About the P-Diddy Domestic Abuse Video and His Apology.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) In early May 2024, video of recently disgraced record producer and music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs beating ex-girlfriend and singer Cassie Ventura—who performs under the mononym “Cassie”. The two began dating in the late 2000s before parting in 2018. While I won’t go into what occurred in the video—it’s online if you just simply must see it—it came out after Diddy took a loud and aggressive stance against multiple accusations of sexual and physical assault as well as sex trafficking from multiple women.

About the P-Diddy Domestic Abuse Video and His Apology.

Included in these were allegations of even more nefarious behind-closed-doors activities by the hip-hop icon. Mind you, those allegations came about during a wave of Hollywood horror stories were shared such as those featured in the Nickelodeon documentary Quiet on Set. We also can’t forget about what Katt Williams said about Diddy and alluded to about others in Hollywood and show business in his Club Shay Shay interview in early 2024.

Williams’ statements came after the allegations began to pick up steam at the end of 2023. Honestly, it’s an interesting and brief window of time when all of this began to come together. It was at the end of 2023 when more stories about Diddy’s alleged activities began to surface and women came forward.

What Goes Through Powerful and Popular Figures’ Minds When Allegations Surface?

I often wonder about this. In a few cases, it might be “I didn’t do this at all. Where is this coming from?” This small group has a few sides with one I can sympathize with. Both sides of the “I actually didn’t do this” party didn’t do it themselves. However, you have those who didn’t do it but know people who did do it or keep close association with those who do it.

These are the people who sleep with dogs, wake up with fleas and are surprised that they’re scratching and all bit up. There’s little sympathy for them because if you’ve been in association with those people for years, you’ve got to be aware that they aren’t right upstairs and they’re into some foul and vile stuff.

Then you have the folks who didn’t do it and don’t associate with people who do it. They keep a clean house, there’s no actual smoke or fire there. They probably got wrangled in on some professional association stuff but not necessarily personal/professional. Chances are they don’t know what’s going on or they might be aware that it happens but they have no intimate knowledge of what goes down.

There’s sympathy there but sometimes they can end up being one of the eggs cracked in the process of rooting this stuff out.

Finally, you have those who aren’t involved directly or at all but they know names and they know who does what. However, it doesn’t affect their personal life or their money—so why interfere? Honestly, there’s something to be said about these people because they’re sitting on information about a peer or contemporary doing disturbing things but because it doesn’t impact them or it’s the nuke that keeps them on top and unbothered, they say nothing.

Beyond those three groups, you have the people who this stuff and they have power. They can make and break careers, so you’ve got to play ball—whatever playing ball might entail. It’s been that way since Hollywood was formed. Questionable sex parties, the casting couch, child stars experiencing physical, sexual and mental abuse, mistreatment of talent and crew, withholding mental health avenues and pay—money, power, and status can really amplify someone’s ability to oppress.

In a time where there’s lean towards the victim, it slowly weakens the need for victims to need power, influence, and backup before saying anything. Like people do want to continue working in their chosen industry at a high level and saying something without being able to prove it or without support is a good way to end up circling the drain career-wise.

Unless the accusation strikes hard and there are others who have their stories to tell.

Late 2023 Got Hairy for Combs

As mentioned, Diddy and Cassie called it quits in 2018 and Cassie went into the abuse suffered while with Diddy. Fast forward to 2023 and a settlement was reached. Obviously, Diddy pretty much put it behind him and would later join a rejuvenated Motown Records via the Love Records subsidiary on a one-record deal in May 2022.

It goes without saying that legally, 2023 would be the year Diddy’s lawyers would really have their work cut out for them. While he settled with Cassie, there were still others who said that Diddy did something criminal to them. One person—producer Lil Rod (Rodney Jones) accused the 54-year-old of sexual assault. It was also mentioned that Combs was involved in drug trafficking.

At the start of 2024, Jones would include Diddy’s sons for a cover-up of involving a shooting. While dealing with a raid on his properties, the video dropped and the reaction but onlookers not in the industry was as expected. Shock, disgust, and pointing out that victims should be believed.

Also expected was the “Why didn’t they come forward sooner” crowd as if the silence by a vulgar display of power isn’t a thing. There’s also this thing about the fear of being wrong that runs through this around believing women who were abused and victims in general—but let’s get into this apology. That’s what’s on the marquee, after all.

Diddy’s Apology Video

There’s really nothing to go into too deeply about it. CNN dropped the video of the 2016 beating in a hotel hallway and Diddy released a video apologizing. The thing is, he mentions asking God for forgiveness—which as a guy of the Christian faith, that’s always a go-to when crisis strikes a popular or public figure’s personal life.

Personally, I feel the first apology that should come out of someone’s mouth is towards the person who was wronged or slighted. I mean, they’re the one you have to share this planet with, after all. You know they exist and their existence isn’t based on a belief that they exist. They’re here and they were wronged.

Also of note is just who was this video for? It couldn’t be for Cassie because if it was it wasn’t a good or even mid apology. Plus, I don’t think the offended or abused would care how Diddy wrestled with this or how he felt about it. Hell, Diddy didn’t attack me and I don’t care how he felt about it. I’ve never heard Cassie’s music but I’m more concerned with how she’s feeling about the video getting out and having to relive the episode.

But I’ll be respectful for her privacy, hope she’s surrounded by people who care and are watching out for her, and that she gets through seeing this. What was going through Diddy’s heart and head at that time, doesn’t matter. Sure, folks might want to know why but the action and the level of aggression just makes knowing an “interesting tidbit” that I don’t care to have in my memory palace.

Ultimately, the apology was pointless but Diddy had to address it himself. It couldn’t be a legal representative, it couldn’t be in some staged setting with his loved ones around him by the fireplace, it couldn’t be a sit-down interview with dramatically cut scenes for a Friday primetime special.

He had to address it and admit “Yeah, I did that sh*t.” Of course, the apology just comes with it—it’s like getting ketchup in your delivery order. It’s just there.

If this apology was more for us—the viewer, his fans (whomever is standing by him), and/or those who grew up with him always being media presence—why? Sure enough support can keep him in business and whatever projects he has will still get some traction but we weren’t wronged directly. It’s not like all of us have this personal relationship with Diddy. If anything we were more fans of the artists he produced and managed than him.

Sound off in the comments, what did you think of Diddy’s apology? Do you accept it if you feel it was more for us?

If you know someone who is a victim of sexual assault, contact the RAINN National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673. Help is available 24/7.

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