , talk of Ghosts and Demons , Anti-Christ , and those committing terrorist attacks in the name of a god no one has ever seen. We have pedophiles , rapists , serial killers , even some drug dealers and thugs are acting out a sick fantasy that came from a movie or a song. 
( Why ? ) Because in the mind of a psychotic , fantasy and reality are one in the same and cant be separated without medical help. Then there are those that I call “ Intelligently Psychotic ” these people can justify there sick actions and make everyone believe that what they did was right. But as I said , when everyone around you is insane what is normal ? 
As to the Black Community , I ask you , is enjoying music that is speaking of killing , hate , and using drugs normal ? Only a demented mind that has slipped into insanity would find that entertaining. And to create an entire generation of fatherless children with no remorse is not normal behavior , because a sane person cares for their children. And racism , that itself is disturbing but understandable on some levels but to hate your own race for no reason and do everything you can to send it into self-destruction is psychotic. 
So America , were is all of this leading to if it is to go unchecked ? Mental illness is just like any other illness in the body , it intensifies until the patient becomes uncontrollably mad – like a animal with rabies. So if this is not dealt with I see this boiling into pure anarchy , bolder and bolder acts of violence , mass reports of suicides. I see this country becoming a mental institution producing some of the most extreme psychotics the world has ever known. And eventually we will be quarantined within the boarders of this country until it erupts into a bloody civil war. 
On that note , I have to say that many people including myself have criticized President Obama for various reasons. But when he introduced Obama-care , or Health Care period – He hit on something that was seriously needed. And all those that don’t have health insurance should take advantage of it and seek ” Mental Health Therapy ” at once. There are Millions of psychiatrists that are going out of practice because not enough people will seek help. But if we just look around in society it is clear that some of these things we are seeing are more than just  ” Trends” – they are signs of a mental illness at work.   
Friends , our physical health is very important , but our mental health is  ” Extremely Important ” to our survival because the body can not live without the mind. But too often mental health goes overlooked and that has devastating consequences for everyone involved. Mental problems are probably 95% of all of the problems we have in society and in our personal lives. Because although the mind is powerful it is also very fragile and the stress of life can easily damage it and just like any other damaged part of the body it needs to be repaired. 
So I want to end this on a religious level , I believe the War of Armageddon which is spoken of in the bible will be a real event that is coming to this current generation. But I also believe it can be avoided , simply because I believe that this plaque of mental illness is what will be the cause of it. And to simply begin mass treatment of these illnesses can divert the horror of a war that will literally bring humanity to extinction – We can only pray that there is still time.
( Note ) Low-Self Esteem , Hate , Resentment , Depression , Jealousy , Regret , Loneliness , Lack of Accomplishment etc. 
All of these emotions are caused by or will cause a severe mental illness.
Staff Writer; King Muhammad


2 Responses to “WARNING : Dangers of a Psychotic Nation.”
  1. King Nazir Muhammad says:

    To My Mentally ill Brothers and Sisters , don’t be ashamed to be called CRAZY and don’t be ashamed to get HELP. Be ashamed that you are thinking of killing your children tonight and blaming it on the devil , be ashamed that you think you are Chris Brown a you are going to show your girlfriend you a real man , be ashamed that you are planning a religious revolution and want to kill half the population , be ashamed that you have been stalking a 8 yr. old girl and you are planning to kidnap her and rape and kill and cook and eat her body …. never been ashamed someone called you CRAZY .. because that’s exactly what the hell you are..

  2. Dee says:

    As a psychologist this article really disappoints me. You’ve jumped from talking about mental illness to crazy, to clinically insane to psychotic as if they are all one and the same. Yes one in four do experience some form of mental health problems, this includes depression, and anxiety disorders like OCD. They’re not crazy or insane they’re just normal people who happen to be going through some difficult circumstances. The majority of people experiencing mental health problems are not at risk to others but are in fact more likely to be harmed by others. Psychosis is completely different and is usually thought of as a spectrum of experiences, i.e. anyone can experience forms of psychosis it just happens to some more than others e.g feeling paranoid that someone is out to get you. The main problem with mental health issues is that articles like this reinforce the stigma of having a mental health problem and prevent people seeking help because they feel ashamed. I really wish you had done some research before writing this, although I’m not entirely sure what the point of this article was anyway.

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