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Gun Control: America’s Greatest Fear.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) For reasons of spiritual conviction, I have not owned a firearm for the past twelve years. While some may believe that guns are necessary for protection, the underlying motivation is undoubtedly fear. This fear has prevented the implementation of gun control laws in America and may continue to do so indefinitely. The founding of America itself was rooted in fear, as Michael Moore astutely highlighted in his documentary “Bowling For Columbine,” humorously portraying the history of America’s fears through a cartoon. 

The fear of persecution led to the colonization of America, fear of the Native Americans resulted in their extermination, fear of themselves saw witches burnt, fear of arduous work led to the enslavement of Africans while the slave owners reaped all the rewards. The fear of retribution from enslavement then led to the creation of pistols, and later the formation of the KKK and NRA. It begs the question – has fear ever truly subsided?

Gun Control - United States of America.

A few years ago, I was hanging out in the downtown Tunnels of Houston Texas, an underground system for the corporate folks, when an older white guy tried to recruit me for some financial service MLM scam. A fintech entrepreneur at the time, I humored him and listened to his spiel, ultimately declining his offer. During our conversation, he divulged that he could never return to his hometown of New York as he would never part from his guns.

It is imperative that the African American community come to grips with White America’s lust for guns (and power). It’s also worth mentioning here that we live in a time where white men feel as if they are losing control of the country, so much so that some were bold enough to actually storm the Capitol! It is this heightened level of fear that prevents gun control. Columbine occurred 24 years ago and the situation has only worsened since. In fact, Columbine has inspired so many copycat killings, that it has now been called the Columbine Effect. In more recent news, black people are even being shot for accidentally knocking on the wrong door, another testament to a fear ridden society. So…. What are we to do?? 

While some advocate for black people to arm themselves and acquire firearms proficiency, a more intellectual approach must be taken eventually. As Sun Tzu famously stated, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” I opine that alluding to The Art of War while discussing gun control in the Black American community is justified for two principal reasons:

Firstly, no one is ever safe from these random acts of domestic terrorism we’ve seen occur since Columbine. A significant portion of which are aimed at people of color. Secondly, “The rate of fatal police shootings among Black Americans was much higher than that for any other ethnicity, standing at 5.9 fatal shootings per million of the population per year between 2015 and January 2023.” – as reported by Statista.com. Adding insult to injury, there have been instances where police officers have fatally shot black males who were merely playing with toy guns outside or intending to purchase a BB gun at Walmart.

Guns are inherent in the war waged against us! Oppression and firearms have been inextricably linked for centuries… but again, what are we to do??

We follow in the wisdom of Sun Tzu, who said,  

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” 

In America, nothing is more methodical than the execution and imprisonment (enslavement) of black males. We occupy the top spot in almost every statistical category associated with both, and while the reasons behind this are difficult to discuss, they have long been deciphered. By equipping ourselves with this knowledge and the teachings of Counter Racist experts like Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Mr. Neely Fully Jr, and Dr. Amos Wilson, we can familiarize ourselves with the strategies and tactics of white supremacists and strive to avoid becoming their potential targets. Prior awareness of their fear and propensity for violence will influence our conduct in this system.

Despite my lack of affiliation with organized religion, I believe that one can always obtain valuable insights from ancient texts in the pursuit of self-discovery. For it was written in Job 3:24-25, “For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me.…”

We must avoid falling prey to the pervasive fear-based mindset that pervades our society, as it erodes our capacity for critical thinking and can manifest our deepest fears through the law of attraction. Our foremost responsibility is to thoroughly scrutinize the mechanics of the racism game, not only to mitigate issues with gun control but also to dismantle the entire apparatus of systemic racism. Dr. Welsing called this process “Planetary Chess”.  

I can understand you having a gun to protect your family but ultimately, guns will not save us all.

Staff Writer; Janga Bussaja

One may contact this brother at; JangaB@ThyBlackMan.com.



15 Responses to “Gun Control: America’s Greatest Fear.”
  1. Ray Ranstrom says:

    The mechanical comparison of the car and the gun is not entirely equivocal. Proof: Several clips and a M15 will take out a lot more people than a car with a full gas tank can in the same amount of time. History proves this to be a reasonable argument. A wheel gun and an old pickup are equivocal though.

    I enjoyed reading your position. Thank you.

  2. Trevo says:

    As a former detective and retired Director of public safety, I must say that you are completely wrong about the motivation for owning a gun. First of all, it is a right under the second amendment. Second of all, from a practical nature, we have physical armor to protect ourselves, just like we have spiritual armor. Because we don’t just live in a spiritual realm, we live in a natural physical one.

    Protection and preparation based on wisdom does not mean that every single person is afraid. I am not afraid at all. But I still believe in being prepared.

    The Bible does say, don’t fear those who can kill the body, but again you cannot say that fear is the motivation for everybody. Is fear the motivation for police officer? Is fear the motivation for a soldier? Is fear the motivation for a bank to have an armed security officer, when the money is insured? No.

