Donald Trump: America’s Hitler.

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( What you are about to read may be the most important article in the 2024 presidential election. This time I need to get straight to the point and bluntly because we have a lot to cover. Donald Trump is using Hitler’s playbook. Oh yes he is and I’m going to prove it.

When I was in college, one of my professors required us to study the social psychology and rhetoric used by Adolf Hitler to get the Aryans in Germany to turn against the Jewish people. We study Hitler’s words, his base of support, his methodology, and how effective his approach became.

So more than most people in America today, I can recognize the pattern when I see it. And in this article I am going to establish that Donald Trump is using Hitler’s playbook today in America. That makes him much more dangerous than any modern presidential candidate in America in our lifetime. So let’s go down the rabbit hole of Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump now.

Donald Trump: America’s Hitler.

The first piece of evidence I present to you is MAGA – not just a term or a movement, but and ideology that was used in Hitler’s Germany. The term “MAGA” has some very dark and ominous meanings in different languages. In Germany, “the term was used by Hitler and other Nazis to idealize and elevate what they saw as uniquely German qualities, and to distinguish themselves…”. Donald Trump‘s grandfather was a German who ran a whorehouse in Germany before he came to the United States and got into real estate. Donald Trump has quoted Hitler. Donald Trump admires dictators like Hitler. And it is no coincidence that if you connect these dots, you see a connection between Donald Trump, the attitude and the evils Adolf Hitler. So you have to ask what is Donald Trump‘s final solution. None of this is coincidence, but it gets even deeper.

The second piece of evidence is how Hitler seized power. After World War I Hitler was convicted of trying to overthrow the government. Compare this to the insurrection launched by Donald Trump on January 6.

Hitler came out of prison and rose up to take over the entire country, running and controlling it as a dictator. Now look at the similarities. Donald Trump has been convicted of 34 felonies, with 54 additional charges pendingacross 4 courts. And Trump has said that he will be a dictator on day one. Trump has also said that he will restructure parts of the government workforce and use the departments within the government to go after political enemies. Retribution, he calls it.

Right now, as you see by the United States Supreme Court stalling decisions that will push Trump’s federal trials beyond the election, you see the Supreme Court protecting him by a majority vote. If Trump gets back in office, he will in fact control the Supreme Court Hitler controlled the high court of Germany.

The second piece of evidence is that Donald Trump, like Hitler, has managed to reach millions of poor and uneducated people (white in this case) who feel disenfranchised. In Germany, it was Hitler manipulating the Aryans by telling them that somebody else was to blame for their low wages, struggles, poverty and/or lack of progress. In the United States, Donald Trump has split that blame between the illegal immigrants and the Democrats. Same technique of scapegoat, demonize, divide, confuse, infuriate and conquer.

Like Hitler, Donald Trump has used the technique of demonizing specific groups. That is why so many of his devout followers were angry enough to do what they did on January 6. That is why so many people keep backing him and bowing down when he is not even the president. That is why groups like the proud boys and other militia have stood up and even tried to kidnap the governor of Michigan.

That is why Trump zombies felt embolden enough to try and get to Mike Pence while he was still vice president. That is why they were outside of the United States capital screaming to hang Pence. They were emboldened, and because of Donald Trump, they felt empowered. The very same thing that happened with the Germans who rose up against the Jewish people.

The third piece of evidence that connects Donald Trump to Hitler is his demand for loyalty. When Donald Trump was in office, he said of military top commanders, those were “his generals”. He expected his inner circle to protect him at all cost. And many of them did, even to the point of them going to prison such as Steve Bannon. We should also take note that while 40 out of 44 of Trump’s upper level staff (Barr, Cohen, Cobb, Hicks etc.) no longer support him, they did 100% just a short time ago. So while they were smart enough to jump ship, some of us remember that they were all in, and Trump will not forget their betrayal.

The fourth piece of evidence that connects Trump to Hitler is the plan to restructure the government. When Hitler came to power, he made sure that the courts answered to him and that any other governmental agency or department bowed before him. Now look at Donald Trump, who has already stated that he will use the government to go after his enemies and falsely made the claim that it was what was done to him. Always playing the victim.

