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It Makes Me Wonder.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Two almost 80 year old men are running for president. They each would be within finger reach of the nation’s nuclear code. Is it a possibility that one or both of the men might think the button they were pushing for was a nurse and not the one which would blow the earth into annihilation?

By the way I am forced to wonder if all those who joined with the Antichrist aka the Orange Man in chants of “lock her up, lock her up “ are now chanting ‘“lock him up, lock him up.” Just wondering.

Black Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans, and White Americans - It Makes Me Wonder.

Ron DeSantis, unlike his mentor, lacks a warm personality. He came across at the recent Republican presidential debate in Milwaukee as cold, aloft and angry. He also lacks a heart, morality, decency, and humanity. But what he does have is evilness. An abundance of it.

Then there is Vivek Ramaswamy. Is he 38 or 8? Clearly he was having fun at the debate.

But does the guy have any self control? Is there any conspiracy theory that he believes is not true? Is he running for President of the USA or some college fraternity?

Regarding the debate, when are the media outlets, the candidates and campaigns going to move away from these debate formats that are insulting and worthless to the viewer? How are candidates supposed to provide serious answers to complex issues in 30 seconds or with one minute responses?

“Please tell us in 30 seconds how you as president would address the economic challenges facing the US?”

“Well, I would sit Anthony Fauci down and tell him he is fired.” Great answer, brilliant.

Isn’t Dr. Fauci retired already? Does one man have that much control over the US economy? Perhaps Ramaswamy was not the only clown on the debate stage.

The debate format was especially unfair to US Senator Tim Scott. Being a very slow and deliberate speaker he was only able to get three words out of his mouth before the buzzer rang indicating that he was out of time. Then again, was he just out of time? Or maybe, just maybe he was in the wrong place?

Scott was not the only candidate on the stage that seemed to be at the wrong place. I mean did Mike Pence think he was at an Evangelical church in the midWest?

All that was missing from his performance was a fervent prayer and a couple of hymns. A fervent prayer for his campaign and a couple of rousing hymns to wake the campaign up.

As for North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum and former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson they probably should have gone fishing or done something else since they were unable to get a word in. Then again their campaigns probably should have pooled a few dollars together and gone to Jersey Mike’s and purchased two giant size Big Kahuna Cheese Steak subs and placed them on motormouth former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie podium. It might not have kept him from talking the whole two hours but at least he might have been quiet for a few minutes.

It makes me wonder when the US, the most advanced nation in human history, at least that is what I was taught in school, will have a woman president? It would appear that the US is more like Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran than Israel, Great Britain, Iceland, Canada, Liberia, India, Germany and countless other countries. The latter of which at some time have had a female head of state.

Speaking of school and education, it makes me wonder what teachers and educators are thinking when they come to the classroom supposedly to teach and are dressed like they just finished pumping gas. How are they supposed to impress upon their students that education is all it is cracked up to be when the students dress better than the teachers?

If teachers don’t understand that their presentation and appearance is part of their lesson of what success is, perhaps they don’t need to be in the classroom and in the profession. If they can’t dress to impress their students that they are successful, that education has value and is worth something, perhaps they need to go pump gas.

They trek hundreds of miles sometimes across land other times across the ocean. They come to America, because they have been told that America was a land of second chances.

A land of opportunity. A land where the impossible was possible.

A land where chains are broken and shackles are removed. A land they are told where others who came before them are openly willing to accept them unconditionally as brothers and sisters and as Americans.

A nation they are told that proclaims to the world “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me” as they lift their lamps while holding open the golden door.

So they make their treks across the ocean and over land singing “America the Beautiful.” They come in faith and in hope. Then they see the real America.

America where they are subjected to hostility and prejudice. Where they are confronted with xenophobia, discrimination and hatred. Where discrimination, intolerant, inhumanity and evil reigns supreme and is just another day in the USA.

They came with hopes and dreams. Unfortunately for many as recent events in the demonic Anti-People’s Republic of Texas, and the Outlaw State of Florida have shown, their dreams are just not deferred, but denied and canceled.

They came looking for a new life, a better day. Too often they end up in body bags, another statistic to America’s insanity, hatred and violence.

America, America, “it’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder.”

All those wonderful “patriots’ ‘ who argue furiously against men, women and children seeking a better life from coming into this country. You can even find some misguided coloreds parroting the poison and nonsense.

