Let Freedom Ring… Again: George Landrith’s Call to Revitalize the American Dream Amidst Political Turmoil.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) For years, the progressive Left, ambitious self-serving politicians, and the elites of the administrative state have chipped away at the American dream, the promise of opportunity, and the shared reverence for the founding principles of our society that once propelled our success. Though it may seem like America is beyond saving, the best days of America are yet to come, says George Landrith, all we have to do is let freedom ring…again.

Let Freedom Ring... Again: George Landrith's Call to Revitalize the American Dream Amidst Political Turmoil.


George Landrith III’s “Let Freedom Ring… Again: Can Self-Serving Truths Save America from Further Decline?” is an exceptionally compelling work that portrays the uncertainty of America’s future and the urgency with which we must act to save America from its current trajectory into darkness. The book, filled with insightful thoughts from Landrith, skillfully diagnoses the problems afflicting American politics and the Left at large while also providing carefully crafted solutions that offer hope for a better future.

Throughout the book, Landrith accurately exposes the Left’s parasitic relationship with their voters. From enticing welfare programs to failing schools, “Whenever leftists propose a solution to society’s problems, they make themselves more powerful and/or they make the people more dependent,” says Landrith.

This intentional feat of Leftist policy is best seen in California, where not so long ago Governor Gavin Newsom passed California’s AB5. In an effort to “protect workers,” California essentially banned independent contractors, forcing small businesses to hire people they can’t afford, putting gig workers like independent truckers out of the job. Indeed, since its inception, AB5 has destroyed self-employment, making exodus or welfare the only option for many Californians.

Throughout “Let Freedom Ring…Again,” Landrith’s adept analytical skills are on full display, often revealing the predatory designs of the progressive Left. In one of the book’s most compelling chapters, he breaks down an insidious and dangerous trend in modern politics: the value of feelings over rational thought.

Believing, for instance, that a man shouldn’t be allowed in a women’s locker room, is easily one of the most sane and rational beliefs a person could hold. But for the Left, this notion has become hateful and transphobic. No reason as to why is necessary, you’ve questioned someone’s “right to exist,” they say.

“Thinking doesn’t matter, feeling is enough,” says Landrith. Logic and reason have taken a back seat and many progressives have accepted this change with open arms. And by choosing to live in a world devoid of facts, logic, and reason, many have made themselves easy prey for manipulative politicians who use emotional appeals to justify abuses of their power.

After all, says Landrith, it’s much easier to ignore your neighbor being stripped of their constitutional rights if they are evil, hateful, and bigoted.

Vilifying the opposition makes it easier to suspend the rule of law. It makes it easier to forcefully vaccinate a population under threat of their ability to participate in public life. It makes it easier to turn a blind eye to the FBI designating parents who speak out at school board hearings as potential domestic terrorists. In the end, everyday Americans are the biggest losers.

In “Let Freedom Ring…Again,” Landrith makes it abundantly clear that the Left has changed the game forever. Too many Americans have become “constitutionally ignorant, historically oblivious, and intellectually lazy,” making them susceptible to lies, half-truths, and propaganda. Our Constitution, its principles, and the American way of life are under attack and they will not defend themselves.

So, what must be done?

“Living in a free society is not a passive endeavor,” says Landrith. We must play an active role in defending our way of life, voting once every four years is not enough.

We must be proud of our story, this great experiment of democracy. We must reject degeneracy and the moral relativism peddled by the Left. “We must be experts in our own freedom and constitutional system so we can see through the lies of the politicians and defeat their designs to aggrandize their own power.” We must let freedom ring again.

George Landrith III’s “Let Freedom Ring… Again” ultimately serves as a thorough analysis of the terminal issues facing American politics which threaten to destroy the founding principles of our democracy and thereby the future of our nation. Both extensive and enlightening, Landrith’s book offers unique insight into the destructive nature of the modern Left and the path forward to saving our nation by discovering what it takes to be a free, self-governing people.

Written by Horace Cooper

Official website; https://twitter.com/TheHoraceCooper