13 Lies About The Pandemic.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) There’s no time to play and no time for rhetoric in covering this topic. So I’m going to get right to the point and go straight down the rabbit hole. Hold on tight, read this entire article, verify for yourself and share the truth of what you are reading now. Many of you will not believe me, and I hope you don’t, at least enough for you to go and do your own research while you are thinking for yourself. If you do, you will run right into the truth of what you are about to read anyway.

Everything stated here in it is protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, and not intended to be medical advice, medical treatment, cure nor any replacement of any of the above.

Now you have to ask yourself if the American medical industry, the regulatory agencies you have been told to trust, the science industry, and your government would intentionally deceive you and deliberately place your health at risk. The answer? They do it all the time.  They did it with the polio vaccine when they added SV40 to it, even though they knew what would happen. They did it with the Tuskegee experiment. They did it with the MK-ultra mind control program (look it up). They even did it when they used biological weapons to experiment on citizens in New York. They do it with the poison pharmaceuticals, the FDA approves, only for citizens to learn later these pharmaceuticals are either being recalled or in class, action lawsuits, or both. They do it with the toxins in the pharmaceuticals, toxins that are often worse than the condition they are prescribed for. Medication’s that cause cancer, weaken your immune system, and may even kill you. Still, so many of you think that is normal, and that there is no other way.

13 Lies About The Pandemic.

All these medical things that can hurt or kill you, acknowledged on your television, while they are distracting you into watching the man with his granddaughter at the lake or the woman out jogging on a beautiful day after taking poison. But it’s time to wake all the way up!

So here we are today yet again. Now it’s time to expose the lies of the pandemic with the light of the truth. The church should have done this, but many of them were too busy taking the shots and arranging for you to get one as well. So let’s get into the lies of this pandemic that the regulatory agencies, news media, and government your trust have deceived you into believing.

1. Lie: The nanoparticles stay in the area where you got the shot.
Truth: They travel to the heart, brain, liver and other organs. And federal government health agencies, new, lipid nano particles were dangerous when they put them in the mRNA vaccines. Furthermore, the agencies you trust have not said anything about extracting the nanotechnology. they are filling you with. Nor what happens if it stays there over a long period of time.

2. Lie: The vaccines are safe.
Truth: The vaccines killed adults and children in the trials. Then the vaccines kept right on killing and debilitating. Proof of more deaths, heart attacks, strokes, seizures, blood clots etc can be found in the CDC/FDA/NIH/HRSA databases, studies and reports – VAERS, NNDSS, MMWR, CICP and VICP. Look them up.

And by the way, all three vaccines contain Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), a toxic waste product generated, or left over from the residue of coal, natural gas and petroleum. how do I know that? Because the websites of all three vaccine companies admitted it. How is such toxic waste safe in your body? Look up the side effects of PEG for yourself, particularly what WebMD says about this poison. But again, so many of you are accustomed to being poisoned by the pharmaceutical medications prescribed by your local doctor or hospital that you don’t think anything about it. Wake up.

3. Lie: The vaccines don’t damage your immune system.
Truth: The vaccines can cause ADE. They also block toll-like receptors 3, 7 and 8 which are the elements of your immune system which stand guard to watch out for invading viruses, simply put. The vaccines also reprogram your immune system to start reproducing the very spike proteins that are in the virus itself. That is why so many people got COVID-19 only after taking the vaccines.

That is also why Moderna calls its vaccine an “operating system with the software of life”. An operating system and software reprogram things. Their operating system reprograms your body to do something it was not programmed to do. You were already born with a customized adaptive and innate immune system which was programmed specifically just for your body. So if a new operating system is injected, it is not programming you, it is reprogramming you.

4. Lie: Everybody in America needed the vaccines.
Truth: In 2020 (during the worst part of the pandemic), without the vaccines, there was still an over 99.5% survival rate in America. At a congressional hearing held in 2023, Dr. Walensky (who was the head of the CDC at that time) actually admitted that 75% of the people who died from COVID-19 were senior citizens or elderly with four or more pre-existing conditions. She went on to say they were already very sick anyway.

Yet the CDC, FDA, media, federal government and other regulatory agencies like the HRSA and NIH made everybody think that we were all at risk for death from COVID-19. That is not what the numbers ever showed. And they knew that. They told you to follow the science, but they only gave you the part that they wanted you to believe, the parts that supported their agenda. You were never given most of the truth and many of you didn’t look for the truth because you blindly trusted the agencies you thought were looking after you.

5. Lie: Young people and children needed the vaccines.
Truth: Young people and children had extremely low rates of death and hospitalization, even when the pandemic was thriving, but the vaccine was not around to be given to them. So the vaccines cannot take credit for this.

And by the way, I checked the Georgia Department of Public Health every week for years during the pandemic. It was also a lie, at least in Georgia, that African-Americans were at highest risk of death and hospitalization. In fact, for years, during the pandemic, not one full month went by where African-Americans were at the highest risk of death or hospitalization from COVID-19. We were NOT the group at the top in Georgia. What about your state?

6. Lie: Practically all qualified and sound minded medical professionals supported the COVID-19 vaccines.
Truth: Many doctors spoke out against the vaccines, including the the doctor who created the mRNA. But they were threatened, and their evidence and statements were blocked from mainstream news media and social media. Even the hearings held by Senators of the United States, exposing the truth were not covered by mainstream media, except C-SPAN. Not to mention all the doctors who quit or were fired because they refused to take and promote COVID-19 vaccines.

7. Lie: COVID-19 was created in Wuhan, China.
Truth: The virus was created in the United States at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and with the participation and knowledge of the FDA. Oh yes, there is proof. They actually wrote a paper saying exactly what they did and how. That paper may be hard to find now, but quite a few of us already downloaded the paper and took screenshots.

