Reject Gun Control – Arm Yourself and Refuse to be a Sitting Duck.

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( Here we go yet again and I hate to say “I told you this would keep happening”. Regarding the active shooter in Maine, this was a disaster that was “allowed” to happen. How so? Because people inadvertently looked the other way instead of taking actions regarding a man the military knew was volatile and dangerous and threatening to shoot a bunch of people. That is a fact. Now the truth comes out when it’s too late yet again. And sometimes the laws work against your protection. Sometimes active shooters buy the guns legally. Sometimes the legal ability to take their guns away gets stuck in the law.

Black Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans, and White Americans: Arm Yourself You Sitting Duck.

There have been over 400 active shooter mass murder incidents in the United States in the last few decades. That is according to the FBI, and yet most of you probably don’t know about any more than a dozen of them. Those being the ones you heard about in the news or experienced.

But here is another element that the news media, the Democratic Party (safety should not be partisan) and law-enforcement constantly neglects to mention. Over 99% of these active shooter incidents have one thing in common. Apparently nobody was/is armed in order to protect themselves. Nobody fired back at the shooter. And in almost every case, if the police didn’t kill the shooter, he just walked away before they arrived. Man hunts are awesome but they lack the ability to bring people back to life.

Another element people seem to keep overlooking is that most of the time the police do not arrive in time. And by the time they arrive, people are already dead. That is not to fault the police because they cannot be everywhere at the same time. But if they cannot be, you should be able to protect yourself, and be prepared to do so. Are you? For those who do not accept the Second Amendment, if you think guns are bad now, wait until an active shooter has one in your building, but you don’t. Wait until a home invader is trying to break into your home but the police are tied up on other calls. So if you are one of those people who don’t want guns around, what is your solution for people protecting themselves? Harsh language?

Here is another big kicker. On a number of occasions, the police arrived but still did not go in when they came on the scene. Not right away, at least. Meanwhile, more people died. So, even when the police arrive, you don’t know if they are going to come in just in time, do you? Therefore, what are you supposed to do if you are not prepared? It’s time to wake up. And while I wish I could take you down the rabbit hole on this topic, that would not be prudent at this time.

What do you do when an active shooter “comes a shootin”? The options that are not working keep being to run, hide, pray, get shot or die. Or try to fight a shooter who is armed with an assault weapon. Wake up people. Not one of those choices seems to be working for quite a few people in the hospital, in the morgue or in the ground. Talk about the definition of insanity at the worst possible time? How did those options work out at the Pulse nightclub shooting or when the Vegas shooter opened fire or at the church in North Carolina or at Parkland Florida in the school or at Columbine or at Sandy Hook? Did you even know, for example, about the mass shooting in South Carolina where a former NFL player killed 5 people then himself? And the list goes on, so many incidents that most never make the news.

As a firearms instructor, former executive protection agent etc., I think about these senseless active shooters every time I walk in a mall, grocery store, church, flea market, bank or a hospital. Especially after the mass shooting at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, a location I have been to several times. Recently I went in a bank and the guard was unarmed. Exactly what is that supposed to deter? He couldn’t even protect himself if something happened, as I told him. And security companies, because of high turnover, often avoid arming their guards if they can get the account anyway. The wrong time to be cheap. So I have to ask are people learning anything to do differently or just sitting ducks after all these mass shootings? Wake up people! Prevention equals preparedness. And preparedness equals a better chance for survival.

Unfortunately, until most of you learn that there will keep being these programmed, psychotic and evil active shooters killing more people. I wish that were not true, but I have studied this for several years now, and it keeps happening. What do you think would happen if an active shooter walked into a building and saw 7 people wearing firearms? Why do you think police stations don’t get held up at gun point or the officers don’t have to worry about active shooters coming in? Not just because the shooters would go to jail. But rather because every officer in the building is armed and the shooter knows he has practically no chance of making it out of there alive. I am not saying you should be the police officer. But I am saying you should be (a) a deterrent and/or (b) able to protect yourself from a crazed active shooter. You have a greater chance of surviving if you can protect yourself than if you can’t. It’s not rocket science people.

My suggestion to you? Buy a new handgun (never a used one and not the cheapest you can find). A firearm has many moving parts that must perform at 100% every time. Have an instructor teach you how to use your weapon. Don’t train yourself because it’s just plain dumb when neither the teacher nor the student knows what they are doing.  Go to the gun range and practice every month. Learn the permit guidelines and gun laws of your city, county and state. Buy a decent holster, not a cheap one.

Learn what the words “weapon’s retention” and “threat assessment” mean. Please learn how to store your weapon safely. Follow the law. Learn how to interact with the police when you are armed. And carry a handgun everywhere you can. Because the worst thing that can happen is that you can need it to save your life yet not have it. What an awful time to realize what I said was correct. An important caveat is this. If you have a temper, you need to find something else to carry like a pepper spray gun and hope for the best. Just remember (a) you cannot recall a bullet, (b) never pull out a weapon to scare someone and (c) if you draw your weapon, be prepared to use it to save your life or the lives of those you care about.

What would you have done if an active shooter walked into the bowling alley or restaurant where you were enjoying an evening with your family? What were you prepared to do? Not to mention home invasions, another arena, where most of you are prepared to do nothing but dial 911, and hope and pray and hide.

Think ahead. These active shooters are thinking ahead, so you need to think ahead of them. ARM YOURSELF!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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