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Black Community: Blacks Fall for the Reparations Gimmick Again.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Anyone in the world is for free money where and when warranted. However, when it comes down to the reparations for Black Americans argument come about, I tend to bat an eye and disagree on the principle of it all. Every election cycle it seems that reparations become a topic and on some Democrats’ agenda item list.

The basis -generally speaking – is that during slavery and some years post-slavery, Blacks Americans were not able to gain the generational wealth seen today among their counter-groups of other ethnic backgrounds. While this is a fair argument, given the complicated historical background and circumstances of the late-1800s and the Reconstruction Era, it is very much impossible to just say – “If you’re Black in America, then you get a check!” Believe it or not, not ALL Blacks in America today can claim slavery affiliation from nearly 200-years ago.

2023 - Black People - Reparations Now.

Some Blacks today will find that their very own ancestors, who were Black, owned slaves themselves. What about the Blacks who were freed and given land, money, and even business(es), but squandered it off, or fell victim to capitalism?

If my great great great Grandparents owned land and it was passed down through the generations and my grandparents decided to sell the land for some selfish reason and lose out on creating generational wealth, maybe got suckered into a bad deal, or simply blew the proceeds not leaving anything for their children and grandchildren, do WE have a right to demand a do over just because we were not beneficiaries of a sanctioned enterprise from centuries before? What do we say or do about the current market of slavery going on today in the form of human trafficking and sex trafficking going on in the US and even in countries in Africa where our ancestry comes from?

Some of our relatives may be current victims of modern-day slavery but we are mum on the situation because “It’s not us!” Many Black people today cannot trace their lineage further than their great grandparents – whom by the way were likely not slaves – so what metrics or standards will be applied to Black Americans today to qualify them for a “Reparations package”?

Oh, by the way, since we are in the era of IDENTIFYING as whatever we want, EVERY PERSON in the United States will identify as Black. Afterall, Black people started humanity out of Africa, right? Will the “One drop rule” apply to paying out reparations?

Let’s just say that every African American who can prove their genetic lineage to slavery ancestry was the only mechanism used to qualify them for this “payment”, what will the amount be? Where does it come from? Is it one-time, quarterly, annually? What is stopping the subsequent generations from demanding reparations once this issue is “paid in full!? Hence, we are having this discussion again post-reconstruction. Can African Americans deal with the consequences and repercussions of the social ills and resentment from other Blacks and ethnic groups that didn’t get a penny or the equivalent thereof? Understand the difference between African American and Black, and there is a difference. To my fellow African Americans and Black people, stop falling for the gimmick that some politician, organization, or BS commission tells you that you are owed reparations and you will get it.

The only thing that will come from it is the fact you will run to the nearest polling booth and check their name and they will smile at the idea of sucking you in their sleep or on their way to the nearest bank to cash that check from the non-profit they created in the name of fighting for reparations for “Black people.”

Accept the fact that we are in a time and space where we must work, save, and build for ourselves and our posterity because it won’t be given to us for free or in any form of some retroactive payment for work YOU NEVER DONE for folks you never worked for.

Staff Writer; Randy Purham

This brother is a Former US Congressional Candidate for the House of Representatives for the state of Alaska At-Large. He is the CEO of Purham & Associates, LLC and Host of Purham & Associates Show on TECNTV.com.


19 Responses to “Black Community: Blacks Fall for the Reparations Gimmick Again.”
  1. Goldfarb says:

    Jewish are one of the reasons civil rights even came to Black people. They were killed right along with black people seeking civil rights. Why do Black have such hate for Jews.

    I guess everyone has to hate someone and Blacks have picked the one group that provide money, people, and lawyers to backup the Black civil rights push to hate. Surprising!!

    Oprah is just as black as you and was right there with you, born about the exact same time as you, she has billions. I see you clearly did not have as much talent as Ms Oprah. That is God’s fault not some white person.

  2. thomas victor says:

    it bothers me when people who do not study US history post opinions regarding reparations for Black Americans. If you studied actual US history, you would know that Reparations to Black Americans have nothing to do with slavery. 40 acres and a mule died with Abraham Lincoln. There is a reason that US war history contains the greatest whitewash in all of US history. White US citizens have no idea of the role and impact of black US citizens in every military conflict going back to the US revolution. The murder of Crispus Attucks (a black man) by the British, launched the American revolutionary war. The case has been made that the North could not have beaten the South without the contribution of runaway slaves. there are stories of black heroes in every war ever fought by the USA. Read up on the original Black Panthers. https://www.history.com/news/761st-tank-battalion-black-panthers-liberators-battle-of-the-bulge

    The best case for reparations rests on the fact that Black US servicemen, who made history in WW2, were denied access to the G.I. Bill. If you study the economic impact of the G.I.Bill, you will find that a significant portion of the wealth accumulated by current baby boomers, can be traced to that one bill. The next case would be stolen oil Royalities going back the 1920s and 30s. Slant drilling was invented to redirect oil Royalities to white landowners. Read THE COLOR OF LAW by Richard Rothstein. It is, by far, the best book on the factual history of how US real estate, the foundation of inherited wealth in the USA, was engineered to make white folk rich and black folk poor.

