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Friday, September 21, 2018

Feminist: The United States of Women.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) A silent movement is taking place in this country as well as the world called ( The Feminist Movement ). And although many may not recognize exactly what this movement is I want to clarify it for you , it is ” The Resurrection of a Modern day Amazon Nation “. And it is ironic that men hate and resent Feminist , because men themselves are directly responsible for inspiring Feminism. The feminist mind-set is created and nurtured by ” no-good men ” through there actions and attitudes towards women. And because of this there will be a complete and total separation between the two sexes , because these feminist have deemed men counter-productive to the natural order and harmony of life. And they are systematically separating themselves along with other women in the world as well from the mental and physical control of men.

They have created sex toys to make it possible to live without the male penis , they are becoming lesbians for companionship to live without men. They are rapidly becoming financially independent so that they will not be controlled or manipulated by these men and their money. They have created sperm banks and artificial insemination to avoid sexual contact with men all together. The male is becoming obsolete in every way , but because of their arrogance and blinding faith in the imaginary manipulating powers of their penis – they cannot see the matrix changing around them.

Men have an unyielding faith that their ” Religions ” which have been rewritten to place man as ruler over women – which is out of accord with2014-GirlPowerSymbol nature as well as logic, and this will no-longer keep them in power. Because the feminist movement seeks to reverse this backward logic and put man back into his natural appointed place – which is ” The Help Mate “. Feminist are doing this because they understand nature , which is feminine itself. Feminist are not Blind to the fact that everything that is born is born from a female – not a male. The first human being was EVE – not ADAM , Adam was born of a women – not the other way around – man cannot give birth , woman is the sole reproductive machine ( She is living earth , created from the essence of earth , fashioned in the image of earth ) and from Earth man was created.
The feminist movement seeks to establish this correct way of thinking back into the earth and as a result bring balance back to humanity. And establish woman as what she was created to be from the beginning which is ” Mother Nature ” the ruler of all nature – even man. And under this movement when it comes into full fruition , Men and women will be taught there proper place from birth under the true and only religion ” The Religion of Nature “. And all other religions that contradict this teaching will be eradicated along with those that will not submit ( They will be deemed enemies of Nature ).
This may seem radical to most because we have been living in a reality created off of the perversion of the natural laws of nature , but this is the true nature of male and female. The law was ” rewritten ” by a sick mind in the battle of the sexes that took place eons ago. And this sick person used religion and god as a means to deceive us all and change human nature. And the feminist movement is simply natures way of rectifying this injustice that has been inflicted upon it by ( In my opinion ) the devil Himself who vowed in Genesis 3:15 to place enmity between us by using the very thing he knew we would believe in , and that is God’s word.
( Note ) Men should sober up and look around , the battle of the sexes has been lost , This is No longer a Man’s World – We are Now Under the Control of ” Girl Power “.   
Staff Writer; King Muhammad


9 Responses to “Feminist: The United States of Women.”
  1. Truth says:

    Well with much more women that are Gay today, many of us men will become Obsolete.

  2. King Nazir Muhammad says:

    The Jezebel Prophecy

    Read it Here http://theresurrectionofjezebel.weebly.com

  3. King Nazir Muhamamd says:

    In This NEW WORLD ORDER …. THUG , means something Totally Different .. It is now Attributed with Something SEXY

    Check The Article http://rollingout.com/culture/single-moms-need-join-thugsexy-movement/

  4. King Nazir Muhammad says:

    Check out The Article ( Separation : Words From ” The Lesbian Messiah ” )

    Here http://newsblaze.com/story/20140623071621zzzz.nb/topstory.html

  5. ROBERT says:

    IT’S obvious that the author has no knowledge of FEMINISM or where it came from because if he did he would know the condition that women find themselves in today are a result of FEMINISM.

    PRIOR to the 60’s most AMERICANS had a mother and a father at home and even black AMERICA had a lower out of wedlock birthrate that whites it was the advent of FEMINISM that changed our society for the worse ; we can all see the result of not having fathers at home does to a society and a people but what we don’t know is that this was and is the intention of the FEMINIST movement.

    THE history of this movement is well documented it is strictly a creation of JEWS as is the civil rights; homosexual and now the illegal immigrant movements ; I hope the author read the links below and do his follow up research.




  6. Kng Nazir Muhammad says:

    The Great Rapper 2pac Shakur said , The Hate You Gave F..ks Everybody …. And Men have Filled Women full of ” HATE ” check the single mother rates , the woman abuse rates , … NOW Men wanna play dumb … YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN ! ! ! Now you have to Reap The Hurricane ….

  7. Kmfdm says:

    I’m a white guy and found this website by accident. With that said, I implore every black man to pity King Muhammad for what he wrote.

  8. Jazzie Dixson says:

    To state it bluntly, this is bull***t and not even worthy of the arguments I would raise in defense of my brothers

  9. Kng Nazir Muhammad says:

    All can Say to the Men of The World is this , The Suffering you have put women through has come home to roost . And being a old country boy .. chickens coming home to roost never mare me sad , in fact it has only made me glad. ” God Have Mercy on your Souls ” …..

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