    You have a very limited view that you are trying to project on everybody stereo typically. You cannot say that because you do not know everybody’s motivation know how everybody thinks. For that reason, your article and the premise of your article rather is heavily inaccurate.

  3. Eugenio says:

    Gun control in America will never happen because guns where created by racist white Americans infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcoming of having small privates; in order themselves from other people who do not look like them. In short, white people need guns as their only solutions to keep black people in check and away from them since in a physical confrontations the black men will always be superior in size, strength, stamina and pain tolerance.

    Gun laws where set in place in America to stop black people and to keep black people in check but this has not work since black people and other races have been able to get a hold of guns and ammo legally and illegally by purchasing it from corrupt and illegal white owned gun shops and dealers; Therefore, making new guns laws to stop the violence in America will never take effect since violence promotes economy and keeps people in the judicial system employed.

    Equally important, it is the rights of all law abiding citizen of America regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, creed to owned and possess a legally purchase guns, ammunitions, bullet proof vest and if you state of residence allowed it a concealed weapons permit. All African Americans who are law abiding citizens must make it a priority to own a rifle, shotgun, pistol, revolver, ammunitions, Kevlar, bullet proof vest in your home and place of residence to protect and defend yourself and family members from racist people and or race soldiers with the replacement theory who abuse their powers and use it to killed innocent black children.

    Racist America wants black people to give up their guns and to get rid of it; but, white America is telling white America to keep their guns and buy more to use it against black people. More so, white people have encourage Hispanics and Asians to purchase weapons in order to use it against our black Christian children. In Florida, Governor Desantis have given the green light for Hispanics and Asians to shoot and stab black people to death whenever we raise our voice at them, asked for a receipt in their store after a purchase or when attempting to exchange an item that we no longer desire. Similarly, In California, Governor Newsome has given the green light to the Hispanic and Asian community to stabbed and killed any black men when ever they feel fear or anxiety upon coming across any black Christian men or women.

    So as you can see my fellow African Americans that we are at war with all the races in America and for that reason I am calling on all black men, black women and black LGBT to start purchasing guns, rifles, shot guns and a minimum of 1000 rounds of ammunitions per weapons, a bullet proof vest and survival food for three months to prepared for what is coming in the next few years. African Americans need to join “NFAC” Not F around coalition; as well as NAAGA, National African American gun association and be ready for the war to come because white people are preparing to wipe us out with the help of hispanics and racist Asian men.

  4. ted says:

    yep, some old white guy tried to push some sort of financial BS on me. Typical rederick from the protected class. Yep, need to get some racial narrative going. Considering blacks make up 13% of the population and account for 70% of the mass shooting you are a “brave” individual. Look at the Alabama shooting: bunch of black juveniles got a hold of guns and did a mass shooting at a sweet sixteen party. Black need to clean their houses before casting stones.

  5. Thomas l Van Aken says:

    This is a total garbage opinion.

  6. Don says:

    That is a misleading and racist article. I only know white people. Nearly everyone is a gun owner and they don’t fear anyone. They carry guns for the defense of self and others. I personally stopped three felony assaults thanks to being armed. I also dispatched several deer and dogs that had been injured in vehicle collisions and poaching. GOOD black people need to take up arms. Police shoot black criminals with a rare case of an innocent person getting shot.

  7. CHRIS says:

    Funny how you put the KKK and NRA in the same bucket. In truth they were created by two opposing forces. The NRA was created in order to teach the northern solders how to shoot because the southerners were outshooting them by a large margin. It was formally founded in 1871 on Long Island NY. While the KKK was created by the Southern Democrats. Also, these gun control laws you crave so much are an extension of the Jim Crow era. Almost all gun control laws were designed to keep the guns out of the hands of Blacks in order to better control them.

    • Don says:

      The NRA was formed to fight for gun rights for freed slaves. Jim Crow laws were anti=black and poor white share croppers.

  8. Paul McQuillin says:

    Totally garbage, the problem is that the government is scared of citizens and want to disarm them as part of their plan to establish a socialistic form government. They know that the majority of American will not stand still for that kind of control. Guns were not as problem until the liberals said they were, and the stupid media and mindless drones just followed along like good little subjects. Those with half a mind understand what’s going on, so save your energy and quit trying to tell others how to think!

  9. denny says:

    what a load of crap I encourage all law abiding people to arm themselves race has nothing to do with it how does giving up your guns work out? just ask a native American because the govt.will protect you ha ha

  10. wilbur says:

    no one is perfect proof is Biden

  11. wilbur says:

    im white everyone needs a gun

  12. John Crugger says:

    Blacks are overwhelming killed by other blacks. Welcome to reality.

  13. Adam says:

    I’m not ‘ablebodied’ as you would say, on average. I’m aging. My wife is not either. She’s aging. We cannot physically defend ourselves against malevolence from miscreants. We would be savaged. I don’t like that thought. So, I equal the playing field with firearms (legally).