  3. Be the change you want to see says:

    Reparations: An economic handout in which people who have enslaved no one (and most of whose ancestors enslaved no one) would be forced to pay damages to people who were never slaves. Put differently, in the dubious name of justice for one group, a gross injustice would be done to millions in other groups.

    Yea, that’s not going to happen. Ever.

    The Democrats troll the idea to those dim-witted enough to believe it could happen, but they do this only to secure a vote – nothing more. If that isn’t obvious, then you probably believe reparations will someday happen. Or that bigfoot is real. Or that the earth is flat. Or whatever.

    While it’s easy to make the moral case for reparations, it’s impossible to arrive at a substantive, workable, logistical solution, and therein lies the rub – and the reason it will never happen. Ever.

  4. dcwalker says:

    The Black population has grown by more than 10 million since 2000, when 36.2 million of the U.S. population identified as Black, marking a 30% increase over two decades

    less than 400,000 were brought in as slaves…

  5. dcwalker says:

    1883 The Homestead Act, Prewsident Lincoln gives freed slaves 160 acres of free farmland in the midwest.

    1865 the first republican president, Lincoln, goes to war to free slaves, over 300,000 union soldiers killed, no reparations for their families.

    Obama – Over $1 billion in very low interest loans to blacks who want to start farming.

    Blacks returned to Africa, new country created Liberia….

    Oprah Winfrey, net worth $3 billion, her own network, 5 homes, one worth over $100 million, generous and built campus in Africa for girls who will then educated their children.

    Blacks follow the democrat party who signed off on NAFTA sending 78,000 factories and 5 million jobs out of the US in the 90s, attacking the middle class.

    I’m 77 ..worked in the government 37 years with blacks, some my supervisors. Smart, hard working, made me laugh. If I had to go back to work tomorrow I would want the same people with me. This generation of young people walk around with their hands out….steal whatever they can in stores and have no conscience about taking what doesn’t belong to them….In 30 years we won’t have to go to war with China, they’ll just walk in.

  6. Eugenio says:

    Reparations and Reparations. A term use by racist America every time elections are nearing and the racist Democrats under the Ruling of the DNC will use the idea of Reparations as a tool to manipulate, control, coerced and use the African Americans for their vote and nothing else. Once, this mission is accomplished by the left and even the right, they will go back to the old ways of ignoring, blocking, removing and cancelling any request presented to Congress by the African American community.

    The United States of America gave some type of reparations to the descendants of native American Indians for all the injustices, genocides, massacre, rape, sodomy they suffered at the hands of racist white men and white women who were and still are infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcoming of having small private parts.

    The United States of America gave some type of reparations to the descendants of Chinese Americans who build the intercontinental railroad from the east to the west coast. the Chinese migrants and indenture servants working in treacherous conditions endure a hardship of injustices, killing, rape, sodomy etc.. at the hands of racist white men and white women who were infected and still are infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcoming of having small private parts.

    The United States of America gave some type of reparations to the descendants of Japanese Americans who were forcefully place and relocated to concentrations camps all over the nation during WWII and deprive of their freedom for simply being Japanese. they endure assault, rape, beating, dehumanization, demonization, labeling for a period of 4 to 5 years at the hands of racist white men and white women who were and still are infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcoming of having small private parts.

    The United States of America has given every other race in America and abroad everything they have asked for and everything they have not asked for; Yet, when black people asked for something, the only thing they receive is more promises and symbolism which do nothing to empower the black community. America under Former president Obama and current President Biden have given more money and pass congressional bills and reforms for the Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easterns, Afghans, Ukrainians, untouchable people, Taiwanese communities etc.; but, they have not done anything that is specific and tangible for the black men and black women of America.

    With that said, Racist America will never give anything to black people that could empower and improved the living standards of poor black people living in the inner cities and ghettos of America. Therefore, it is time for black America to separate, segregate and mobilize to prepared for what is coming and for what we should do when the time is right to strike back and take what is rightfully ours by force; even, if it means fighting to the death or the extinction of the black race. Indeed, we will at least die free and never bend the knee to racist white America.

