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The Progressive Push to Revert to Jim Crow Laws and Black Codes.

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( According to mainstream progressives and Democrats, the most problematic issue confronting America today is racism under the banner of white supremacy. Supposedly directed at Blacks in America in particular. It is so bad speculatively speaking that during the 116th Congress, democrats advanced S.894 “To authorize dedicated domestic terrorism offices within the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to analyze and monitor domestic terrorist activity and require the Federal Government to take steps to prevent domestic terrorism.”

The Progressive Push to Revert to Jim Crow Laws and Black Codes.

But if one wanted to objectively discern what is the most problematic issue in our nation (although there are many to select from), I would say it is the slow march back in the direction of the Black Codes and Segregation as it once was as designed by the Democrat party.

Across the nation, the push for segregation based on the blatant racism of low expectations seems to be all the rage. Everywhere one looks, the push to reverse the outcomes of the Civil Rights movement becomes clearer each day.

In Oregon, the concept of ‘equitable grading’ has been introduced to “de-emphasizing other traditional measures, like turning in assignments on time, behaving well in class and completing extra credit” to avoid dealing with poor academic performance of mostly black students. It has been reported that around 45% of black students have received at least one incomplete or F on their report cards over the past several years.

In California, the teaching of math has been altered as not to challenge students, especially blacks to perform well in the subject. In some districts, Algebra instruction has been removed from middle school curriculums. This although in 2022 only 7 percent of black students tested proficient in math in the state and only 16.9 percent of Black students operated at grade level in 2023.

These changes will do nothing to assist black students individually or collectively in an increasingly global marketplace. My colleagues from Nigeria and China for example tell me that the math they had in primary and middle school was much more preparatory than what they have observed in the average American university student they teach.

Now in Illinois, high schools are offering classes separated by race. Proponents of this ridiculous idea assert it will make kids more comfortable, which means the objective is not to make them proficient. This is straight out of the Jim Crow playbook.

Up until the Civil Rights movement, the South remained a one-party region – Democratic. They were very much in lockstep with their Northern counterparts when it came to maintaining bigoted and prejudicial attitudes towards blacks (see Boston Bus Boycott and New York Draft Riots).

The Democrat party started in 1792 after supporters of Thomas Jefferson began using the name Republicans (Jeffersonian) to reflect their opposition to slavery. Democrats, especially in the South strongly wanted to protect slavery at any cost. The rest is history and left us with a civil war, reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the Black Codes.

This path to resegregation has been happening for some while now. Separate graduations based on race, separate dormitories based on race, and separate dining halls based on race. These practices were once codified into law in the South and called Black codes. Designed to enforce racial segregation after the Civil War, they were employed to bring back the practice of slavery and get around the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. And don’t sleep, Jim Crow was just as heavy in the North as the South.

Now why am I saying this? Well first, segregating students based on race is a band-aid that will do nothing but continue to engender the self-defeating acceptance of incompetence.

We have seen how this plays out. It just creates a permanent class of victims for progressive politicians to extort and make dependent on the state and not develop any personal agency.

Why segregate in the first place? We see what has happened in Baltimore where in 13 high schools zero students were proficient in Math yet most had graduation rates above 90 percent. So much for the Civil Rights Movement’s effort to end segregation. Glad to know that it was all for nothing.

Secondly, running from the real world and any challenge is not the answer and only teaches these students to see the world according to race. Why are they teaching children to be racists? Ruining their outlook on people before any real chance to develop socially. This is one of the cruelest things to do to a child. These people are deranged and should be banned from being anywhere near children.

It’s obvious the Democrats are still mad as hell that the Republicans stopped them from having slaves. If Martin Luther King Jr. had known that decades later people would self-select to be segregated, he may have not fought so hard to end the practice.

I’m actually impressed by how easily they can get away with obvious racism and Jim Crowesque policies while pointing the finger at conservatives and calling us and white supremacy the problem. Imagine the outrage if white students wanted to have an all-white class.

[The Rosenwald Schools: Progressive Era Philanthropy in the Segregated South]

Walter Williams was accurate noting that affirmative action is just subsidized discrimination. Frankly, if this school or any other school in the US approves this segregation in teaching and gets federal funding, then those schools should have that funding removed since it goes against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

They don’t need to conduct an experiment. All they have to do is look at most inter-city high schools. The classrooms are already black and Latino and they are still failing. If you are going to segregate students, do it based on the ones who want to learn vs the ones who want to have an only fans account, dance on tic-tok all day or make Drill music.

History has shown Progressives and Democrats have always implemented bigoted policies toward blacks. Just look at any major city where blacks are in the majority. Keep this up and these democrats will have all of us black folk ‘back in chains’ to quote Joe ‘Racial Jungle’ Biden. Like Walter Williams, Malcom X was also correct when he said: “The White liberal is the worst enemy to America and the worst enemy to the Black man.”

Staff Writer; Torrance T. Stephens

Can also purchase any of his books over at; Amazon – TTS Books.


3 Responses to “The Progressive Push to Revert to Jim Crow Laws and Black Codes.”
  1. Rawdawgbuffalo says:

    Pelvo, well written mindless twaddle. Seems you ignore the facts.

  2. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    This nonsensical, self defeating argument does not detract from the centuries old positivist political application of the Thirteenth,Fourteenth,and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America.These codified federal laws have served, and continue to serve and protect the rights of African Americans throughout this nation.I personally do not care if these civic uplifting laws came from the reasoning of a republican,democrat, or a tobacco chewing, ignorant, racist redneck squatting in the corner of a southern, snake infested, cotton field. These laws are here to stay, and we should be man enough, and woman enough to use these laws to enhance our concepts of freedom in America on a daily basis.African Americans are not defeated by the laws that protect us. In fact, it is those who would openly discriminate against us that are on the run. Why else would we have anti-social, republican politicians like Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, and their sympathizers attempting to convince American citizens to fight against our federal government laws that serve to protect us ? They want to rip off our legal protections and leave us to be victims of the most vile and ignorant whites in our society.

  3. Very few young people carried the mantle after the Civil rights movememnt.Young minorities, particularly young blacks became enamored with technology, rap music (thats right I said it) Drugs and fashion. Consistently feeding and benefiting from the struggle. They became apathetic. I remember when civil right leaders back in the late 80’s met with young rappers trying to get them to stop using the N word. They were literally threatened for such a suggestion. So, we still call each other The N word affectionately. Enter the Far right white nationalist who has a foothold in the Republican party and has just about taken over. So I am saying we get what we deserve. When you sleep, Hate rises. And its risen to another boiling point in this country. Sadly, there is no movement among us to be seen. But there is still plenty of dope in our communities to keep our heads ringin

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