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Christians: Pastors Who Don’t Know God.

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( I started not to write this article and actually I did not want to. But what I am about to say needs to be said, and if I keep quiet, I become a complicit part of the problem instead of part of the solution. Therefore, as the truth wells up in me, I have to speak. Even though some of you will say I am “judging”, I know many of you say that because you like your pastors, no matter what they teach and the poor examples they set. You will protect them, even if they are sitting on satan’s lap. You know it and I know it. Nevertheless you will not be able to say you have not been told the truth today.

Some of you will say “what gives the author of this article the right to make such statements”? Others will dismiss what I say here and what they know is true by calling it my opinion. Anything to avoid facing the truth about all these ungodly so-called “pastors” and self-made “apostles” who are largely (if not all) about themselves. People who stand in the pulpits of America, deceiving the sheep and fleecing the flock every week while the people adore them and treat them as if they walk on water. Well they don’t. What gives me the right? The Bible commands me (and you) to mark and expose them. The Bible said to try the spirits. The Bible tells me how. And I am going to follow those instruction, whether any of you do or not.

Christians - Pastors Who Don’t Know God.

Many (not all) of these men and women who inhabit the pulpit have exalted themselves above correction, or so they think. Members dare not correct them. Outsiders are pushed away. And day after day, men and women not of God continue to deceive the hearts of the simple. The simple with itching ears who heap to themselves teachers full of comfortable lies, nonsense and false promises. But this time I am not going to start off by calling out Creflo “man of God but confused and deceived by Kenneth Copeland” Dollar, former false teacher Fred Price Sr., T.D. Fakes, Paula “sleep with married Benny Hinn” White, Dale “put your name on everything to promote yourself Bronner, Peter “sucker you with free spring water packets” Popoff, Juanita “profit-ess with serious mental issues” Bynum nor Joel “Don’t Worry Be Happy” watered down Gospel Osteen. Come on people, stop falling for the show. Well I guess I did call them out.

This time heading my list of those who use the Bible yet don’t know God is Gino Jennings. Apostle, pastor or whatever he is calling himself this year. Who made him an “apostle” anyway? It seems nowadays when a pastor gets “important” enough, has enough deceived loyal zombie followers and has enough friends in other pulpits, suddenly that “pastor” becomes an “apostle” or a “bishop”. By what authority? His or her friends and deceived followers? Give me a freakin break. People please tell me so many of you who follow these clowns are not that gullible.

Why do I say these people do not know God? First because of more scriptures which expose them than I have time and space to cover in this article. The short of it? Their personal agendas, their fruit, their character, their twisting and distorting of scripture and their promotion of themselves by stealing God’s glory for themselves, all while using the Bible to do all of the above and still sleep at night. Secondly, if they really knew God, they would know what can happen to them when they mislead the sheep, the congregation, the members and/or God’s children. It would be better that they had never been born, and yes I know the context of the verse I just quoted. Still the point is the same and there are even more reasons.

When a minister knows God, he (or she) also knows the lessons of scripture regarding willful ignorance, novices teaching, misleading people, adding or taking away from the Word of God, stealing God’s glory and using it for self-promotion, rejecting correction, shaming those who try to bring correction, spiritual pride, lacking humility, thinking more highly of yourself than you should and the list goes on. Anybody who knows God dare not play with Him, the message, the mission nor His children. And all you people listening to these fakes need to stop protecting them and start exposing them (Romans 16:17-18).

Just because a man or woman quotes from the Bible, that does not mean he or she is of God. And just because a man (or woman) can twist the scriptures to make his presentation sound authentic and accurate, that does not mean that it is. Notice, in the Garden of Eden, the serpent had no problem discussing the very Word that God used, twisting the message and deceiving the woman now known as Eve. Today there are far too many serpents in pastor, teacher or apostle clothing. People go to church to get their understanding of the Bible from the pastor instead of studying for themselves as God commands all of us to do. And therein lies the opening that false teachers, fake pastors and self-made apostles can squeeze through.

Back to Gino Jennings as an example. The devil is in the details of his presentation character. Promoting himself without calling his own name. Shaming those who challenge him, whether they are right or wrong. Fire and brimstone condemnation of them, even though there is NO condemnation in Christ. A brutish approach that pushes away those who challenge him instead of bringing them closer to God. That is not righteous indignation. That is not God. That is not spiritual rebuke. That is not speaking the truth in love. That is the spirit of Gino Jennings, not the Holy Spirit. Look on YouTube and see for yourself.


