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Monday, June 25, 2018

Yep George Zimmerman’s Side of the Story.

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( At 7:00 this morning the below videos had me on 100. Finally the interrogation tapes in the Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman saga had been released. While George Zimmerman continues to defend himself in the video by saying he defended himself, the way he tells the story makes me almost inclined to believe him. As I’ve said before no one will really know what happened the night Trayvon Martin was killed. George Zimmerman is emphatic he was in fear for his life. His fear is evident in the walk through of the shooting, not so much in the interrogation. But this release of evidence juxtaposed against Monday’s release of jail house phone calls paints two entirely different pictures of George Zimmerman. Or is it the same man play acting the role received?

Monday, the jailhouse calls between George Zimmerman and his wife Shellie are indicative of a calculating man; one who is completely not sorry for the life he’s taken and the blood on his hands. The joke about George Zimmerman leaving jail in a hoodie, after the man he killed was wearing a hoodie, was not only insensitive and distasteful but evidence he does not care at all for anyone else’s life except that of he and his wife. The part of the phone call where George and Shellie talk in code about how much money they have illustrates their deliberate collusion to lie about their finances to secure George  Zimmerman’s freedom. Their conversation and subsequent complicit action illustrates George Zimmerman being free is much more important than trying to give the appearance of cooperation and  justice to a grieving family.

Throughout this case we have seen two sides to George Zimmerman. The seemingly sympathetic defendant facing a second degree murder charge. And a man so consumed by racially profiled fear that he has no remorse for taking the life of a young man half his age. We’ve seen a man who admits to shooting and killing another without a wince, but yet near tears when learning of his own fate.

In the first 911 calls George Zimmerman made to the Sanford Police department describing Trayvon Martin as suspicious and possibly on drugs George Zimmerman is defiant. In these interrogation videos he’s emphatic of his truth, daring police officers to disbelieve him and discredit his story. In the jailhouse phone calls he is consumed by infamy at one point telling his wife to get in touch with his attorney, Mark O’Mara, and urge the supporters who’d given him more than 100-thousand dollars to make their voices heard. Yet when he’s in court or caught on camera in handcuffs he’s shielded face, gaunt frame and meek voice dripping in sorrow saying:

“I am sorry for the loss of you son.”

I don’t buy it.

George Zimmerman is not sorry. A man sorry for the loss of a family’s son does not joke about that person’s attire the day you killed them. A man sorry for the loss of a family’s son does not lie in court to secure freedom you don’t deserve when you’ve just been arrested nearly three months after the shooting. A man sorry for the loss of a family’s son does not urge supporters of reckless gun rights to advocate for laws, causes, and “victims” who have not been able to uphold their second amendment rights and take lives at will.

George Zimmerman may have had no duty to retreat under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, but he had no right to follow Trayvon Martin and incite this fatal tragedy in the first place.

The release of these interrogation tapes will give the defense more evidence of “Stand Your Ground” and the prosecutor more to look through to poke holes in what seems to be George Zimmerman’s pathetic yet consistent story. What bothers me is that this story is holding for “Stand Your Ground” when Marissa Alexander‘s did not.

Earlier this week I got into a discussion with blogger Rippa about the Alexander case. In short he suggested Alexander provoked the shooting that landed her in jail for 20 years. While I don’t debate those facts I still do not understand why her case leading to an arrest and imprisonment was a no brainer yet this case against George Zimmerman has tied the country in knots; racial implications aside.

George Zimmerman did not have to follow Trayvon Martin just as Marissa Alexander didn’t have to go after her abusive ex-husband Rico Gray. Yet where Alexander is serving her sentence George Zimmerman is still biding his time in jail hoping some sort of plea deal, lesser charge or an acquittal will come his way. This case highlights the racist application of an injust law and the unfair sentences handed down at a whim for similar crimes. What makes Marissa Alexander more criminal than George Zimmerman? Is it because her “victim” lived and George Zimmerman’s did not? In the discussion with Rippa I argued yes.

But dead or alive victims of gun violence are victims and those who fired at them in self defense, fear, or out of sheer fun are not.

If “Stand Your Ground” laws are able to stand as sometimes get out of jail free cards for particular suspects and not for others than criminal murder cases will turn into the side show legal circus that surrounds rape cases. An event where victim blaming is common, the presumed innocent are never guilty even if convicted, and justice remains a phantom’ a fickle bitch evading courtrooms, prison libraries, and death row like love evades a couple of fools rushing in.

