Republican Donald Trump: Are Democrats Poking the Bear?

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( My favorite scene from The Godfather 2 is the moment Michael delivers a candid remark to Senator Geary, stating, “Senator, we’re both a part of the same hypocrisy.” That being said, I do not align myself with either the Democratic or Republican Party since they both embody the same duplicity. However, I hold a strong affinity for Mr. Trump.

If I had faith in this political framework, I would undoubtedly cast my ballot in his favor. Nonetheless, it would perturb me to find myself associated with the delusional miscreants who participated in the attack on the Capitol and other white supremacists who venerate the demagogue.

Republican Donald Trump - Are Democrats Poking the Bear.

However, notwithstanding those facts, Mr. Trump is unequivocally the greatest of all time. Despite the so called “illegal” search of his residence, his recent (brief) incarceration, the ongoing 34 count criminal indictment against him… in addition to being on trial for rape, he remains the leading candidate for the presidential nomination, despite being impeached twice! Goodness, he’s had more black folk problems lately than Obama ever had in his whole life. That type of resilience just can’t be denied or overlooked and dear Ole Mr. Joe just doesn’t have it.

Dillon Brooks recently stirred up controversy by deriding LeBron James as “old” a move that ultimately backfired and resulted in unfavorable consequences for him. I have always found it somewhat peculiar that individuals beyond the age of 70 would be deemed the most suitable contender for the crucial position of leading the free world. While I have no qualms about referring to Mr. Joe as old, I would exercise caution before poking and provoking the venerable and formidable orange bear. He has undoubtedly undergone numerous trials and tribulations, accrued a wealth of experience, and possibly even been humbled by recent events (strong emphasis on “possibly”). Or might he resurface imbued with even greater levels of hubris?

I harbor a deep-seated antipathy towards a prevailing ideology that Black individuals must always vote for the lesser of two evils. The notion that “Your ancestors died for your right to vote” irks me to no end, given that my ancestors shed blood and died to secure each of the freedoms we presently enjoy, including the simple act of reading. Singling out one sacrifice amongst numerous others, solely to rationalize backing candidates who are disinclined to advocate for my interests, is absurd. Ice Cube presented a comprehensive blueprint for the advancement of Black America to both the Republicans and Democrats, neither of whom lent their support. However, Mr. Trump did, at the very least, recognize it.

An impartial viewpoint holds immense worth, and my decision not to cast my vote enables me to cherish this privilege. It is far better than blindly endorsing a political party every four years or experiencing remorse for supporting a group that no longer upholds my beliefs. The last time I voted, it was at my mother’s behest to try and stop Mr. Trump from assuming the role of the forty-fifth President of the United States. I try to do anything for her to be happy but were I to incline towards exercising my suffrage in the upcoming election, it is possible that she would express some degree of displeasure.

The words of Mr. Sosa to Tony in Scarface, “I like you Tony, there is no lying in you.” parallel the sentiments I possess toward Mr. Trump. Not that I think he’s honest Abe but there is a conspicuous authenticity within his arrogance and narcissism, which seems to disregard external opinions – a trait he has honed throughout his existence.

The infrequency of such traits in the realm of politics truly sets Mr. Trump apart. Were I to place my faith in the system, I would eschew the pleasantries of politicians and instead opt for unbridled candor. Moreover, the remainder of the globe cautiously oscillates between reverence and apprehension with each utterance or tweet from Mr. Trump. Who else commands such respect?

The question at hand then is whether Mr. Trump harbors an ambition for power that exceeds the bounds of the presidency. Is he covertly scheming to assert himself as an authoritarian ruler, as he has frequently been depicted? Alternatively, will he adhere to the principles of governance following the forthcoming election? These are the polarizing options Mr. Trump presents to prospective voters. However, with the exception of his extremist followers or his possible insatiable appetite for power, it appears that no other candidate possesses the requisite qualifications to serve as America’s representative. Mr. Trump is probably the best quintessential white man in charge.

In summary, I wouldn’t trust a politician as far as I could throw him/her but….Why not let him have his last hoorah and get it out the way.

Staff Writer; Janga Bussaja

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