“They are taking our jobs!” they scream in indignation. “They are taking our jobs!” they bellow with rage. You mean the jobs that you are too important, too unwilling and clearly too lazy to do? It makes me wonder.

Back in the day, two males had a problem with each other. They would use their hands and fists to express their displeasure with the other guy.

Usually, after a few moments the fight was over. The next day you might see them walking or playing together as friends.

Nowadays two, three or more males will attack a single male sometimes with a knife, more often with a gun. Make you wonder if there are too many single parent households headed by women who are producing a tribe of bitches and mutated DNA.

Back in the day, kids didn’t seem to have all these emotional and psychological issues like ADHD and all the other alphabet conditions. Back then kids tended to regulate each other with a couple of quick jabs to the head when someone seemed off.

Back then children had parents who followed the scriptures “spare the rod and spoil the child.” It seemed to work wonders.

Kids were taught to stay out of grown folk business. Adults in turn stayed out of children’s fun, games and lives.

It makes me wonder why right wing numbnuts try to move heaven and earth to pass restrictions on drag queen performers reading stories to children. Yet, will do everything in their power to allow for any unstable person to carry a gun including an assault weapon to massacre those same children.

It is alright, in fact according to the numbnuts, it is their God given and constitutional right to own and carry AR-15 assault rifles, grenade launchers and machine guns. But heaven forbid for a drag queen performer to read a book in a school classroom.

Then again, a drag queen reading a fairy tale is more dangerous than a good ole boy with a gun. It makes me wonder.

I am also forced to wonder from the abundance of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and/or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Two-Spirit ( LGBTQIA2S+) characters and scenes on television and in the movies either the closets were crowded or is something else afoot?

Discrimination, prejudice, hate and violence towards any person or group is morally wrong and cannot be tolerated.

It must be especially condemned by people whose very existence and history has been subjected to such immoral treatment. However, is there such a thing as overkill?

I mean, those who get it got it. Those who don’t get it more than likely have any desire to get it. Just wondering.

If God turns out to be male will He be more sympathetic towards males understanding how merciless females can be towards males? If God is a female, will She judge women more compassionately because She is female?

Will a man who transitioned to a woman get extra brownie points if God is female? Or will it go against the person if God turns out to be a male?

What happens if God turns out to be a Black female.

“Oh, my god. Chuck are you seeing this,” Billy Boy said to Chuck. “This can’t be real. This has to be some weird dream. Waking me up, wake me up!”

“No Billy Boy, you ain’t dreaming. You woke. As woke as you are going to be,” answered Chuck.

“What should we do?” asked Billy Boy.

Before Chuck could respond a voice from the heavens rang out, “get to steppin.”

“Is that Martin, you know from the Martin Show?” asked Chuck.

“No,” came the voice from the heavens again. “I am the ATC, the Angelic Traffic Controller, and you need to move along to the Lake of Fire. So get to steppin.”

“But don’t we get to appeal? Is there no justice?”

“No,” the voice from the heavens responded. “And where you are going there is no justice and no peace, no justice, no peace.”

Speaking of hell, it makes me wonder, will people from the US be the largest demographic group in hell? Will the Germans, Russians and British follow in that order?

While we are speaking of Russians, according to the US intelligence community, the Russians have been using operatives and unwitting US residents to spread misinformation, disinformation and lies on social media websites. The hope is that it will lead to confusion, disillusionment, alienation and division.

It makes me wonder how many of the commentators on websites, who make nasty, vicious, and divisive comments, are Russian operatives pretending to be American citizens? I have to wonder how many are actual partisan hacks?

How many are American born right wing extremists? How many are preadolescent and adolescent youth? How many are just straight up and down lunies?

It makes me wonder when major league baseball team owners are finally going to come to the realization that perhaps paying one player $300 plus million dollars for seven or more years might not be the smartest of ideas. Especially, if the team owner is hoping that one player is going to bring the team the title.

Maybe, just maybe, bringing some young gifted and hungry players from the farm system might make more sense. Perhaps, that might be more prudent and profitable than spending an ungodly amount of money on a superstar who ends up playing half a season and the other half on the injury list.

I tip my hat and give credit to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, “It Makes Me Wonder.”

Staff Writer; Al Alatunji

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