An Attack on Niger by France is an Attack on all Black People Around the World.

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( Yes, if any European or American Caucasian set foot on Niger to attack and destroyed the new military government supported by the Niger People, will be a declaration of war on all black people around the world. Any Racist European and American Caucasians do not have the right to impose their ruthless imperialism and colonialism rules under their Demonic Religion of the Slaves aka Christianity that they have spread around the world for thousands of years. Enough is enough with Racist European Supremacy.

Niger - France - 2023.

The French government under the ruling of a short man with a small private part named Macron has declared war on an African country of black people because they chose to stand up for their civil rights and for their rights to govern themselves and nationalize their natural resources for which France and the United States of America have been exploiting for over 60 years. Yes, Niger is an African country with natural resources such as Uranium, Gold, cobalt, copper etc.. which are the resources that the Western world uses to build their weapons of mass destructions and enriched themselves at the sweat and death of the Niger people.

The citizen of Niger gave the okay and support for their military to overthrow their sell out and uncle tom Former President Mohamed Bassoun who went to bed with America and France; thus; allowing these racist group of Europeans and Americans to pillage, rape, destroyed, steal and embezzled the natural resources and wealth of the People of Niger. Indeed, It is always been in the interest of Europe and Racist America to conquer, destroyed and steal the wealth and natural resources of all the African Countries; but, more so, to label, profile, and sanction with embargos any African country that refuses to bend the knee to the western world.

A military coup by Niger military soldiers and generals under the request of the Niger’s citizen was necessary in Niger to remove a corrupt president who did not serve the people of Niger; but, instead was serving the interest of France and Racist America. The little midget Macron has declared war on Niger and have given the signal to the rest of Europe to start beating the drums of War against black people, who are fighting for their freedom and their rights to govern themselves and control their own country and nationalize their own natural resources that belongs to black people and not to racist European & Americans

If France or Racist America Attacks or declares war on our brother and sisters in Niger, then every African country, every black Caribbean country and every African American must unite and go to war against France and Racist America to defend and protect our African brother and sister from colonialism, imperialism, racism, discriminations, oppression and occupation. All black people around the world must pick up arms and be ready to fight abroad and on your home country against those who seek to destroyed and conquered the African Country of Niger.

I am calling on all the African countries in the Continent of Africa to unite under the flag of the United Nations of Africa and fight with everything you got against European invaders, who only seek to turn Africa into a wasteland. Yes, if they attack Niger, then what is going to stop these racist Europeans from Attacking another African country. If Niger falls, then every other African country will fall to the evilness and wickedness of the power hungry Europeans and Racist Caucasian Americans. We are at War my fellow Africans and African Americans with everyone who does not look like us , think like us or suffer like us and for that reason we must be ready to fight and die for what we believe and for what it is rightfully ours.

Remember, The racist Country of France takes the natural resources such as Uranium from Niger and uses it to build nuclear weapons and to build nuclear plants to generate electricity in their country; while, 87% of Niger has no electricity, water sanitation or potable water. Yes, French people are enjoying the benefit of Niger natural resources; while, the Niger people are receiving nothing in returned; therefore, it was necessary for the Niger Military Junta to intervene and remove their Puppet former president Mohamed who willingly gave Niger’s resources to the racist French government of Macron, causing the Niger people to rise up and demand that the French government removed their racist claws from their African lands and their natural resources.

With that said, My fellow Africans, African Americans, Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Latinos, stay alert, vigilant and prepared for war and to defend your brother and sister abroad from any European invasion that will lead to the death of millions of innocent black children, black woman, black elders, black disables and black men. We must fight these Neanderthal cave dwellers and give those bastards a good hammering; even though, we may not wind the war, but at least we will fight them to the last standing black men and black women in Africa and Abroad.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

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