The reason many of you cannot spot these fakes is because you are so busy being mesmerized by them that you refuse to try the spirits on what you are hearing. Or you don’t know how to. Or you have been shut down because you were told you “were judging”. All of the above are tricks of the trade used by pulpit snakes and minister fakes to silence the truth. And what do many of you do? Find a way to make whatever he or she says fit, squeezing a square peg into a round hole because you like and respect the snake in the pulpit.

For some reason, quite a few of you have the idea that satan and his snake pit crew cannot set foot in the pulpit. Where is that written? You think if satan’s recruited ministers quote from the Bible, their tongues will burn. Where is that written? You think that a sizeable church building and a “powerful” message must mean a man of God is preaching. Where is that written? I suggest you go back and read about the Pharisees and Sadducees of the Bible. Christ told them they were making people twice the sons of Hell that people were before they got involved. I suggest you go back and study the thief that comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10). In context, it is not satan. It is the false minister who desserts the sheep when the wolf (satan) comes. I suggest you study the Bible for what it says, not for what snake pastors, false prophets and fake teachers tell you it said. When it comes to your spiritual well-being, this is not the time to be lazy nor to let the “pastor” think for you.

The Bible tells me to speak from that which I know. Well I know how to try a spirit (1 John 4:1-5). I know how to spot a fake. I know what the Bible says about exposing and avoiding them, not just praying for them. I know what a reprobate mind is and how to spot one. I know the difference between judging and relaying that which God has already judged as evil, contrary to the Word of God and not of Him. I know what the Bible says about correction. I know the difference between error and willful deception. But do you know?

How did satan come to control, manipulate, deceive and use the snakes that inhabit the pulpit? Because they were not ready to let go of their ways, their agendas and their fears. So satan found something that appealed to them and used it to control them. Fear, popularity, spiritual pride, wealth, respect or a dozen other things or more which dwelled in the despitefully wicked hearts of people never called of God to stand in the pulpit. Sound like a hard statement to swallow? The truth usually is and when personal agendas get in the way, the mission is lost.

Don’t you find it odd how most “pastors” and “apostles” never teach you how to spot the minister snakes and pulpit fakes? Clearly the methods are in the Bible and the command to do so is there too. Ask yourself what these so-called “powerful and anointed” men and women are afraid of. Why do they seem to fear you thinking for yourself without being under their control? Why do they have to create your dependence on them to give you enlightenment? Does the Bible ask how can you hear without a preacher? Yes, but that is a question. Not a statement which says you cannot hear or know without a preacher. And if you answer the question, you will find you can know, connect with and learn from God in many ways without a preacher. So while I am not saying preachers are unnecessary, I am saying you need to understand their mission, their limitations and how to spot the fakes.

I know these things according to scripture, but do you? Or are you content to simply go along to get along, preferring not to stand out and not to make waves? If you are, know this. If Christ had been that way, He would never have been seen as a stumbling block and a rock of offense. They would never have put him on the cross if He was full of compromise, fear, silence and trying to fit in. And without the Anointed One having gone to the cross, you know where that would leave all of us.

Charity begins at home but know that judgement begins at the house of God. If the blind keep leading the blind while both fall into the ditch, the laborers for the mission field will become less and less. If they church cannot even get these motes out of its own eye, how will the church correct those who are not within? It won’t. Yet so many of you are fine with that? Why? My suggestion? Stop playing man-made religion, take up your cross, let the mind that is in Christ also be in you, be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Shake off the fear. Speak up. Call out. Expose. Rebuke. Walk away from the snakes and fakes. But if they know you won’t, they will go right on doing what they are doing. Figuratively speaking, busting Hell wide open and trying to take some of you with them in the process.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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50 Responses to “Christians: Pastors Who Don’t Know God.”
  1. Rickey Young says:

    : The Borge next. Judgement comes. Look at Linda Rika YouTube testimony. Six hours in hell two hours in Heaven. Never changed pants on women. 18 different women on YouTube Facebook without covered head and long dress they could not go to Heaven. Men never wear long dresses. 3 preachers eligible for Heaven out of five million people. Unless they read the Bible only word for word only just his word only not his preacher. They changed the law in America. A woman can marry a woman. The Lord Jesus The Christ never changed the Bible. 1 woman in Heaven for every 2,000 men. Matthew 22:11-13 clothing only keeps a man from Heaven.

    Zephaniah 1:8 they were judged by their garments clothing. A man can marry a man. The Lord appears and speaks to her family and later she speaks to the Lord Jesus The Christ after her 6 hours in hell. If you believe it is not possible you should believe that the Holy Bible (KJV) never changed. Ask him.

