Christians: Pastors Who Don’t Know God.

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( I started not to write this article and actually I did not want to. But what I am about to say needs to be said, and if I keep quiet, I become a complicit part of the problem instead of part of the solution. Therefore, as the truth wells up in me, I have to speak. Even though some of you will say I am “judging”, I know many of you say that because you like your pastors, no matter what they teach and the poor examples they set. You will protect them, even if they are sitting on satan’s lap. You know it and I know it. Nevertheless you will not be able to say you have not been told the truth today.

Some of you will say “what gives the author of this article the right to make such statements”? Others will dismiss what I say here and what they know is true by calling it my opinion. Anything to avoid facing the truth about all these ungodly so-called “pastors” and self-made “apostles” who are largely (if not all) about themselves. People who stand in the pulpits of America, deceiving the sheep and fleecing the flock every week while the people adore them and treat them as if they walk on water. Well they don’t. What gives me the right? The Bible commands me (and you) to mark and expose them. The Bible said to try the spirits. The Bible tells me how. And I am going to follow those instruction, whether any of you do or not.

Christians - Pastors Who Don’t Know God.

Many (not all) of these men and women who inhabit the pulpit have exalted themselves above correction, or so they think. Members dare not correct them. Outsiders are pushed away. And day after day, men and women not of God continue to deceive the hearts of the simple. The simple with itching ears who heap to themselves teachers full of comfortable lies, nonsense and false promises. But this time I am not going to start off by calling out Creflo “man of God but confused and deceived by Kenneth Copeland” Dollar, former false teacher Fred Price Sr., T.D. Fakes, Paula “sleep with married Benny Hinn” White, Dale “put your name on everything to promote yourself Bronner, Peter “sucker you with free spring water packets” Popoff, Juanita “profit-ess with serious mental issues” Bynum nor Joel “Don’t Worry Be Happy” watered down Gospel Osteen. Come on people, stop falling for the show. Well I guess I did call them out.

This time heading my list of those who use the Bible yet don’t know God is Gino Jennings. Apostle, pastor or whatever he is calling himself this year. Who made him an “apostle” anyway? It seems nowadays when a pastor gets “important” enough, has enough deceived loyal zombie followers and has enough friends in other pulpits, suddenly that “pastor” becomes an “apostle” or a “bishop”. By what authority? His or her friends and deceived followers? Give me a freakin break. People please tell me so many of you who follow these clowns are not that gullible.

Why do I say these people do not know God? First because of more scriptures which expose them than I have time and space to cover in this article. The short of it? Their personal agendas, their fruit, their character, their twisting and distorting of scripture and their promotion of themselves by stealing God’s glory for themselves, all while using the Bible to do all of the above and still sleep at night. Secondly, if they really knew God, they would know what can happen to them when they mislead the sheep, the congregation, the members and/or God’s children. It would be better that they had never been born, and yes I know the context of the verse I just quoted. Still the point is the same and there are even more reasons.

When a minister knows God, he (or she) also knows the lessons of scripture regarding willful ignorance, novices teaching, misleading people, adding or taking away from the Word of God, stealing God’s glory and using it for self-promotion, rejecting correction, shaming those who try to bring correction, spiritual pride, lacking humility, thinking more highly of yourself than you should and the list goes on. Anybody who knows God dare not play with Him, the message, the mission nor His children. And all you people listening to these fakes need to stop protecting them and start exposing them (Romans 16:17-18).

Just because a man or woman quotes from the Bible, that does not mean he or she is of God. And just because a man (or woman) can twist the scriptures to make his presentation sound authentic and accurate, that does not mean that it is. Notice, in the Garden of Eden, the serpent had no problem discussing the very Word that God used, twisting the message and deceiving the woman now known as Eve. Today there are far too many serpents in pastor, teacher or apostle clothing. People go to church to get their understanding of the Bible from the pastor instead of studying for themselves as God commands all of us to do. And therein lies the opening that false teachers, fake pastors and self-made apostles can squeeze through.

