The Truth About Election 2024.

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( Recently I watched every minute of the debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat, though I am a conservative like most mature adults 50 years old and over in America. Even so, I vote for the person who is most qualified, and who most closely represents the ideals that I hold sacred. This election, however, is a big problem.

The Truth About Election 2024.
In the right corner is Joe Biden. A man who appears to be failing in mental health and who opens the borders of this country to let anybody in. A man who supports abortion almost every way you turn. But a man who has the maturity, wisdom, experience and largely moral character to lead this country. A man who has spent over 40 years in public service and deserves to be President. Unfortunately, a man who, if he wins and does not finish his second term for some reason, would be succeeded by Kamala Harris. And that scares the hell out of me for more reasons that I have time to talk about in this article.
In the left corner is Donald Trump. A habitual liar, Conman, adulterer, 34 time convicted felon with 54 or more pending charges. A fraud who many times has not paid his lawyers or his contractors and has simply made up numbers to deceive the banks who trusted him with loans. A man who has millions deceived as if they are zombies or cult members. A man of insurrection who tried to steal an election and get his zombie followers to block the certification of that election.
A German descendant racist who said good things about Hitler and other brutal dictators. A man who told racist groups to stand back and standby, but yet would not condemn them because he pretended he did not know who they were. A man who did not want Black people to stay at his properties. A man who sleeps with porn stars and cheats with Playboy models. A man who has no respect for women and poked fun at handicap people. A man who admitted that he grabs women by the pussy and who was found guilty of sexual assault to the tune of $83 million. A man whose grandfather was a German whorehouse owner turned real estate mogul.
Trump – A man who uses the United States government as his personal capitalist piggy bank and who has filed bankruptcy six times in business after he drained all the money out. Still, an opportunist with the aggressiveness, nerve, ruthlessness and cleverness necessary to do what America does around the world – right, wrong or somewhere in the shades of gray middle.
It is a shame that the ballot will not let us choose “none of the above”. But here is something else you need to know that the news media seems to never mention. A very valid point brought out in the movie Air Force One was that the presidency is an institution, not one man. Apparently most Americans don’t understand that. But because that is true, I’m not so concerned about Joe Biden’s mental health and alertness, and how he stumbles with words.
The President has a national security council. He has speech writers and all kinds of advisors, including a chief of staff. The President is surrounded by lawyers and experts, and everyone from the head of the CIA to the head of the FBI to the head of the Justice department. When it comes to military decisions, the President is surrounded by military experts. So no matter who the president is, he does not just have to remember everything all by himself and figure out what decisions to make.
In addition to all the experts and advisors who come in contact with the president daily, there are protocols and executive orders, procedures for handling all kinds of situations. National and international briefings on the economy, wars, military operations, environmental issues, the auto industry, healthcare and every important issue that could impact America. Most people don’t know this because they have never going down this rabbit hole. So most Americans think it is up to the President, his intellect and his competency to run the country. Yeah, right.
Of course the problem is that Trump very seldomly read the briefings or listened to the advisors. And many times, he didn’t take their advice. He said that he knew more than all the generals. His ego is the size of the White House plus Mar-a-Lago and then some. But overconfidence can sometimes be just as bad as incompetence if it causes you not to listen to the people who know what to do and how things should come about.  So that brings us back to the dilemma of the man on the right and the man on the left.
I said this when a junior senator in his first term in Congress came out of nowhere and became President of the United States. A junior senator with virtually no federal level government experience and with a very interesting and odd voting record in Congress. A man who we now know as former President Obama.
Presidents are NOT elected, that is an illusion. President are selected. The election process is just to make citizens feel empowered. Ironically, that is also why America has two systems for determining the winner of a presidential election running simultaneously. The popular vote and the electoral college.
My guess is that 30+ years ago it was decided that Obama, for example, would run for president, possibly before he even knew it. The pieces were put in place and those who know how to pull the strings are also those who plan events decades ahead of time, if not longer. But that’s going too deep down a rabbit hole that would take several articles and quite a bit of proof to get you to understand. So back to the direct point of the article.
If you watched the debate between the presidential candidates, you have to ask one question at least. What in the world are Joe Biden‘s handlers doing? Talk about people who should be fired. Joe Biden stumbled and forgot what he was going to say and rambled on. And while some of you are saying that’s where his mind is at his age, remember, he was not like that at the state of the union address. My thought? If Biden wanted to win the debate, his handlers should have cleared his schedule on debate day.
Biden should have done practically nothing all day, slept most of the day and a few times practiced what he was going to say. They should’ve given him every natural energy booster that they could safely give him. And no, I’m not talking about five hour energy shots that can drop you like a brick when they run out of steam.
But apparently that’s not what happened and Biden came out slow while Trump came out swinging and lying as usual.
Before you say I watch too many movies, you need to know that sometimes movies are reflections of life and make some very critical points of fact. When I watched the movie called Shooter starring Mark Wahlberg, the US Senator in the movie said “there are no Democrats or Republicans, no Shiite or SUNY. Only the haves and the have nots”.  He was very correct, but most Americans have no idea how true that is.
The President of the United States is not a god. He does not have as much impact over your day-to-day life as people would like to blame him for nor give him credit for, depending on who is President at the time. If the President in office walks into a good economy left by his predecessor, for example, he takes the credit for it. If he walks into a bad economy, for example, he blames it on his predecessor. In the words of Tupac, “that’s just the way it is”. And that happens no matter who sits in the big chair.
All this apparent fighting between Democrats and Republican principalities in high political places is a partisan distraction. A distraction that fools and confuses most Americans. Very similar to the prosecuting attorney and defense attorney in court who battle it out furiously then later go have a drink or dinner together. If they are experienced or seasoned professionals, they know it’s just an act and they know not to take it personal. Meanwhile, the person on trial sees it differently through a dim looking glass that clouds what is really happening. The same thing is true with the citizens of the United States, who get all caught up in the Democrat vs. Republican battle.
Just remember, a lot of things can get done while both people in a burning house are arguing over who started the fire. That is the real nature of partisan politics in America. That is the nature of presidential elections in America. That is the nature of news media coverage of elections in America.
Want more proof? Why do you think each President keeps people in place who were put there by the previous President? At least for a while. Why do you think each President either leaves executive orders in place or signs them again? Executive orders put in place by his predecessor.
So now you know. The America you think you know from politics is just a sugarcoated topping while the real America operates underneath, or above. Depending on what position you are in.

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