    All African Americans must exercise their second amendment rights by lawfully and legally purchasing guns, rifles, shot guns, ammunitions, bullet proof vest, Kevlar helmets from black owned guns stores operated by black military veterans and former black police officers who are loyal to the black movement and freedom from oppression from these racist Mzungus. Remember there are over 40 to 50 black owned guns stores, over 117 black HBCU’s, over 21 black owned banks and credit unions; therefore, is time to use what is ours and invest in black businesses and deposit our hard earned money in black owned institutions where we will not have a need to beg a white men or a white women ever again for anything.

    Just imagine black America, if 47 million black Americans deposit a $100 dollar bill in a black owned bank or credit union every month for 1 year, that will give our community a monthly net worth of $4.7 billion dollars and in one year we will accumulate over $56 billion dollars. Now, what about doing this for 5 years will result in an overwhelming net worth of $282 billion dollars. Indeed, Black America already have a $2 trillion dollar annual spending power which always end up in the pockets of white , Hispanics and Asian businesses that are syphoning all the wealth away from our black communities. So lets stop this madness and keep that money for ourselves and our black comunities.

    • Eugenio IS right says:

      Eugenio might be right, the few Black women I have been familiar with did indeed have rather large private parts. I mean canyon sized private parts. I am glad to a Black men confirming my thoughts on Black women’s private parts. Now I know my impression was right.

      But I don’t think white women having small private parts is really a fault. It could clearly be a blessing to men who have congress with her.

  7. Larry Mabe says:

    Let’s set the stage for my comments first – I’m white. I don’t feel that there is any real case reparations – there are not any slaves from Africa in the US today. And shouldn’t the blacks in Africa who kidnapped the original slaves and then sold them by the millions be the actual people responsible for the reparations? I’ve always wondered who the blacks in America are really mad at more – the blacks who kidnapped & sold them, or the blacks and whites who bought them? For the blacks in America today, slavery was the best thing that ever happened for them – they are in the US today….. A friend of mine who was born and grew-up in sub-sharan Africa, said that’s even in the 60’s where he was from, most of the people were still living in huts with dirt floors. There was no running water, no in-house toilets, nobody had electricity, or cooling…..
    Contrast that today that the blacks in America today have almost as much wealth as the entire continent of Africa, and by themselves they would make up the 9th richest country in the world. However not all blacks have a bunch of money – they are much like whites – just 5-10 percent at the top own probably 80% of all that wealth. For the poorer people, reparations have become synonomous with winning the black lottery…. And the race baiters have milked this to their maximum advantage…. As long as they keep telling the poor that, “just vote for me, and I’ll get you millions”, they have led the blacks around like the pied piper….. And to a point I can see their dream – most of them are poor, uneducated, ignorant, and simply aren’t capable getting by on their own in today’s society. And the race baiters use this dream to sucker these people year after year, generation after generation….. I forget who said it, but one of the black societal leaders I’ve enjoyed listening to essentially said “don’t forget, but at least half of the people are on the lest side of that curve”…. And those people can’t help but dream and being played by both black & white social justice con artists who really just want to sow more chaos to our society today.
    So no, I don’t think reparations are warranted. And until the black race baiters get rained in, nothing is going to be done to help the blacks societal issues – they’ll just keep screaming fake BS and never actually try to address the real issues surrounding the black community……

    • Vader007 says:

      I like to hear your logic applied to the Jewish people who died in Germany. And please explain to me, since those folks are dead, why were reparations given to their survivors and to this day, still receiving reparations in many forms.

      • Larry Mabe says:

        If you can’t see the difference, then I feel sorry that you. To start with, our country as a government never owned slaves or participated in the slave trade – only a small percentage of the US population, just over 1%, actually owned any slaves – heavenly concentrated in the south – although there were slaves in the “northern” states. The German government – really one sick dictator – AS A GOVERNMENT rounded up the Jewish people TO EXTERMINATE THEM. The early slaves weren’t being exterminated by our government. Now I acknowledge that thousands of slaves died during the sea voyages over the years, and that probably thousands more died during slavery as a result of harsh treatment. But in general the slaves weren’t being killed off enmasse like the German government did to the Jewish people – – slaves were considered a valuable commodity. As part of the Germans punishment after the war, the German people/government had to pay reparations to surviving Jewish persons for loss of properties and over 6 million deaths. If our government had been the actual organizers, buyers, and sellers of the slave trade, then yes, you might have grounds for some level of compensations. But that’s not the case in the US. Individual blacks and whites both bought slaves from other worthless individuals who ran the slave trade.

        • Vader007 says:

          Well, I kinda feel sorry for you being an obedient WS. But my sympathy only extends to a certain point.

          It must be in your DNA, wasting your time trolling websites regarding black people, talking BS, rewriting history, and not having nothing constructive to do with your life.

