Devout Christians: Healing Isn’t Magic.

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( Pain and suffering is a reality in life. It’s hard to sit back and watch someone you love suffer with bad health while they try to invoke some Harry Potter like healing magic. I believe in the power of prayer, and meditation just as much as the next sistah. On Sunday Morning you see people working their way to the alter for prayer. Deep down they are up there hoping that when the pastor lays hands on them some warm feeling overtakes their body as the pain of their illness disappear. If they are in a wheelchair they want to miraculously get up and start running. There is nothing wrong with believing in miracles, that is not how most healing takes place. Sometimes we run into the worse a disease has to offer because we are hardheaded, and don’t listen to no one. We believe we are trusting God and being strong when we keep it pushing or decide to do handle our illness without having any knowledge of what we are doing. Sistahs you are hurting yourself, and your family when you decide to play the magic game verses listening to sound counsel regarding your health.

Christians - Praying Together.

No one wants to be they have to adhere to a restricted diet, deal with certain kinds of physical therapy or heaven forbid suffer an amputation. However, sometimes ladies you find yourselves in these positions because you didn’t find the time to take care of self, and when something went wrong with the body you were unwilling to comply with the medical professionals nor your family. This is a space whereby you must take a hard look at self and be honest. Too many sistahs have allowed their health issues to become a battle of you don’t listen, but God is in control. That is not how this works. It is in this area that too many tend to treat healing like magic. Back to church we go…while making our way to the alter expecting a move of God there needs to be a move of obedience.

Far too often many of us look to religion as a get healed quick solution. However, spirituality and religion require obedience and if we take a hard look at self, we defy God just as much as the doctors. If “faith without work is dead” then there are things we must do to assist the healing process. When we don’t own our part in healing, we find ourselves blaming God, family, and doctors for a down spiraling condition. There is so much more to healing than just shouting Lord Lord heal me now and repeating that making it the reason why you don’t have to listen to anyone that is trying to help you.

It is very understandable that you an get very tired of family constantly reminding you, fawning over you, and fussing at you about your health. They want you to receive your healing. Your family wants you to get well. No, they don’t live with the illness within their body, but they live with the pain of watching someone they love to suffer with pain. It can become for many a traumatic experience seeing a loved one in the hospital, especially in ICU. There is a waiting process that can be traumatic for family when you must have surgery.

Though your family sounds redundant they are trying to appeal to the need for you to take an active part in your healing. If you shut them out or continue to live in non-compliance, they may become desensitized to preserve their own emotional state. The same bible that speaks of healing is the same bible the requires your having a part to play. You can’t just think and pray your way out of sickness.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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