Back to Gino Jennings as an example. The devil is in the details of his presentation character. Promoting himself without calling his own name. Shaming those who challenge him, whether they are right or wrong. Fire and brimstone condemnation of them, even though there is NO condemnation in Christ. A brutish approach that pushes away those who challenge him instead of bringing them closer to God. That is not righteous indignation. That is not God. That is not spiritual rebuke. That is not speaking the truth in love. That is the spirit of Gino Jennings, not the Holy Spirit. Look on YouTube and see for yourself.


The reason many of you cannot spot these fakes is because you are so busy being mesmerized by them that you refuse to try the spirits on what you are hearing. Or you don’t know how to. Or you have been shut down because you were told you “were judging”. All of the above are tricks of the trade used by pulpit snakes and minister fakes to silence the truth. And what do many of you do? Find a way to make whatever he or she says fit, squeezing a square peg into a round hole because you like and respect the snake in the pulpit.

For some reason, quite a few of you have the idea that satan and his snake pit crew cannot set foot in the pulpit. Where is that written? You think if satan’s recruited ministers quote from the Bible, their tongues will burn. Where is that written? You think that a sizeable church building and a “powerful” message must mean a man of God is preaching. Where is that written? I suggest you go back and read about the Pharisees and Sadducees of the Bible. Christ told them they were making people twice the sons of Hell that people were before they got involved. I suggest you go back and study the thief that comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10). In context, it is not satan. It is the false minister who desserts the sheep when the wolf (satan) comes. I suggest you study the Bible for what it says, not for what snake pastors, false prophets and fake teachers tell you it said. When it comes to your spiritual well-being, this is not the time to be lazy nor to let the “pastor” think for you.

The Bible tells me to speak from that which I know. Well I know how to try a spirit (1 John 4:1-5). I know how to spot a fake. I know what the Bible says about exposing and avoiding them, not just praying for them. I know what a reprobate mind is and how to spot one. I know the difference between judging and relaying that which God has already judged as evil, contrary to the Word of God and not of Him. I know what the Bible says about correction. I know the difference between error and willful deception. But do you know?

How did satan come to control, manipulate, deceive and use the snakes that inhabit the pulpit? Because they were not ready to let go of their ways, their agendas and their fears. So satan found something that appealed to them and used it to control them. Fear, popularity, spiritual pride, wealth, respect or a dozen other things or more which dwelled in the despitefully wicked hearts of people never called of God to stand in the pulpit. Sound like a hard statement to swallow? The truth usually is and when personal agendas get in the way, the mission is lost.

Don’t you find it odd how most “pastors” and “apostles” never teach you how to spot the minister snakes and pulpit fakes? Clearly the methods are in the Bible and the command to do so is there too. Ask yourself what these so-called “powerful and anointed” men and women are afraid of. Why do they seem to fear you thinking for yourself without being under their control? Why do they have to create your dependence on them to give you enlightenment? Does the Bible ask how can you hear without a preacher? Yes, but that is a question. Not a statement which says you cannot hear or know without a preacher. And if you answer the question, you will find you can know, connect with and learn from God in many ways without a preacher. So while I am not saying preachers are unnecessary, I am saying you need to understand their mission, their limitations and how to spot the fakes.

I know these things according to scripture, but do you? Or are you content to simply go along to get along, preferring not to stand out and not to make waves? If you are, know this. If Christ had been that way, He would never have been seen as a stumbling block and a rock of offense. They would never have put him on the cross if He was full of compromise, fear, silence and trying to fit in. And without the Anointed One having gone to the cross, you know where that would leave all of us.

Charity begins at home but know that judgement begins at the house of God. If the blind keep leading the blind while both fall into the ditch, the laborers for the mission field will become less and less. If they church cannot even get these motes out of its own eye, how will the church correct those who are not within? It won’t. Yet so many of you are fine with that? Why? My suggestion? Stop playing man-made religion, take up your cross, let the mind that is in Christ also be in you, be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Shake off the fear. Speak up. Call out. Expose. Rebuke. Walk away from the snakes and fakes. But if they know you won’t, they will go right on doing what they are doing. Figuratively speaking, busting Hell wide open and trying to take some of you with them in the process.

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