Black Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans and White Americans: Facing Fear in America – Navigating Politics, Elections, and the Quest for a Safer Future.

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( I recently had a conversation with a friend I’ve known for over 20 years. We caught up about life and living…and while doing so she expressed a fear about how elections would affect our lives. Honestly, she fears for America, especially on the foreign front, should Trump ever sit in the Oval Office again. This made me think back recently to the elections in Louisiana, and how many people are feeling an elevation I their fear for the future regarding how the Governor-Elect Jeff Landry will lead the state. It is so unfortunate to know that we live in a country whereby the people citizens need to be protected from are the ones elected to “represent” them. Whether you vote or not, regardless of your party affiliation, politicians have a hand in shaping the society you live in.

Black Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans and White Americans: Facing Fear in America - Navigating Politics, Elections, and the Quest for a Safer Future.

Believe it or not their decisions affect education, housing, employment, healthcare, safety, peace, and our overall access to quality of life. So many of us want to downplay the chokehold they have on America, and how She is seen all over the world. Maybe we do this as a protective measure to bite back the fear we feel deep inside when we watch the news. You know it’s bad when you hold your breath briefly to brace yourself every time you get a notification saying, “Breaking News”. No, we are not desensitized…we like in fear daily.

It is fair to wonder if the men and women on Capital Hill live in fear of the decisions, they make every day. The focus is there because the American people love to blame the Courts and White House, but Capital Hill gets to do their evil in secret per se. Yes, we know they carry responsibility, but we don’t seem to hold them to the same level of accountability. If you disagree, please keep in mind that voter turn out is extremely low when it is not a Presidential election…we must fight to get citizens to realize the mid-term elections might be the most important of them all. Let’s be honest, how many times will there be a threat of the government shutting down? Do we realize what that will mean…not just for government workers, but for all of us? Do we understand the global ramifications of our government shutting down? Its not just globally embarrassing…we would face some serious hardship on top of what many of us are already dealing with. Imagine having a career, such as a registered nurse, that should pay enough for you to be able to live comfortably, but depending on where you are in the country you might be living out of your car. There are so many Americans that work multiple jobs just to barely get by, while those we’ve elected won’t even fight for a fair minimum wage because their greed won’t allow such.

Americans watch the news and see war in many countries. They watch our country give aid…but they won’t aid Americans. As we watch war rage in some countries, and what could be the threat of war in others, too many Americans feel like where they live is a warzone. There is crime and violence ravishing many American cities; unfortunately, some that commit the crime are also those that are supposed to “protect and serve”. Yet, again…Americans have a justified reason to live in fear as some of our officers and attorneys are also…politicians. It is the history of this country that those we elect and look to often don’t protect us; they become the greatest source of fear, and they live above the hell they cause.

So many politicians play on the fear and bias of Americans. They know what to say to make you agree with them. If you are a capitalist, racist, education enthusiast, anti-gun control, support the military, advocate for healthcare, pro-life, anti-abortion, or any other voting point…they know what to say to incite your fear. They know what to promise you to make you feel they care about the life of you and your family; once they get in office, regardless of party, to many of these politicians insult your intelligence while leaving you feeling betrayed…and afraid.

This fear could be a part of the mental health crisis we see in America. How can we expect to be mentally well when too many of us don’t know how we will feed our families. Secretly, we wonder what we would do if America was attacked…from outside or within. We secretly wonder what we would do if something worse than COVID were to shut down the world again. How do we make a better society for our children?

We are concerned about the quality of their education…and their safety while getting said education. I don’t have the answers to any of this; I also think about how to keep my family well and safe. This has many Americans seeking help for anxiety and depression as they are just trying to cope and maintain some form of moving forward from day to day. One thing is for sure, we must find a way to remind politicians they work for us…the greatest leverage we have is our ballot. Ironically, that will also require us, as Americans, to become better people individually so that we kill the bias used against us. Maybe then we can unite to bring about lasting change that will free us from fear.

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