    Lord is it you in the dream? Lord am I eligible for Heaven? Lord who is Lord? He called your clothing an extension of your heart. Pants on women “The clothing of Jezebel. The spirit of the Antichrist in the church.“ Perfume makeup jewelry or pants on women kept people from Heaven. The nun in the horrific Catholic Church covers her hair and wears a long dress like his mother Mary. In one dream I see women wearing pants grow mustaches as they walk towards me to dance. In another dream I see my mother who died in her pants trying to pull them up as she tried to leave hell.

    My mother followed the lying Baptist preacher who told his church that God was not against abortion. A man is not a woman. A woman is not a man. Many lying and most believe the many different lies . Everyone not following the Bible only was in hell.

    Please pray without ceasing until The Lord stops you. He lives. Most people never ask him. When you think about this ask what does a real man look like wearing a long dress? A 2d rapture dream. 1, 2, or 3 people out of the entire world go to Heaven. I am not God. Please call on the Lord before you die. They have watered down his word. Most do not work for The Lord Jesus The Christ. No pants on any woman in your Bible. Never. He called pants on women, “The clothing of Jezebel. The Spirit of the Antichrist in the Church.” When you laugh try to recall what your grandma wore. The Lord says, “I never put pants on a woman.” Ask him. 7 times in the Old Testament he put pants on men never on women. Ask him. My sheep hear my voice. Very few sheep. Joe Biden is dead. Obama the Son of Perdition is in charge.

    The Lord told Putin to destroy America. Ask God. No women pants in your Bible. None. Always ask God. I guarantee that if you pray with honesty and humility he will answer. Many disagree with the Bible only word for word only just his word only. I again guarantee. Very few people follow The Lord Jesus The Christ. I am not upset about calling me anything but late for dinner. His way is the Holy Bible (KJV) only. The Catholic Pope, Billy Graham, Joyce and many smaller and larger churches have a problem with the Bible only. The Lord never changed. You can not add to or take away from his word.

    When you find time look at the many testimonies about an entire church missing Heaven. Even if you do not believe the testimony you can not disagree with the Bible only. I do not believe I am better than anyone but please understand that many were lying. And always know that few real men wear long dresses.

  2. Herbert Dale Lilly says:

    Great article! Truth is true, always. Dale

  3. Michelle says:

    We are to test the Spirit of Truth so we know, and to ask for wisdom which God will give freely. Excellent article

  4. Raymen says:

    Yes, as I experience also. True Christian believers must bear each other’s burdens.

  5. sandi says:

    hmmmm… a confirmation and answer to prayer. i have experienced much of what has been expressed in this article, begging the Lord to show me the truth since many of my “christian” friends remain silent, complacent, indifferent, etc., causing me to second guess myself…truly satan at work!

    when the Church decides they want to be delivered from the spirit of fear and ignorance, they may once again become the Church as it was meant to be! we are ambassadors and our purpose here is to preach the whole counsel of God without compromise, call out sin no matter what arena it has been dragged in to and prepare Gods people for what is to come, fulfill the Great Commission, baptize all nations and preach the Gospel at all costs. if the voices of Church were louder they would have “out-influenced” this godless culture. instead, they told us Jesus wasn’t welcomed in the schools, govt bldgs, hospitals, places of business, public square and soon our homes.

    we complied and said… “ok”. the Church is weak, satan loves it when we sit in our bible studies, prayer groups and in church services refusing to get out into the community/world and do what we were put here to do. come, Lord Jesus, come! more sermons needed from the books of Kings and Chronicles to teach spiritual warfare vs. political warfare. lack of understanding that God chooses the “kings” we deserve based on our obedience to His Word. many christians are so decieved to believe that it is all going to be good when a different political party is voted in. we are witnessing DEBASED minds. may God have mercy on us all!

  6. Thank God Almighty for you and your writings. Please, please contact me as soon as possible for further discussion. You are Gods answer to my prayers.

  7. Claude Holloway says:

    When I was a preacher, I found that I could lie in the pulpit but not in the barber shop!

  8. Trevo Craw says:


    Keep in mind I used Gino as an example to illustrate a point and I did name several others. My article was not about Gino Jennings.

    For those of you with a rebuttal, many of your rebuttals did not address the key areas I mentioned regarding Gino Jennings.

    1. What if you were raised to listen to Gino? You were raised to listen to him, which means your assessment is biased, not objective. Though I give you credit for at least going to review him on Youtube, if you did. Subjective analysis almost never gives an accurate assessment. And because my barometer is the truth, I remain objective.

    2. The truth is not to be given in any type of way. The Bible speaks about sharing the truth in love. The word of God must be delivered with wisdom and discretion, lest the communicator cast a stumblingblock before those he is trying to reach. Therefore, my next point.

    3. It is not enough to speak the truth. It must be delivered with the right intent of the heart. And since out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, we can conclude that Gino has some issues there. I fully understand open rebuke and righteous indignation, but that is not the spirit in which Gino delivers his messages to those who challenge him.

