Donald Trump Isn’t a Political Prisoner but the Convictions Won’t Do Him In.

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( Recently, former President Donald Trump was found guilty of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records—in relation to hush money paid to porn actress Stormy Daniels. As an aside, I found the trial taking place almost a decade later interesting given Michael Cohen actually did time for his part in the scheme. An interesting twist to that is that Cohen was sent to prison at the hands of the administration he ran interference for in the first place.

Donald Trump Isn’t a Political Prisoner but the Convictions Won’t Do Him In.

I don’t know if loyalty was expected after that or what. I mean, one of the cardinal rules of doing dirt at this level is making sure the person who knows where all the bodies are buried is either well taken care of or out of the picture entirely. Cohen was given three years; he was never going to be out of the picture and was basically tossed aside after he did his job.

It was an interesting sequence of events considering it got to the point of a President being convicted of something that should’ve cost him the White House. Voters hope that the candidates will be honest and have a fair election, but I believe we knew that something like this was possible.

Maybe not when it would happen or even if it would happen in lifetime but with claims and lawsuits over campaign fraud over the years and similar nefarious political tactics being done at state and city level, there’s no way there was a belief that this couldn’t happen when the presidency is up for grabs.

The 34 Convictions Won’t Do Trump in Come November

While being convicted of 34 felony counts should be enough for any party to decide to run a less tainted candidate who could at least be presented as an honest candidate, parties want to win ultimately. That’s merely considering the establishment Republicans and not those who got into office—in part or entirely—because of their association with and support of former President Donald Trump.

If anything, the conventions were a strong statement that no one is above the law as it was expected that most of this wouldn’t stick. Never mind that Trump didn’t go to jail to await his sentencing and make sure he didn’t skedaddle—in that regard, why would he if he’s running for President?

As recent poll touched on; these convictions wouldn’t have much bearing on their decision. Interestingly, it showed they would lean towards a Democrat who claimed that Donald Trump was a “unique threat to democracy” over a Republican candidate who attempted to overturn the 2020 election. The finding was 53-20 for the Democrat with 27% bowing out of the question.

That event occurred and Trump managed to avoid action for his part in it—it was for his benefit—up until now. He got to govern in office, getting hit now in a fair trial, taking place in a city where the dirt was orchestrated—he’ll be fine. At worst, if he gets house arrest. He won’t be in some kind of special prison as if he was Judge Dredd’s President Booth imprisoned underneath Fort Knox. This isn’t that and 34 convictions isn’t silver stake. I’d say neither is Trump’s recent televised mental misadventures with aging.

What would have a greater impact is the recent video of Democrats calling for former President Trump to send the D.C Guard on January 6th. To be exact, his action and inaction that day as far as stoking the fire, lethargy in protecting the Capitol building, and what he was doing as the fervor grew should be enough.

According to those close to Trump during the Capitol Building attack, in the days leading up, he wanted to use the D.C Guard to protect himself and his supporters from expected left-wing retaliation. Of course, that wasn’t the case and others were convicted that day. The country saw this happen, who the aggressors were during the attack, and saw that several were prosecuted afterwards.

Now, there will be some leaving details out in support of Trump—maybe even some putting earmuffs on and not listening. It’s all very involved. Something else that should do him in is this leaning towards authoritarianism we’re seeing and hearing recently.

Then again, some of our citizens and fellow voters rock with that and unless you follow all of this, it likely won’t be a factor or as great of a factor as it should be.

What do you see being something that could cost Trump this time? Do you believe it is the 34 convictions? His recent rhetoric? January 6th? Let us know in the comments.

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