In order to make his plan work, Trump has already made it clear that he will have to restructure the government, have his cronies launch investigations, clean house and redefine the duties of government employees. Donald Trump will remove those not loyal to him and use his power to put people in place who are completely loyal to him, not their oath, not their country, not their constituents and not their government. Remember, Trump already spoke about suspending the constitution. And I heard him say during his presidency that he had power, ultimate power to do whatever he wanted. A lot of people just didn’t take him seriously, but I did.

The fifth piece of evidence may shock you. It is how Trump got practically half the country to agree with, bow down to and support him, or so it seems. America has never been more split down the middle since the Civil War. Many of the Trump zombie supporters are the poor, uneducated white people who feel disenfranchised and robbed of “white privilege”. Never mind that they have done nothing to elevate their own lives, they still feel entitled because they are “white” and because white people run America. So this group is very angry because they feel cheated.

They see America becoming great again based on returning to a time when they felt like they were somebody. They march, they chant, they are racist, they have rebel flags or swastikas, and they are heavily involved in militias. They support Hitler’s ideology and they also support who? Donald Trump. Clearly they prove there is a difference between a zombie and a puppet. They are the former.

You might also be interested to know what the term “MAGA” means in other languages. In Spanish, it means a magician or illusionist. In Italian, it means a sorceress. In Latin, it means a female wizard. And as a Tagalog, it means infected or inflamed. Obviously, some of those do not directly apply to Trump. But all of them have one thing in common, the power to deceive and manipulate the mind. And MAGA in all these languages bring us right back to Trump.

To understand why millions of people seem to agree with whatever Trump says, and if he is their master, you have to go back to the Civil War era, the other critical time in America’s history when the country was basically divided in half, just like now. Just prior to the Civil War, the ancestors of the modern-day MAGA zombies were people who felt good about themselves because they kept women from voting, kept women barefoot, at home and pregnant, oppressed the slaves, denied civil rights to other groups and kept racism , separation, and segregation in place. They feel like all that “power” was lost to them with the abolition of slavery, the civil rights movement, the rise of women’s rights and the ability of African Americans and women to vote. So these devout Trump zombies are angry and feel cheated. That is what he speaks to, their anger and their illusion of victimization which is blocked their white privilege. Therefore, the more he plays the victim, the more they identify with him.

Now, do you understand why they want to return to a different time? And they are willing to ignore reality while following a serial liar, conman, adulterer , fraud, rapist with 34 felony convictions if he will get them back to that time. To them, that is why none of what the Trump man of lawlessness has done matters.

There is a reason that Donald Trump always plays the victim. Let me reiterate. Because it helps him connect with his base of zombies who also feel like they are the victims denied of their entitlement birthright based on color. Many of them are poor and uneducated, but they still feel That they should be above everybody else because people who look like them run this country. That makes them very angry, just like Hitler fueled the fire in the heart of the Aryans to feel disenfranchised and suffering because of the Jews. So they bought into the lie and the anger swell so much that they were willing to do whatever their leader told them. Talk about history repeating itself, wow!

The six piece of evidence is Trump the dictator. Hitler said what needed to be done and he did it, even as horrible as it was. Donald Trump is telling you and has told you exactly what he’s going to do. Even so, some of his zombie followers in the government are still willing to support and defend him. They say that he won’t do what he said. That makes no sense. Trump has told you that he is going to be a dictator. He has told you that he is going to launch the biggest mass deportation in the history of the United States. In fact, the apparent and yet ironic honesty in Donald Trump is to tell you how he is going to screw you over.

I could go down the rabbit hole even further, but these points present the facts, whether you agree on the conclusion or not. We are not dealing with a presidential candidate. We are dealing with principalities. We are dealing with ideologies that were given to Hitler and now to Trump. And most of the public has no idea what is really happening.

So while Democrats and Republicans are calling for Biden to step down because he stumbled three times during a debate, ask yourself why they are not calling on a man of lawlessness who tried to overturn the election, a rapist, an adulterer who sleeps with a porn star, a narcissist who kept classified documents, a fraud and a 34 convicted felon to step down.

When people tried to tell the Jews of Germany what was coming, many of them shook their heads and would not believe it. But by the time it was in place, it was too late. Now you are seeing all the elements repeat themselves here in America so you need to pay attention and understand what is happening can impact everything around you. WAKE UP!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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