    I reference Stephen in the Bible who was a serious debater. The goal of the debate when it comes to the things of God is not winning the debate, that would be man’s ego. The goal is to win souls because he who wins souls is wise, according to scripture.

    4. Gino Jennings promotes and flaunts his knowledge of scripture without the humility that needs to come along with such knowledge. And that is spiritual pride, not of God. Yes I have the gift of Discerning of Spirits and that operates without bias. Thus I don’t care if it was my best friend or a relative, the truth is the truth. People who know me know me to be the most objective person they know because I let the truth, fats and evidence speak for themselves. Let God be true and every man a liar, in context of course.

    5. Godly debate should challenge, yes. But not shame. Not seek to offend. Not boast and promote self. Not seek to show off and not thrive on the ignorance of those you are trying to reach. Gino Jennings does all of the above, whether he is speaking the truth or not. That is not God.

    6. Then there is the issue of correction, Gino is so busy looking at where he is right (ego and pride), that he misses that he should stay correctable himself. The Bible tells us whomever loves discipline also loves knowledge. But whomever hates correction is stupid (Proverbs 12:1).

    7. I could debate Gino all day long and likely win. But to what end? Pride? No thank you. Ego? No thank you. I was a professional debater and the youngest intercollegiate debate judge in the country at one time. Trophy after trophy after trophy when I debated in college. I coached several professionals and politicians in debate prep. And I have an extensive background knowledge of scripture. But NONE of that promotes God and the winning of men’s souls.

    8. Godly debate is about enlightenment so both parties or all parties might go back and think, learn, be corrected and grow. It is not about how many Jehovahs Witnesses and NOI people Gino Jennings can crush with his “knowledge” of scripture.

    Jenning’s delivery is confrontational and that pushed people away and causes animosity. That is not God, that is Gino.
    So don’t just look at what he is saying. Look at how he is saying it. And since we know a spirit by its fruit, the fruit of vain disputations, ego, animosity and promotion of self pridefully is clearly not the fruit the Holy Spirit seeks to bare in the life of the believer.

    TOO MANY OF THESE PASTORS ARE PLACING THEMSELVES ABOVE CORRECTION AND TOO MANY OF THEIR FOLLOWERS ARE SCARED TO CORRECT THEM! I try the spirits to see if they are God because in scripture I am commanded/directed to do so. I mark them which causes offenses contrary to scripture and avoid them, instead of just shutting up because people want to call that judging. My Father judges and as His child, I relay the message.

    Trevor Crawford.

  9. Pamela White says:

    THANK YOU!! I have been saved since 1971 and have seen the church morph into the mess you described in your article. I started and exited the Shepherding movement and watched it become the NAR – New Apostolic Reformation that has gripped so much of the world with its emphasis on 5 fold ministry – especially apostles and prophets. You can become one of them if you attend a weekend conference and pay $500.00 bucks. They merchandise the gospel off the backs of the poor and have a Ponzi system that any conman would envy. They have so much extra biblical teaching that it is sickening. Read Holly Pivecs book on them. Your article was right on. Mark and avoid!

  10. sheryl says:

    Thank you for pointing out what needs to be said. It is long past time that Christians started reading and studying the bible instead of getting it spoon fed to them. IT is long past time that we started walking our talk instead of judging and hating non-Christians. It is long past time that we began to test the spirits.

  11. Joel Aldape says:

    I appreciate and agree with your article. I believe the pastors you describe are in the minority and the majority fear, love God, and preach the Biblical truth; however, those in sheep’s clothing are doing great harm to Christianity.

    • Victor says:

      No. They are not in the minority! Even now, they are in cahoots to get a snake re-elected and to change laws against people that are not in the fold. The work these pastors are supposed to be doing-to bring in the sheep and convert the lost and save souls-that is gone by the wayside in the christians and religions attempting to grab power and wealth and subjugate the people, to step on their neck and milk them of their freedom. Every word this writer put down is what I have been watching for years. It is why I left the church decades ago when I used to teach children’s church and watched all the secular activity within a church I loved and finally parted with. I’m watching people turn a blind eye to the bible and make laws against those that are not in a proper relation with the church and kneeling to their authority. But the blind cannot lead the blind. enuff..don’t rationalize-open your eyes!