8. Lie: All the vaccinated people who were otherwise healthy may be dropping dead or having heart attacks or strokes or blood clots, but it is all a coincidence and not because of the vaccines.
Truth: There are both medical and scientific studies which show a direct relationship between the COVID-19 vaccines and heart attacks, strokes, seizures, blood clots, and the other 17 unsafe and deadly side effects that the FDA had on their website in October of 2020, before the vaccines were even given out. They knew exactly what would happen.

9. Lie: COVID-19 killed over 500,000 Americans in 2020 so America needed to be mass vaccinated.
Truth: Many people died with COVID-19 but did not die from COVID-19. The agencies you trust combined the flu numbers and COVID-19 numbers, making people think if they got sick from practically anything all of a sudden, that they had COVID-19.

And by the way, Dr. Walensky, former head of the CDC, admitted on video that they stopped using the PCR test because it was not reliable. That was the same test they used to tell millions of people they had COVID-19. So come on doctor, were you guys lying then or are you lying now?

Early on the bodies of deceased people who supposedly died from COVID-19 were not allowed to be autopsied and were cremated instead of given to the families. Talk about burying the evidence. Doctors even went on video to say that many people died from the improper use of ventilators.

10. Lie: COVID-19 vaccines were effective.
Truth: If the vaccines were effective, continuous booster shots would not have to be necessary. COVID-19 vaccines and boosters did not stop infection, reinfection, nor transmission. In many cases, the vaccines did not stop death either. In fact, they caused death and caused people to be infected with COVID-19 (breakthrough cases). When so many of those breakthrough cases arose that the CDC could no longer deny what was happening, they labeled them and kept right on going. Never saying they were wrong, never saying they lied.

11. Lie: COVID-19 vaccines were for everybody.
Truth: From the beginning, the CDC and FDA did not say the vaccines were for everybody. They said if you were allergic to ingredients in the vaccines, not to take them. But then the vaccine companies did not tell you everything that was in the vaccines. So how would you know if you were allergic or not? Also, as Dr. Rand Paul pointed out, and now the evidence shows, millions of people who had already contracted COVID-19 developed longer lasting and stronger antibodies than if they had taken the vaccine shots. Therefore, they did not need the vaccines.

The CDC and the FDA played dumb when they wanted to and played like they were experts when it was convenient. First, they said you could not mix vaccines. Then they said go ahead and mix vaccines. First they said not to take the vaccine around the same time you took the flu shot. Then they changed all that. They kept flip-flopping and pretending it was because they were learning more and more about the virus. That was their cover story, and they stuck to it. And many of you believe it without question. Also, just in case you forgot, in January 2020 the CDC released the first set of COVID-19 tests. But what were the tests contaminated with? You guessed it, COVID-19 itself. And yes, HHS admitted that was true.

12. Lie: The vaccine companies were producing effective and reliable products, so you can trust them.
Truth: If the vaccine companies were producing “safe and effective” products, they would not have required complete immunity (exemption from any liability). See the PREP ACT! Full immunity opens the door for no accountability.

Also, if you check the track record of criminal Pfizer and criminal Johnson and Johnson, you will find repeat criminal activity that costs the lives of many Americans and others around the world because of their products. Yet they were allowed to pay their way out of criminal charges that were filed by the Department of Justice of the United States. And Moderna had never produced an effective vaccine, ever.

13. Lie: There is not nor was there any conspiracy to cover up the truth about COVID-19 vaccines, the pandemic and the virus.

Truth: The virus, pandemic and vaccines are the biggest cover-up in world history. The medical industry was given talking points to use. The main stream media, and social media were instructed what guest they could allow and what statements they had to make. The medical industry was told what to think, what to promote and discouraged from speaking the truth for fear of losing their jobs and medical licenses.

Pastors and well-known figures were used in order to get African-Americans to take the vaccines until that backfired with people like Hank Aaron, Jesse Jackson, Jovita Moore, Jamie Foxx and Colin Powell. The government and medical industry followed a written guide of behavioral modification on how to manipulate the African-American community into taking the vaccines.

Everything you have just read can be proven, much of it from the documents, databases, reports and studies of the very governmental regulatory agencies that told you just the opposite and deceived you. Much of the proof was there all along, you just didn’t know where to look.

The biggest promoters, disseminators and creators of false and inaccurate information regarding the pandemic have been the FDA, CDC, vaccine manufacturers, mainstream news media as a participant and the federal government along with the health agencies and the medical industry which did exactly what they were told to do. This was such a massive coordinated conspiracy that it is hard to believe it. But that is exactly what happened and they are not finished yet.

If you took ANY of the COVID-19 vaccines and any other boosters, the two snakes wrapped around a stick (medical symbol staff of Hermes, a thief and a trickster) have deceived you and maybe you are the stick.

Now when somebody dies after taking the vaccines or boosters, you are told is unrelated, and that it is just coincidence. Or when medical studies show deceased people who took the vaccines full of blood clots as long as your arm, you are again told that’s not from the vaccines. Or when somebody’s pre-existing medical condition gets a lot worse after taking the vaccines or the booster shots, the public is told that has nothing to do with the vaccines. More lies. Wake up people!

So think for yourself and stop just blindly believing the agencies you trusted so much that you are ignoring what you are seeing with your own eyes.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

A Free Thinker, who loves to talk about PoliticsReligion, etc. Also, all about uplifting the Black Community even if it doesn’t fit your mindset. One may hit me up at; TrevoCraw@ThyBlackMan.com.