Devout Christians: The Whole Truth of Biblical Creation, Part 1 of 7.

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( Creationism is defined as the belief that the universe and living organisms originated from specific acts of divine creation, as in the biblical account, rather than by natural processes, such as evolution.

Since “young Earth” (scientific) creationism makes the most noise, we will expose them first. They teach that the Earth and universe are only about 10,000 years old, and that Adam and Eve were the first humans God made on Earth.  However, that is both false and foolish.  What about prehistoric mankind, such as the Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon? Did Yehovah create them? Oh yeah, the young Earth explanation is that those groups of humans came after Adam and Eve, instead of living more than 35,000 years ago. However, Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden in 4267 BC.  So their proposition doesn’t make sense.

Devout Christians -The Whole Truth of Biblical Creation.

Here is a second example of their foolishness.  Where did the water come from on the first day?  They always point to Genesis 1:1. However, why didn’t God say “Let there be a water covered planet”, before saying “Let there be light”?  Their whole belief system is based on (Noah’s) flood geology, such as the dinosaurs dying in the flood of Noah in 2611 BC.  They ignore the trilobites and dimetrodons that died in 245 Million BC, before the era of the dinosaurs.

Here is a third example. Young Earth promoters claim to adhere to literal interpretation and biblical inerrancy, but that is false! In chapter one, the animals are made first, and mankind is made later, male and female at the same time.  In chapter two, Adam is made first, then all the animals, and then Eve. Those believers try to use the explanation that Moses puts the sixth day in “more focus”, but that won’t fly.  No matter how much “focus” you put on history, the sequence of events cannot change, unless there is an error.

Using inerrancy and true literal interpretation, in what way can both narratives be absolutely true? It would be that Moses was writing about two different time periods, and two different advents of mankind.  Consequently, that blows the 10,000-year falsehood “out of the water”.  About the only thing that young earthers have correct is that each of the seven days revealed to Moses was a 24-hr day.

We also have various “old Earth” creationist doctrines, such as progressive creationists, theistic evolutionists, gap theorists, day/age, and ruin/restorationists.  Old Earth creationists commit infidelity by teaching that the seven days were long ages, saying God’s days are not our days.  They ignore Exodus 20:11, and say that “God used evolution”.  However, when Yehovah told Joshua to march around Jericho for seven days, did Yehovah mean something other than 168 hours?

Why did Yehovah say “Let there be lights in the firmament” (in outer space)?  It’s because there weren’t any (other) celestial objects in the universe at that time.  Yehovah didn’t say “Let the clouds clear away”!  Old Earth creationists all teach false doctrine about the fourth day, in a failed attempt to explain the scriptures.

It is such a farce when school board members or state legislators bring up teaching creationism in public schools.  Are they only trying to get their names mentioned in the news?  Yes, Biblical Creation should be taught, to balance the monopoly of teaching atheism (evolution).  However, they fail to first consider who in the school system is qualified to teach creationism.  Who understands the Genesis text?  It is disrespectful to the Holy Bible to teach false doctrine and foolishness.

So, what is the biblical truth?  Why is it that the sequence of events concerning mankind in chapter one, is different than that in chapter two?  Are they two different time periods?  To find out, we have to put what Yehovah has revealed to mankind in chronological order.  We start with Genesis 1:1, and go backward.

Genesis 1:1

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the Earth.

That is what the given Word of Yehovah says, but if we were to inject scientific reality, it would say the following:

Four and a half billion years ago, God created our universe, starting with the planet Earth.

Don’t jump to conclusions.  We will address the secular notion that the universe is over 15 billion years old. There is more clarification to come.

In terms of earth years, how old is Yehovah?  Sooner or later, we would say that He goes back to infinity.  All well and good.  But how far back does infinity go?

If our Earth is about 5 billion earth years, that is 10 digits.  What about a number that is 64 digits long, such as nine vigintillion?  Why stop there?  What about a number that has 64 million digits?  Have we reached infinity yet?  No.  So what was Yehovah doing to occupy Himself before He decided to create our universe?  The worlds of creationism and theology never think to go there. A tremendous amount of activity went on before our environment was ever created.  We have to start with the origin of Satan, before explaining our creation.

Our existence has points of origin.  But the realm of Yehovah has no such thing.  It is all infinity to eternity.  God is a creator by nature, or at least that is what He decided to become.   He created millions and billions of creations (universes?), with unknown intervals between, before He decided to create our environment.

He created so many that it became taxing to keep up with them all simultaneously.  So He created more cherubs (archangels with special powers) that would be assigned as superintendents for each of the universes that had been made. Also, after the end of every “creation week” of each new universe, God would then create and assign the new cherub to manage and care for the creation.

At regular intervals, each overseer would report back to Heaven on a rotating group basis and give their report to Lucifer, who would later approach God with each cherub’s account of progress made and state of being.  After many, many eons of receiving the reports from the growing number of administrative cherubs, Lucifer considered his own position as “boring”.  He began to desire to have an assignment as an overseer and watch the progress of beings that God would have created, instead of just being “second fiddle” in Heaven.

Time and time again, Lucifer asked for an assignment, but Yehovah would say “no”, because Lucifer was not created for such a purpose. But time after time after every creation, with a considerable interval between them, Lucifer pleaded for an assignment until God finally relented.  Since Heaven was running out of room, Yehovah would soon construct His last creation and promised Lucifer that he would be the overseer, and that the Earth would be his new home forever. Yet it appears that Lucifer secured other covenants between him and Yehovah as well.

Only now, we arrive at Genesis 1:1.  Consequently, four and a half billion years ago, our Creation Week began.

End of part one.  

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Staff Writer; Herman Cummings

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