    Our good friends and dear neighbors down the street, both retired Colonels in the Army (she, a nurse, he, a doctor), met a 22-year-old intruder in their foyer (the doctor had a shot gun) and the perp left post-haste. Two days later, the ‘man’ came back as our friends started to walk their dog. This guy shot them both execution-style, right on their drive-way.

    I have an idea for those who want “gun control” – first, fix human malevolence like this. Then, you can have my guns forever, no charge. Until then, I will be using them, because, yes, I do fear human malevolence.

    Invent “Malevolence Control” and you would usher in gun control, as you call it. Until then, you are never, ever, ever, going to get guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. We’re not stupid.

    Yes, we normal people, with normal psyche, fear human malevolence and we take prudent measures to protect ourselves. It’s the same as arming a military. Indeed, if you have a miraculous ‘solution’ to fix human malevolence, then we could reasonably vanquish every firearm on earth, including from every military in every country. See how silly this all sounds?

    If you really cared about gun control, you could easily have it, once you solve human malevolence. THAT is reasonable. Asking less-than-able-bodied people to forego self-defense while human malevolence remains is like having me place you in a cage with a grizzly and a Siberian tiger and you don’t get a weapon – you only have your fists. What do you have to fear?

    The ‘problem’ with folks like us who like guns, is that we want to remain intact, rather than being a victim of malevolence. Have you got a fix for that? I’d like to know.

  14. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Guns represent man’s natural desire to survive

    The law is lethargic. The police only come after a crime has been committed, and by this time, yet another black body is lying dead on the ground. Psycho-physiological effects have a great deal to do with reluctance to add gun laws. Self-preservation comes before American ideals. The United States is a political and social experiment where we are ideally encouraged to defer our individual disputes to elected, appointed, and employed officials, but we have real doubts about the effectiveness of the authorities as our one and only saviors. People are in the streets protesting the continued illegal killing of black people in this country. The failure of the court systems has made a mockery of the enforcement of African American civil rights. Self-defense is still legal in America.

    We don’t trust the criminal justice system to protect African Americans because their political power is lethargic and responds only after a lawless act has occurred. We know that we’re on our own to be victims or to defend ourselves with guns until the authorities arrive. We haven’t solved the problem of political lethargy. This is a dangerous slowness within which many Americans have been grossly maimed or have lost their lives. I believe that most gun owners aren’t unreasonable fanatics. The appetite for self-preservation is a strong, natural controller of human behavior. The will to live is as natural as sucking in your next breath rather than passing out from a lack of oxygen.

    We don’t have claws or fangs. We compete for survival with other things in nature. The invention of the gun was inspired out of man’s desire to overcome his inferior physical position in nature. Nature’s law of the survival of the fittest also accounts for our hunter-gatherer instincts. Guns help us to maintain our freedom and to stay at the top of the natural food chain.

    A gun is a sacred tool invented out of our imagination and longings to escape the dangers accompanying frail mortality. We longed for a superior weapon that allows us to have control over nature. The gun makes real the superhuman ideas of Western European mythologies relative to patriarchal protection that previously found expression through the telling of ancient stories about the powers of gods, such as Prometheus’ fire, Thor’s hammer, Zeus’ lightning bolt and Poseidon’s trident.

    There is a core of truth about us in these myths. That truth is that we seek to be more godlike by using the tools of the gods in our day-to-day existence. We have uncovered this truth about ourselves by contemplating gun laws. A gun is a machine that can be said to be handed down from the gods to help mankind survive. A gun comprises elements of magic because it is made through using the ancient principles of alchemy later known as applied science. A gun is hypnotic much like a television set, because its effective usage and appreciation requires our complete attention. Firing a gun imparts a human sense of accomplishment. It is easy to misunderstand our psychological and physical dependence on a gun, but the relationships are real, and it is not unreasonable.

    Consider visiting a gun shop to study the various forms of guns, and possibly fire one. Study its symmetry. Contemplate the speed and accuracy of its projected missiles. Feel its power as you squeeze the trigger. Smell its odor and the odor of the gases it emits. Think about the sophistication of its design, run your fingers across its components and feel how it is thoroughly orientated to the human anatomy.

    Is it any wonder why recently suggested changes in gun laws in America were first upsetting, and then defeated? A gun is tied to man’s sense of being and self-preservation just as much as his need to quench his thirst or feed his hunger. Putting all economic considerations aside, the gun is representative of man’s desire to survive his hostile environment. It is a form of accessible security that he can hold in his hand, point like a magic wand and make other perceived things react.

    Ideally, America can be “heaven on earth,” but realistically it isn’t. The current laws governing our freedom to legally buy and sell guns are sufficient. The majority of Americans are still alive, and that’s because we haven’t killed ourselves off with guns.

    America was established through the use of guns.America is still maintained as a sovereign country through the use of guns.The black slave was freed in America through the use of guns( i.e.guns used in the Civil War ). American blacks should never ever get rid of their guns.It is the American black’s civic responsibility to obtain, become proficient with, and maintain guns.

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