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Black Community: How To Fix Our Neighborhoods.

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( Yes I am going to tell you how to fix the “black” community. It is not hard but too many of our people are simply unwilling to put forth the effort. This is largely because of two things – (1) slave programming and (2) ambivalence.

Let’s talk about slave programming first. If you have never read the plan outlined by Willie Lynch, you should. And whether he existed or not, the dangerous and damaging ideology of Willie Lynch clearly did and does. Slave programming keeps us divided, keeps us distracted and keeps us in denial. If we cannot unify, we have no strength in numbers, no unified economic power and the divide and conquer strategy works well against us. When our groups do come together, they are too concerned about who will be in charge, who will get the credit and who will get the money. This is even true in our churches and the power struggles are both immature and unproductive. The fruitless efforts to unify when we have been programmed to divide are a distraction.

Black Community

African Americans become further distracted by waiting on someone else to help us when we should be helping ourselves. We wait on the government, we wait on food stamps to hit, we wait on a new President to rescue us, we even say we are waiting on God – anything to avoid stepping up and handling our business. Distraction then leads our people into a state of denial. We hide depression by smoking it away with marijuana. We buy flashy cars with fat car notes so we can pretend we feel good about ourselves. Our women buy hair like they buy tissue and our men bounce from woman to woman because they are afraid of real commitment when they have been programmed right out of it. A lack of knowledge of our history is a lack of knowledge of self.

Our people accept and support negative words and images of us because too many of our people see themselves as “n-word, n-words (saggin spelled backwards), players, divas and hoes“.

Then our people brag about it and celebrate many of these terms and flock to condescending concerts and movies that objectify our women and emasculate our men. Thanks a lot Meg Thee Stallion, Lil Durk, Snoop Dog, 21 Savage, Kodak Black, Dababy, Latto, Young Boy, 50 cent and others for helping our people to make ignorance popular, the racist oppressor to further oppress us, the police to profile us and the government to build justifications to exterminate us (Eugenics).

Is it any wonder that “black on black crime” is so high while we sit and watch and Empire of rappers, thugs, murderers and women with issues? And it is no coincidence that while our people are listening to passive music on FM, the Caucasian community is teaching their people about finances, relationships, health, safety, politics, entrepreneurship and victory on the AM stations. We are being dumbed down willingly, cluelessly and fighting to keep it coming. I could prove it to you by showing you mind control devices, subliminal messages that influence your subconscious and frequencies that access your brain, but that’s another article for another time.

So let’s get to the solutions.

It is not a quick process, but we can move a lot faster than we have been moving in the last 25 years. And either you are a part of the solution or you are a part of the problem. The first thing we have to do is realize that our people have been brainwashed. Next we have to expose what and who has done this. Then we must stop the sources that keep the brainwashing in place. We have to feed our intellect, not our entertainment craving portion of our brains because whatever we feed more becomes stronger.

We can fix the clock, not turn it back. Next, we must reclaim the right to define ourselves. WE ARE NOT BLACK. Black is the color of our car tires, not the color of our skin – and that is a   fact. Africans define themselves by tribe and geographic area, not by color. In fact, Haitians, Jamaicans, Asians, Hispanics and Native Americans all define themselves – and not by color. Next we have to sop walking in denial and be accountable for our own actions. Blaming other people or groups will never help us fix anything – though sometimes they are at fault. And we can no longer wait on nor depend on anyone but us and our people.

Next we have to concentrate our dollars into a unified collaborative that will give us leverage  to negotiate products and services while owning the businesses in our own communities. Money does talk but what has our money said when others come into our community and get it? Our people should at least own the gas stations, hair stores, franchises and grocery stores where we shop. But we are too busy making every other ethnic group rich and foolishly fighting for our right to do it. We must support our businesses and our businesses must do good business.

As for education, everybody should be held accountable – teachers, students, administrators, parents etc. We can start by being parents again and knowing where our kids are (Trayvon Martin) instead of being our kid’s best friends. Our kids will then be less likely to encounter sociopathic lunatics on a mission like Zimmerman. We can learn the laws and learn to use them in our favor, including in dealing with police and traffic stops. We have to participate in the schools that our children attend and check homework. We have to wake up and put the freakin weed down because we have no time to chill out. We can run for local office or hold our local leaders accountable.

We have to be accountable to each other and our communities. We have to wake up our churches instead of just feeding the pastor’s agenda and paying for jets. Too many parents in our communities want the schools to raise our children and the police to discipline them. But parents wake up and be parents. In the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal, the courts, the community and the parents blamed the teachers. But we should have held the parents even more accountable for the success of the children.

Our people have been programmed NOT to work together.

Jealousy and envy, suspicion, backstabbing and treachery have to be dealt with by our people and erased out of our communities. You have to care because we are connected together, even if many of us do not realize that we are. Therefore what some of us do ultimately affects the others. This is not the time for self-seeking agendas because you and I can never be as successful alone as we can with our people dedicated and behind us.

Once we gain momentum in the right direction, the habits, trends, thinking and behavior in our communities will change from self-sabotaging to productive. But if we don’t wake up and realize these things, no other group, agency or ethnicity will believe that African American lives matter.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

A Free Thinker, who loves to talk about Politics, etc. Also, all about uplifting the Black Community even if it doesn’t fit your mindset. One may hit me up at;

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