          • Eugenio IS right says:

            Vader007, the USA government has not and does not now pay Jewish people of European ancestry money, I made that up from thin air. Yes Germany has in the past and to some Jewish people pay some amount for the death in German concentration camps.

            I do not know of any time the USA government had a policy of killing black people. Some persons in the USA have killed black people. Those persons have been part of many ethnic backgrounds , even African ethnic.

  8. Scott Gibson says:

    Modern days slavery, what are you talking about? Which slaves received land and money and blew it? How many black people actually owned slaves? This piece is tragic on so many levels because it’s ridiculous! Every race in America has been given reparations but the ones who have been treated the worse in American history don’t deserve it? I was born in 1969 and I’m like first generation post civil rights which means that 50 plus years ago my family was given the right to vote and equality in a country my ancestors built, over 400 years ago. Nobody is buying what these politicians are selling but to say WE don’t deserve what our ancestors were robbed of is insane. Tell you what new age negro, cause that’s what you are, tell the Jews to give back Israel if it’s not important or no big deal. Matter of fact, write a column about anything Jewish in regards to it and I bet, negro, you’ll be out of work but won’t do it negro.

    • Goldfarb says:

      Jewish are one of the reasons civil rights even came to Black people. They were killed right along with black people seeking civil rights. Why do Black have such hate for Jews.

      I guess everyone has to hate someone and Blacks have picked the one group that provide money, people, and lawyers to backup the Black civil rights push to hate. Surprising!!

      Oprah is just as black as you and was right there with you, born about the exact same time as you, she has billions. I see you clearly did not have as much talent as Ms Oprah. That is God’s fault not some white person.

  9. Vader007 says:

    The writer, Randy Purham, is a walking example of black self-defeatism. It obvious this person has the ambition to run for office again, so he wants to distant himself for the idea of black Americans getting reparations. It’s the same ol tapdance a lot of black so-called leaders jig to. Don’t cause problems and maybe, just maybe, Mr. Charlie will allow me to get a job as a Congressman, or Mayor, or whatever.

    This type of cowardice would have never been uttered among people of Jewish ancestry, Japanese Ancestry or even Native Americans when they demanded, and eventually received payment. I can easily see Mr. Purham now, on some talk show explaining his position while justifying every past and current acts of racial discrimnation against black Americans with a big smile and white teeth.

    • Sharif Dawson says:

      Exactly! He’s a Tim Scott, Clarence Thomas, Larry Elder buck-dancing Sambo type. The kind who goes out of his way to ingratiate himself to his white handlers but he’s gonna find out cooning doesn’t have a retirement plan. Once his handlers finish using him for their purposes he’ll be discarded. These people are the worst among us.

      • Romeo Papa says:

        Can you provide some qualitative examples of your assertion of the man you speak of? It seems that because he and the likes that you mentioned are the very ones that choose to be actual intellectuals and free thinkers from the group think culture of the Black community you have a problem with them. If you were not a slave or a direct descendent of a slave then you are owed nothing in association to slavery. It’s not a difficult concept to ascertain; if you want reparations lay out exactly who were slaves in YOUR family and lay out the economic depravation they specifically endured after they were freed. To say, oh we are Black and had slavery ancestry, we are owed something. It is a very fallacious argument in any capacity.

        • Vader007 says:

          Researching one’s ancestry is not rocket science, personally I have verified family records regarding this issue. Why are there so many anti-black reparations, be they black or non-black people, who are so damn butt hurt about this issue?

          People like Time Scott who don’t want to participate in this, then fine, just stay out of it. Mind your own business and keep it moving.

          • Romeo Papa says:

            Researching ancestry is actually very difficult for many to do. Hell a lot of people in this generation don’t even know who their real father is, let alone tracing something back generations ago before modernized records were kept. You may have verified records, which was probably very miniscule and not very forthtelling, but have you examined the financials surrounding said individuals on if they got compensation, what they did with it, and where it is today? No, you did not, I’ll answer that for you. The reason why the intelligent side of the issue are against it because it makes no sense to any degree and what the second and third order effects will produce is further impoverishment and detriment to the Black community.

            A vast majority of Black America that will get any form of reparations will turn around and put it right back into the economy and the “white man”, be broke by the second year and their posterity will be looking upside their head like “Really?!” Dave Chappelle’s skit from 2003 on reparations is exactly what will happen and worse. I say to the entire Black community who are proponents of reparations: you don’t give a damn about correcting a wrong, or getting what is “due” – whatever that means – what you are looking for is a way to get a free handout to support your materialistic habits and culture in the name of your ancestors that if they were alive today you wouldn’t give two f**** about. Save the “Concerned citizen” for someone like a white liberal who will entertain your BS.

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