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Devout Christians: Stop Your Whining!!

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Most Christians fall into three categories. The first group complains some, offers no suggestions and won’t do anything. They are content to “go with the flow”, compromising to justify staying in their sinful ways. The second group complains heavily, offers little suggestions but hopes and waits for someone else to do something. They want the appearance of being spiritual and being thought of as a church leader without the responsibility of being a spiritual leader/mentor. Then there is the last group who airs concerns, have a close relationship with God, accepts responsibility, puts their faith in action and letting God work everything through them! The first two groups want God on their terms not God on His terms.

Christians - Stop Whining.

Complaining/whining/murmuring helped to keep the children of Israel in the wilderness for forty years, “another time around the mountain”. They had their three groups. The most outrageous was the ones who complained/murmured about God’s blessings and stayed in there sinfulness. Not only living sinfully and bragging about it but they wanted others to join them too! Those were the ones that God punished most of them by death. They could have left at anytime but chose to hang around where the daily provisions of God, (of food, shelter, protection and clothes and shoes that never wore out), was plentiful.
Then there was the next group who was happy to just go with the flow as long as nothing was asked of them. They could be easily swayed one way or the other.

The last group was the ones who really loved God and believed that God would take them to the Promised Land. They were the ones who were ready to take Canaan land. They had the courage and the boldness because they had faith in their God and His proven abilities! But they represented less than sixteen percent of the people.

You have choices. You can do nothing and hope that, with God in control, all things will work out okay regardless what you do. That of course leaves you out of the equation of being used by God for His glory. Making it easy to blame God for ALL of the world’s problems as “God’s will”. And why not throw All of your problems and troubles on Him while you are at it so you don’t have to accept ANY responsibility for your own poor decisions and sinfulness.

God is in control to fulfill His Word with or without your help. He will find someone else who is willing, obedient and loves Him to allow God to work through them. They will get ALL of the blessings and rewards that was meant for you but you didn’t want to, didn’t have time, and didn’t want to change your ways, I’m not qualified, I don’t know how, it isn’t my duty to do it and, and

You can choose to continue to allow yourself to be deceived that the wisest and brightest people in the world will always find the best solutions to our problems. Just go with the flow putting ALL of your faith and trust in man instead of God. Who cares about mankind’s track record anyway? You can choose to follow someone who promises the moon even though you know in your heart that it is all lies. But you will continue to defend them to hide your embarrassment of being wrong. Allowing your pride and arrogance to get in the way of any common sense.

Or you can choose to serve God His way. Ephesians 6:12-13 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.

The flesh against the spirit, good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, justice vs. injustice, sinfulness vs. righteousness and salvation of souls vs. damnation of souls. Notice I didn’t mention Jesus vs. Satan because Jesus has already won that one forever! We Christians have allowed ourselves to be carried off into slavery at the expense of our freedoms. No one likes war but the war is on! The Bible says that we are in an ongoing war. Freedom isn’t free and is worth fighting for! It is time to stop whining and complaining!

It is time for us Christians to do something about our loss of freedoms. It is time to speak up and stand up for God’s Word and His righteousness. It is time to stand in agreement. It is time to stand in alignment. It is time to stand in unity. It is time for America to repent of our sinfulness, compromises, wickedness and turning our back on God. It is time to stand in prayer for our country for prayer is the vital key. Invoking God’s presence, power and authority as He answers OUR prayers to take back our country for God. America is worth “standing in the gap for”!!!

Staff Writer; Steve C.

Can contact this Christian brother at; SteveC@ThyBlackMan.com.



3 Responses to “Devout Christians: Stop Your Whining!!”
  1. Budd Kirby says:

    I was pretty much in agreement with this article until the last paragraph and then it became about the USA instead of our personal life in Christ and in the Body of Christ. I cannot believe that God favors the USA over other nations. Christians should be shining examples of the love of Christ for the world, not for taking back our country. I can find no place in Holy Scripture as it is interpreted in the light of Christ to be about the USA.

  2. Sharon Weller says:

    Just a note to say what an excellent article.
    I believe you pinpointed exactly what\’s going on today. Right now, God is giving us a chance to receive Him into our lives and walk and fellowship with Him, do it now before you can\’t! The Bible, God\’s manual, says that \”we are in this world but not of it\”. Answering His call, or pleading repentance to our Lord and asking Him to direct our paths, with his love and grace, He will. God doesn\’t lie. All we have to do is listen and stay the course. He is my rock and can be that to all mankind.
    Thank you Steven, you lifted my soul!

  3. Vincent says:

    Very good you have narrowed the field to three. A concern which (if not all three) are fertile ground for the gospel. If they all contain fertile soil as the scriptures say then they all are viable ways of walking with God. However, if you are saying only the latter group is fertile ground then that group must realize the commitment and responsibility for walking with God and with man. Freedom’s message, expression, and most of all action is in the hand of very few, (which makes sense). Unfortunately many are just as happy to benefit from another’s success (though they did not contribute to the effort).
    So your message is good. Yet you do know that is the way it is, even in the kingdom. Freedom is not free but only a few are willing to fight for it.

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