  12. James Thompson says:

    I totally agree with every word said. the word says that the holy spirit is our teacher not man. A recommendation A Pastor that loves the word of God and loves the Lord and His word and teaches it correctly Gary Hamrick, Cornerstone Chapel. Leeseberg Virginia. teaches the entire Bible 10 years to go through it book and chapter by chapter. with lots of prayer the Lord led me to Gary Hamrick. I airplay his Archives every day. He is not like anyone you have ever heard or watched. You will learn the truth of God’s Word. The sad part is I hand out and put cards in grocery store bags. hoping people will listen to a great teacher of the word but most won’t take the time. I have a theology degree, but his teaching is much more than I ever learned getting my Bachelor’s degree. He’s not afraid to tell the truth. I pray that you will tune him in. My God bless You.

  13. Diane Quinn says:

    Thank you for this. Having just graduated the seminary in 2018, I was astounded when a couple of my pastor/teachers suggested quite adamantly that I give up my KJV for another translation, because “we don’t dance waltzes anymore” and that I needed to upgrade. I didn’t, of course. I wasn’t ordained…I was called at age 30 to “read my bible” and I have for over 30 years. I am non denominational and work with the homeless in my city. We have an NAR megachurch here, deeply involved in local politics and one of the main “prophets” writes that poverty is demonic, so you gotta pray away the evil of drug abuse, domestic violence and other social ills due to economic disparity. They do little to assist the situation. The head apostle spends alot of time showing off his expensive goods on IG and seemingly is at total peace, despite losing his wife last year to cancer, when his “theology has no room for sickness”…his words, not mine. It is difficult to combat the overwhelming new adherants from other countries who have moved to this little >200,000 population city and who are buying up real estate in housing and businesses, leaving the native population without affordable housing and causing small homegrown businesses to sellout. It’s quite sad, however, Jesus warned us this would happen. Staying in prayer and reading one’s bible will help in discernment of these “brutish pastors” and their lies about their “relevatory” information that is anti biblical.

  14. FRANK says:

    Whoever wrote this article: thank you. I fear that the only ones hearing your words already know these things. And that’s a small percentage for sure. As stated, Christ himself warned us ‘let no one deceive you’. But the majority not only fall for these wolves, they don’t seek truth anyway. Even when their name describes them (Jonathan Con) they still don’t get it.

  15. Steve Smith says:

    One thing that would make me have my doubts about a member of the clergy would be if he or she preaches hatred and discrimination on the name of God. Nowhere did Jesus say it was alright to hate and want to harm other people. Jesus said “Whosoever lives and believes in me will never die.” He did not say “Whosoever among you [various groups] lives and believes in me will never die.” Hate goes against what Jesus taught, period. There definitely are pastors who seek their own glory, not God’s and many of them are the ones who spew hate speech in God’s name.

  16. Dee says:

    Wow! Love it!!!! Very powerful and needed to be said.

  17. Michael says:

    Great article. Thank you for being brave enough to write this. As America struggles with an epic integrity crisis, normalized use of deception has become the greatest threat to our survival. Dysfunctional Christianity continues to teach that it’s ok to be comfortable with willful ignorance AND deception when in reality it’s past time that we gird up our loins to confront them.

  18. Danny says:

    There are certain indicators of whether a pastor, or teacher, or church are holding to the tenets of the Christian faith. One should ask: what is their adherence to God’s Word? Bibliocentric teaching straight from God’s Word is first and foremost. How is this church engaged in Biblical obedience in following God’s Word? How is the pastor, staff, and congregants enabling this, especially in loving evangelism to a fallen world and refuting error. Second, is Jesus Christ and the teachings of the New Testament writers central to their teaching? While there may be others these are first and foremost. If a pastor runs to other areas, that should be a warning flag.

  19. kelly says:

    You are right on track.People need to check out whats being your bible and you will get the right answer. When in doubt check it out.

  20. C. Banks says:

    “Your lack of common sense is showing.” Is the exercise of faith a “common sense” endeavor? Or, is it carnal, and therefore, God’s enemy?

  21. tony says:

    What is missing in the Church today is discernment and true discernment only comes from the Lord himself knowing Him and spending time with Him and seeking Him not what he can do for you. I have been accused of throwing the baby out with the bath water to that i respond yes i do but i go a little further and tell them i throw out the tub with the bath water and the baby sounds rough both they get my point

  22. Robinson says:

    I really did like the article, and I believe all Pastors such as I should read it. Anytime we write something such as this article I think it is important to speak from both sides. As I said, I do agree with the article, but it did not mention the good Pastors. I do understand if you name a good Pastor, they will come under attack for whatever failures they have. No one is perfect but through Christ we are made perfect. Yet, it is important to call out those who are leading the flock astray.

  23. Howard Evans says:

    I call them the God is so lucky that we are here Pastors and churches. I am glad to see I am not the only one seeing throu them.