But maybe our criminal Justice system is already a house of cards where justice never hides. Casey Anthony is innocent. O.J. is guilty but not of the crime most think he committed. And George Zimmerman’s side of the story can’t be refuted because his victim can’t speak from the grave.

Staff Writer; Nikesha Leeper

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7 Responses to “Yep George Zimmerman’s Side of the Story.”
  1. Tim says:

    @rnsone – Chief Lee and Norm Wolfinger actually seemed to be following the law that there needs to be probable cause to charge someone claiming self defense.

    Inconsistencies in Zimmerman’s statements are to be expected because the human memory is not a video recorder, especially under the extreme circumstances where Zimmerman had his brain rattled by blows to the head and was in a fight where he feared for his life. Given that it was dark and he was preoccupied with the fight, Zimmerman may not have noticed a lot of details. The mind tends to fill in the blanks.

  2. Nicholas says:

    @l.Dunn & rnsone..Since the two of you have put so much time and energy researching this case, can we look forward to reading an article on this blog from you. I applaud Nikesha, for showing the charecter to step up to the plate and putting forth this article. She demonstrates Charecter by putting herself out front, knowing there will always be someone who knows more and is willing to put her efforts down.

  3. L. Dunn says:


    Those are the facts! I’ve researched this case and evidence for hundreds of hours now and read every shred of evidence. I agree with your assessment.

    This is not a SYG case at all. I doubt there will be any SYG hearing. If Zimmerman thinks he can win an acquital using a justifiable homicide defense at his murder trial, he’s very mistaken. The Prosecutor’s have strong evidence to disprove any such claim. I believe they have enough evidence to prove their Murder 2 charge, and we haven’t seen all of the evidence.

    Zimmerman is a murderer and a pathological liar.

  4. Ron Wagner says:

    I am amazed by the hatred and assumption of guilt of Zimmerman. Here are some stories of black attacks on other races plucked from recent news:

  5. rnsone says:

    This article is so wrong on many fronts,I really don’t know where to begin! My god, the writer is clearly under informed and needs to do some SERIOUS READING on this case.The writer seems to believe that defense released this evidence and now it’s up to the prosecutors to poke holes in it?WRONG! The statements were first seen by the special prosecutor and then turned over to the defense.The defense actually fought hard to have this evidence sealed and not be made public.

    The judge declined and ORDERED the defense to make it public.there are inconsistencies in GZ’s statements and reenactment.He said he fell backwards,but he demonstrates he stumbled forward! He said TM jumped out the bushes,but then he says came out the darkness.He said TM hit him from behind but then says he was hit from the front.He initially said he followed TM,but then said he got out vehicle to see what street he’s on(Chris Serino,the lead investigator,who overall DID do a good job,asks why wouldn’t he know the street of a neighborhood,which has three streets,and that he ,GZ,watches/patrols?)GZ says TM had his hands on his mouth and nose while continuing to slam his head and reaching for his gun! Did TM have four arms?!

    The writer believes the Zimmerman’s lied about their finances to secure bond? Him being granted bond was a foregone conclusion,it was just a matter of how high it would be.They lied so they wouldn’t have to pay a high amount based on their financial situation.GZ isn’t covered by the stand your ground laws, even the writers of the law believe that and have said as much.GZ is hoping for a plea deal or a lesser charge? GZ believes he will be acquitted,PERIOD.His lawyer and him are going thru with this full steam ahead. To the writer:Please read more on this case so you would know as much.I’ve read countless articles on this case and when I read yours it came across as amateurish and for lack of a better term,pathetic! BTW,Chris serino did want to charge GZ with manslaughter on the spot but was overruled by Chief Lee(who was just fired) and Norm Wolffinger.If these two didn’t want to play judge and jury that night,this case would’ve never gained the national attention it has now.

  6. Jan says:

    While this video is getting all the attention, an audio file where Serino is questioning Zimmerman about his story and asking for explanations and expressing doubt about parts of his story is buried.

    All Zimmerman can say most of the time is “I don’t remember. I think you’ll find it interesting and hope it starts to get some better media coverage. The defense PR team has to be challanged!

    Recording #6 = Detective Serino’s Interview with George Zimmerman – Part 3 (2/29/12)

  7. Lonnie Radcliffe says:

    There is another aspect of Zimmerman’s criminality that the writer didn’t mention. Zimmerman failed to surrender his second passport which is a criminal offense. Clearly, Zimmerman is a sleaze, a criminal, and a murderer.

    Lonnie Radcliffe

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