Mirror, Mirror – Unleashing Your Potential by Confronting Complacency and Mediocrity.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Let’s take a trip down the rabbit hole right into the mirror of who you are, what your potential is and who you should be. Are you a slacker? Do you live a life of mediocrity and complacency when you should be striving for and achieving excellence? Do you blame others for the obstacles that you have the power to move out of your way? Are you unmotivated? Why? Are the reasons real reasons or just excuses that you have come to accept as valid?

Black Americans and White Americans: Mirror, Mirror - Unleashing Your Potential by Confronting Complacency and Mediocrity.

Most people in America today, especially in the middle and lower economic class, arguably live a life of mediocrity. Either at home or in their relationships. Many even in their jobs. But with jobs it is somewhat different than at home or in personal life because there is immediate accountability and the consequences keep some people on task.

What are your standards for yourself? What are your expectations? Where do they come from? Parents? Television? Friends and family, some of whom you need to keep at a distance? Or do you have no idea? Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Not the devil. Not the government. Not the police. Not the employer. Not the court. Not your “X”. Us.

Maybe it’s time you raise your standards to be consistent with who you should be, not who you are comfortable with being. Challenge yourself to be better and expect yourself to do it. Stop measuring yourself against people of lower performance and lower status as a reason for you to feel better about where you are in life.

Once you identify the best you can be, you need to make that stick all the way across-the-board, all the time. Only then will you see that work on your behalf to build you up. You should not be one way at work, one way at church, one way around people you like, one way around people you don’t like, one way at home, one way in your personal relationship and one way when nobody is looking. That is being double minded or triple minded, or quadruple minded, etc.

Which is the real you? What are the best ways to be? And if you can identify the best ways to be, why not be just that all the time all the way across-the-board? Would be somebody different? While that other drag you into being somebody different? Some people say. “when in Rome ….”.  But I say, I am the same person in Rome that I am everywhere else.

Many people have a résumé and at work ethic. But their personal life is not nearly as strong as their work ethic on the job where they could face consequences. Their résumé for home and personal relationships and finances looks nothing like their job résumé. That is problematic. Why do you think employers run credit checks and criminal backgrounds? Because they know what I told you is true.

When you are a slacker, living a life of excuses, blaming others, waiting on others to do for you what you should do for yourself and dragging your feet, you short-change your potential. When you are a slacker living beneath your means and far under your potential, you are just like the person on the side of the highway standing there holding a sign and asking for food all day. Yes, you are.

So don’t blame the Democrats or the Republicans. Don’t blame your job. Don’t blame your upbringing. Don’t blame your ex-whatever. Blame you. Look in the mirror and do something about it. Complacency, laziness, excuses and mediocrity will always be the enemies of achievement, excellence and superiority. The future is what you make it, not just what happens to you.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

A Free Thinker, who loves to talk about Politics, etc. Also, all about uplifting the Black Community even if it doesn’t fit your mindset. One may hit me up at; TrevoCraw@ThyBlackMan.com.