  24. I was very happy to see an article that discusses ministerial control over a church by the use of nefarious means. As a Christian, I quit going to church because in my particular sect, many churches moved into the business of judging people to the point that one particular minister asked people that he deemed ‘sinful’ to leave the church or change. This was the second church in which the congregants put the minister as the keeper of morality. Members of both churches apparently did not understand that a minister was not equal to God. Both of these ministers were not ordained but were lay ministers.

    In the last church, the focus was on God’s punishment and the minister promoted himself as the answer. Leader focused material that touts great knowledge of the Bible promotes cult-think. In this case I think of an analogy; the good shepherd did not take care of their sheep but ran them all off a cliff because they followed the shepherd (minister) without question. According to the New Testament, Jesus was a man of inclusion who gave His life so that we can live eternally. Jesus never would have looked at a ‘congregation’ and spend time picking out the worst sinners, since all of us are sinners. When the domination that my family had been in for hundreds of years broke into distinct groups that were based on extremely conservative groups, it was a sad time for me and others.

    If we as Christians cannot sit at a table of inclusion with others who don’t believe exactly as we do, then the whole message of Christ’s teachings is lost. I have found that there are many people, including clergy, that not only have excluded people with different lifestyles, but teach exclusion of people with differences. That indicates to me that a minister has overstepped his/her boundaries because no person knows what is in someone’s heart. I have found that these types of exclusionary religious groups have two things in common. One is that a minister is elevated to a position of such authority that people will follow the teachings of said minister like they are the word of God. It is my belief that those false prophets really know how to take the Christ out of Christian.

  25. Paul Johnson says:

    I was surprised to see this published. I was also surprised that there was no mention of satanic bibles, that leave out words, verses, and state that Jesus is a LIAR!! You might say, My Bible doesn’t do that! Check John 7: 8-10. in the NIV [the most popular one, but also the RSV, ASV, ESV,NAB,NAS, and at least 15 others.] These versions say Jesus told His brothers, “I am NOT going to this feast” but later sneaked around and went. This also throws doubt that Jesus is God, as God cannot lie.
    The NIV also has over 94,000 fewer words than the KJV. Ask any professor to require a paper from their students containing over 94,000 words and see what he says. As for me and my house, we will stick with the KJV, the Geneva Bible, and a couple others, not based on corrupt manuscripts. It pays to do the research.

    • Doug says:

      They will publish anything that gives a public “black eye” to Christianity.

    • John Robinson says:

      John 7:8 in King James reads “”I go NOT up YET unto this feast:” The NIV that I use reads, “I am NOT YET going up to this feast.” Both versions then state that he stayed in Galilee awhile while the disciples went ahead. Sounds to me like both versions are saying the same thing, and Jesus did not lie in either one, for he did not go right away, but delayed. That qualifies as YET. The word “yet” appears in some older manuscripts and not in others. So let’s take the word yet out for a moment. We still have Jesus saying, in essence, “I’m not going; go ahead without me.” He then stays a few more days in Galilee and follows along later. Still, not necessarily a lie, just more evidence that his timing and our timing isn’t always the same. Fact is, he didn’t go with his disciples. He went in alone, so as not to draw attention to himself.

  26. Elima says:

    I got out of dead churches after 47 years of watered-down Christianity when learned of devoted men who preach God’s word as the Son of the Living God calls them to preach: John MacArthur, Paul Washer, Steven Lassen, Voddie Baucham, R.C. Sproul, Mike Riccardi, Phil Johnson. P.H. Charles Jr. May our Lord and only King have mercy on the fallen America who need not revival but true Gospel preaching without a compromised preaching! The American Church is crowded with Mega Churches full of programs and money gathering programs to attract the young with attraction versus calls to repent and deny themselves and to pick up their cross daily – this is what the Lord Christ left us to do: To call to transformation of the corrupted self and not pursue the corrupted dying world’s culture and turn to Christ who calls us to lose our lives and gain eternity. It is much better to go into a Salon instead of attending a dead church where Christ and his command are not honored. The American pulpit is getting more and more corrupted without men of knowledge of God’s word exposition.

    • Carol says:

      I call out John MacArthur for his corrupt behavior during his shepherd’s conference during the pandemic when he refused masks and protocols to reduce the virus spreading, and had a pastor catch covid there, and reported this to MacArthur afterward, then was hospitalized in his home country and his death from it was reported to MacArthur’s team by the victim’s son to try to reduce the spread form the conference as others returned to their home countries.

      MacArthur kept this secret and did not share with those he was responsible to share it with, who had attended and could have caught it as that man did, because he feared for his public image. A Christian journalist tried to ask his team about this before reporting it to give them a grace period to explain themselves and they refused to respond, so she reported on this and outed him, and he had to back pedal and tried to make excuses. poor excuses.

