Black Women: “Bitch” Will Always be an Insult.

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( Receiving negativity from others is difficult to deal with. Being the object of constant ridicule can have a devastating effect on one’s self image and that of generations to follow. The situation shifts from outside attacks to self-inflicted harm rather quickly. As black women we must ask ourselves if we are willing to remain not only the victim of others, but of our own self-image. We must be honest… the definition of certain words is not going to change. Certain word will remain true to their negative origin no matter who they are used against.  Calling ourselves bitches, or allowing ourselves to be referred to as such will never be positive. The use of this word to “empower” ourselves is deception of the worst kind. A man cannot call us such derogatory names, and a woman ought not either… for the same reason.

Black Women - Talking.

The definition, and foundation, of these words does not change based on if a man or woman uses them. This double standard does not further the cause of gender equality… it’s a hindrance. We must reclaim what is positive in us for our own self-worth, and also for the sake of our children. It can be argued that the derailment of our sons is not only the challenges of our men, but also what’s on the inside of us as the mother. If we would allow ourselves to be labeled bitch, whore, trick… among each other we have told our daughters they are less than, and our sons receive the lesson that it’s okay to speak this ugliness.

Regardless of negative origin there are some women that feel they can empower the word bitch to positive place. Some feel the term speaks of s woman on top of her business that doesn’t have to take negativity from a man. However, because the origin is so offensive there is no positive position that can be reclaimed.

The word bitch has its origin in Old English and was once considered one of the most offensive insults that could be spoken of an English woman. The origin would make its way from England to black women that were enslaved. This term is not one that can be reclaimed. Women are associated with animalistic behavior through the use of the word bitch. It doesn’t matter if rapper artist Trina states:” I’m the saddest bitch”, or if Beyoncé coins: “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation”. There is no positive position that can be flipped… the word is insulting. Period. We must love ourselves enough not to empower each other, nor men, to demean our self-worth.

“The increasing use of “bitch” among women makes it harder to see links between the word and patriarchy. In pop culture and in everyday life, men and women use “bitch” as an epithet against women (and non-conventional men) as well as a means of expressing dominance over a person or object. Women who “reclaim” the term—by declaring themselves “bitches,” calling other women “bitches” in a friendly way, or using the term as a female-based generic—unwittingly reinforce sexism. Unlike the term “feminist,” which is tied to a movement for social change, “bitch” provides women only with false power, challenging neither men nor patriarchy.”

Let us come together, as Black women, to truly empower and uplift each other… and our communities. We don’t have to depend on our celebrities to take a stand when many of them appear to be in bed with large companies. We are not bitches! We must treat each with common courtesy; together we can impact the self-worth of our ladies.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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