Republicans and Democrats: Embracing a new generation of inspiring leaders.

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( Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell is facing one of the most critical decisions of his life: retirement. Having served for nearly 40 years as a senator and seven years as the Republican leader in the Senate, McConnell is now confronted with the inevitability of retirement at the age of 81. While he may be mentally sharp, his physical health is fragile, as evidenced by a recent fall that resulted in hospitalization and rehabilitation, which affected him more than anticipated, according to Senate insiders.

As we all age, our bodies tend to slow down, even for the best of us. Therefore, we must learn to use our minds more effectively, because our bodies may not always cooperate.

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The mere thought of retirement is likely to cause “the Oak” to recoil with regret. He is not accustomed to contemplating this possibility, and there is still much work to be done. Obtaining his current position was not an easy feat and making the decision to retire may feel like a failure to achieve all that he set out to accomplish. However, in the realm of politics, there will always be unfinished business”—no one can ever be perfect or achieve all of their goals.

McConnell’s colleagues are now in a frenzy to identify a suitable replacement who can fill his shoes, frustrate the Democrats, and maintain the same level of effectiveness. McConnell is a rare breed in this regard, and finding someone with his level of skill and experience will not be an easy task. Although McConnell is an excellent legislator, he is an even more skilled politician. He relishes the game of political strategy, and he has mastered it.

At present, there is little information available regarding a possible successor. Despite his age, McConnell is still relatively young compared to some of his much-older peers in the Senate. If he were to retire at the same age as the oldest sitting senator, he would still have another eight years as a senator.

Despite the clear desire among Republicans for McConnell to continue in his role, a larger issue looms in the background: Is the Senate populated by too many elderly politicians? In my opinion, the answer is yes. Both chambers of Congress are home to many octogenarians and septuagenarians, as exemplified by Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer. Even Senator Diane Feinstein, at the age of 89, is feeling pressure to step aside for a new generation of leadership.

And rightfully so—what more do they have to prove or achieve? Holding onto their seats beyond a certain point reeks of arrogance, as if the position belongs to them alone and not to the people they represent.

Now, I’m not saying that about McConnell, but the question is a fair one. What more can be accomplished by someone who has been in power for decades that cannot be achieved through a younger generation of leaders with fresh perspectives and ideas? Passing the torch to a new leader can bring new life to a party, especially as it becomes increasingly populated by younger people who want to see leaders who represent them and their interests. It’s a question that all members of Congress, including senators, should ask themselves periodically.

Capable leaders guide their citizens toward the correct path and inspire us to have faith in the finest qualities of our nation. While America may not require exclusively young leaders, it does need competent ones who can set an example as good policymakers and effective leaders. Regrettably, this could be an area where our country is currently lacking.

Last week’s arrest of the 21-year-old national guardsman who apparently leaked classified documents online sheds some light on the issues persisting in the United States. On the topic, I am somewhere between rage and despair. This case shows that when we fail to have good leaders to inspire faith in our country, its citizens will betray it.

As an American, it is infuriating to consider that another citizen, especially a soldier, would betray their country so effortlessly. It is especially enraging to think about this occurring now, during a time when national security is of utmost importance, given the schemes of countries such as Russia and China. The fact that an immature and mentally fragile individual has access to classified information is deeply concerning, and we must strive to improve our efforts to prevent such incidents from happening again.

We are not safe in this world. Tyranny is on the move, and feels unbridled. That is perhaps worse than the scourge itself. Self-inflicted wounds through intelligence leaks of our own service members should cause us all to shudder as we imagine our enemies using this against us and our allies. We need leaders to inspire us to believe that the shared idea of America is worth more our own greedy self-interest. That the world is not better served with another country at the throne. We need these leaders, and we need them now.

Written by Armstrong Williams

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