      He will face God for this. And in the meantime I will not support him any longer or his megachurch self serving machine that it has become.

    • Puritan Watchman says:

      Forget John MacArthur. On his March 20, 2010 radio broadcast “Why Sunday is the Lord’s Day”, MacArthur made the misstatements that “God blessed Sunday” and that “God ordained Sunday as the day of worship”. God never did any such things. There is no Bible text where we are told that God ever blessed Sunday or ordained it as the day of worship. Not only are MacArthur’s statements in this respect disinformation, but they are a violation of the broad intent of the 9th Commandment, Exodus 20:16, which is to prohibit lying. If bearing false witness against one’s neighbor is sin, then how much greater will one’s sin be if one bears false witness against God. Rest assured that God will hold MacArthur accountable for broadcasting such falsehood. I suggest you remove him from your list of “men who preach God’s word”.

  27. Elima says:

    May our Lord be praised whom the Holy Spirit is graced us with courage to bring to light and denounce the falsehood of which the Americans live from Sunday to Sunday. Yet, His Grace and Love keep the true Transformed Lover of Christ on the path of His Word.

    I got out of dead churches after 47 years of watered-down Christianity when learned of devoted men who preach God’s word as the Son of the Living God calls them to preach: John MacArthur, Paul Washer, Steven Lassen, Voddie Baucham, R.C. Sproul, Mike Riccardi, Phil Johnson. P.H. Charles Jr. May our Lord and only King have mercy on the fallen America who need not revival but true Gospel preaching without a compromised Gospel! The American Church is crowded with Mega Churches full of programs and money gathering programs to attract the young with attraction versus calls to repent and deny themselves and to pick up their cross daily – this is what the Lord Christ left us to do: To call to transformation of the corrupted self and not pursue the corrupted dying world’s culture and turn to Christ who calls us to lose our lives and gain eternity.

    It is much better to go into a Salon instead of attending a dead church where Christ and his command are not honored. The American pulpit is getting more and more corrupted without men of knowledge of God’s word exposition.

  28. John Bruyere says:

    I don’t know who you are, but you hit the nail on the head and my thoughts for many years. Why don’t Christian leaders call out these charlatans? But you have done it and I hope more will do so….and include those whose Malaysian made “angels dust” floats down from on high, just like it does….oh, I guess it never does in the Bible.

  29. Norman Rice says:

    As a leader in the Christian body of Christ for almost 50 years, it is with a confident “Amen” to Trevo Craw. Although I am “white” my stance is that God created one race of mankind, the human race. Most of my minintry work has been in the black community. The last 10 years has been primarily in the white community of predominantly Catholics. Trevo’s words apply to all of the Christian church, at least in the USA, not just the black community. While not being as detailed and graphic as Trevo, I have been preaching the same message for many Years.

    I was raised in a Southern Missionary Baptist Church, and was will versed in the doctrines of the church. However, I did not surrender and give my heart to the Lord until I was in my mid 30’s. I will be 85 this July. When I first surrender my life to the Lord it was in a church just as Trevo articulated. If fact, it was in Penticostle Church Of God in Christ. At the time it was my intent to attend Kenneth Haginm’s school in Tulsa, Ok. After I begin to really study God’s Word myself I realized the untruths that were being taught from the pulpit in that church. COCIG was ready to advance me in their church government with many stipulations.

    After understanding the truths of Scripture I could not accept their platform and became a Non-denominational. My Christian roots are still in the black church, but I regularly repeat much of what Trevo has said both in my one on one conversations with ministers and leaders in the black and white churches and also from the pulpit. I am extremely bothered by many good pastor’s who know the truth of God’s Word, preach and teach God’s Word, and many of them try to live a life of having their minds renewed and comforming to the image of Jesus Christ, but they are “afraid” to call out the false teachers and preachers for fear of losing important people in their assembly. I often remind them, that Jesus and His apostles had no problem pointing out those false teachers.
    I want to thank you for your boldness and it’s truth.

  30. mary says:


  31. Todd Thielen says:

    While I am a white guy, I appreciate these articles. When it comes to the handling of Scripture, the color of our skin has nothing to do with it.

    Christ did not come into the world to judge the world (John 3:17) because the world is already under judgment. He came to SAVE the world.

    HOWEVER, we ARE told to judge other believers. 1 Corinthians 5:12 states, “For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge?”

    I believe that the most mis-quoted verse in the Bible is not John 3:16, but rather Matthew 7:1 – “Judge not, that you be not judged.” It is used by Christians and non-Christians alike which is a shame. This mis-reading of the passage creates an apparent excuse for anyone to do/act/say/behave any way they want with no one able to call out the crap that they see going on. That is NOT holiness. That is sin.
    The Holy Spirit uses other believers to speak Biblical truth into the lives of others. Where would I be today if I did not have fellow believers helping me on my path of sanctification?

    While I do have some “opinion” here in these thoughts, there is also Biblical truth. I pray that God will always keep me humble by allowing His Spirit to work through the mouths of my brothers and sisters to help me be more like Christ.

    May God continue to bless you.

    • Bill says:

      this is how you spot a false prophet…if they are not a Jehovahs Witness..witnesses follow the bible to the tee and if you read the bible you will know that all the holidays are mostly of pagan orgins and they do not come from the bible…the bible says not to lie but yet people lie to their kids about santa easter bunny and celebrate the day of satan called holloween so think about this next time you even think your a man of God….

      • john 3:16 says:

        Jehovah wittness . their theology has a little god that demands they do stuff to win their own salvation.. the difference is Christian have thetrue God that already has won salvation for all people all by him self. and Christians celebrate Christmas his incarnate birth instead of a pagan holiday. and Christians are not celebrating Halloween as Satan’s day. Though some not understanding Christians might think so because of the candy children enjoy getting during ” all saints day’. And there are lots of other stuff that christians do that do not come from the bible and are also not sinful .. such as eating pizza.. now if any one eats pizza to worship Satan that would be a wrong motive and sinful .. Understand Christianity .com

      • Todd Thielen says:

        Bill, Jehovah Witnesses do not actually follow the Bible. In fact, unfortunately, they have decided that they have to actually create their own version of the “bible” to match their theology. They cannot answer the criticism of their theology using either the original languages of Scripture. Accurate biblical interpretation demands a foundation of the original languages as the starting point. Tweaking the texts to match what I want them to say is wholly inappropriate and theologically inaccurate.

        • Alan says:

          You are spot on regarding translation of the Bible. There are many conflicts among the current translations, and very little attempt at justifying these conflicts. There are many who will vehemently argue that the version they worship from is the only “true” version, leading to castigation of large numbers of good people. If only tape recorders had been used from the start!

  32. Good article. I agree. says:

    Met many in my walk with God. Many wolves in sheep’s clothing. Lots of talk, but no walk. Can’t cast out devils, heal the sick or raise the dead. Only talk, talk, talk. Smile, smile, smile. Big egos.

  33. Lawrence says:

    What nonsense… yeah, you should not have written this. Your opinion is just that, your opinion. And it sucks. That’s why it was written by “staff.” I’m sure you were compelled to author this trash. Your lack of common sense is showing. Yeah, we live in a fallen world, with less than perfect people (some who would rather believe gossip than knowledge), especially people who believe they know more than God. God is not mocked, all is used for the glory of God. Even your nonsense…

    • Staff says:

      Staff Writer == Trevo Craw

    • Ed says:

      Very good and brave article. The scriptures teach us to judge righteously if we are going to judge. I think you have done so. The scriptures teach us about priestcraft or selling the gospel for money. Sure looks like that is what’s happening with these folks that you call out. The scriptures teach us about the philosophies of men mingled with scripture which is one of satan’s best ploys. Seems to fit here. My hat is off to you for writing this. Strong work!

    • carol walters says:

      Looks like A Hit Dog really Will Holler, and is not just a saying. I wonder who the false profit is that you are dependent on.

    • C. Banks says:

      “Your lack of common sense is showing.” Is the exercise of faith a “common sense” endeavor? Or, is it carnal, and therefore, God’s enemy?

  34. All this diatribe can be covered in one sentence. If there is only one Source then everything from atoms to galaxies must come from that source….ergo theofatalism. That must include all the religions in the world. You could look it uo…www.schooloftheofatalism.og

    • Phúc Th?t says:

      Another self-promoting white privilege comment from a nonagenarian male born in the 20th century USA. Too bad Lewis doesn’t have the pairs to trade places with a cockroach/mosquito or with a gang-raped, HIV-infected, illiterate, destitute, pregnant Somalian teenager who dies in her 30s leaving her dozen kids in similar conditions as hers. Then Lewis can write with authority about one Source and theofatalism.

  35. John Larson says:

    This art. will no doubt infuriate many — MANY — but “MANY” forget that Jesus was railroaded to death (despite His hugely popular miracles) precisely because of the hard truths — including universal guilt — which He taught to both clergy & laity. But BOTH STILL bypass these scriptural facts, & for the sake of “acceptance, political correctness”, you-name-it. And not only will there be literal hell to pay, but they’ll persecute truth-tellers “on the way”. Good biblical job, author; keep it up! Jesus was the supreme Bible-thumper, & He never regretted living or teaching it.

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