Black America Has Been Programmed to be its Own Worst Enemy.

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( “Capture their minds, and their hearts and souls will follow.” For once their minds are reached, they’re defeated without bullets.

In reference to the quote, the proceeding information is a sample size of how the hearts, minds, and souls of Black African Americans have indeed been captured but NOT necessarily defeated, and how the dilemma can and must be overcome.

Millenniums ago, ancient Black Civilizations ruled the world. They were a Spiritual people possessing vast Spiritual Powers. Concisely, Black History is older than our oppressor, older than slavery. Somewhere down through the ages, Black Civilizations lost their Spiritual prowess. It has since been replaced with religion. Ironically, today all races have their individual religions except for the Black race whose religion has been bestowed upon them by their former enslavers…Christians and Muslims.

Black America - 2023.

Christianity is a religion that advocates White Supremacy, and Islam is an Arabic religion, a religion which to this very day still enslaves Africans. Fast forward to the 21st century the Black race has been programmed and conditioned to see themselves as a joke, as buffoons, inferior to others which their acceptance of being an N-word a n**ga attests to.

Minstrel shows, vaudeville, Stepin Fetchit, was the beginning of conditioning the Black race to not take itself seriously. Contemporary Black comedians have no boundaries when it comes to making buffoons of themselves and their race. Consider the recent Netflix Chris Rock Live show where he cracked jokes trivializing the evils of chattel slavery and embracing the morally corrupt, vile, racist N-word n**ga.

Chris Rock and other Black comedians get away with this grotesque, absurd travesty because they have the support…albeit inappropriate behavior…of Black America to do so. White supremacy is most effective when it uses Black voices as ventriloquists which without it, racism, social injustice, and inequality would disintegrate. Yes, it is Black support and complicity that gives life to so-called white supremacy and racism.

Jewish comedians do not devalue themselves nor their race by making oven jokes about the Holocaust or belittling themselves or their race with usage of such denigrating terms as k*ke or h*mie in their comedy. The 300-years African American Holocaust is trivialized by descendants of its victims which is an abomination and reprehensible.

Black implies self-control and discipline, independence, and a strong will, exuding authority and power. It gives an impression of elegance, sophistication, and confidence. Black can be intimidating, unfriendly and unapproachable because of the power it emanates, radiating authority creating fear in the process. Black transcends color…thus NOT everyone who claims to be Black…is. Pride, dignity, honor, self-respect is part of the equation. And when Black is used in context referencing ethnicity the letter “B” should always be capitalized as is Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian, Jews, etc.

 “To be African American is to be African without any memory and American without any privilege.” —James Baldwin

Officially from 1619 to 1865 Africans were physically and mentally enslaved. Unofficially the physical enslavement…under the guise of different names…continued for another 100 years, dribbling to an end during the early 1960s. Albeit, mental enslavement…NEVER did come to an end. What most Black Americans fail to understand is that mental slavery is far worst than physical enslavement because the chains are invisible. To overcome anything, you must first be able to see things for what they are and not be in…DENIAL. To be in denial benefits only the oppressor.

When first brought to America enslaved Africans were stripped of their heritage, so that none of their African background could influence their lives in America. Their personality and behavior were shaped exclusively by the unique form of American slavery. It must be noted that the Haitian slaves were not stripped of their identity therefore were able to stage a successful Haitian Revolution against slavery defeating three superpowers in the process…England, France, and Spain…were all defeated enabling the Haitians to establish a Republic…something never accomplished before in the history of humankind.

What made this all possible…unlike the American slaves…the Haitian slaves African continuity REMAINED intact. Unsurprisingly, the Haitian Revolution the most impactful revolution ever is virtually ignored in American and World history books same as they have obliterated the history of Africa’s ancient Black Civilizations. However, there is plenty of physical evidence all around the world of Black Civilizations contributions to humankind, it’s simply a matter of doing our research and connecting the dots.

A hidden truth is that although the United States government portrays itself as the leading ethical and moral authority of the world and professes equal rights for all American citizens, its oldest and most important objective has always been an unyielding commitment towards the preservation of its White dominance and control. This objective has always directly correlated with the necessity to suppress the advancement and growth of its Black population.

If the U.S. government were to treat its Black population in a manner which does not promote its interest of maintaining White dominance and control this would render the U.S. government diametrically in opposition to itself. Therefore, it secretly uses every conceivable means and opportunity to suppress its Black population; even those that trample upon its own stated ethical values.

Secular and non-secular people who have spent centuries strategically and heinously orchestrating the Black community’s physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual enslavement are not going to just turn around and set Blacks free. Blacks must remove the shackles of mental enslavement themselves; otherwise, mental liberation will NEVER become a reality. Slavery is never abolished it is transformed, only the slave can destroy slavery. You cannot destroy slavery by becoming a part of your slave master’s culture incubator.

Unless the masses of Black people are made more aware of America’s true ruling elites and their modern methods and practices of economically exploiting and suppressing its Black population, nothing will change. An African American isn’t going to rise to the higher echelons in the American society unless they are engaged in the death and damnation of other Black people. They must be against the interest of the majority of African Americans. Same applies to the debased culture of hip-hop which triggers the death and damnation of Black people.

Which takes us to the secret Black Boule Society. Where there are prominent professional Blacks, chances are they’re connected to this Society, and Jack and Jill of America, Inc. The role of the Boule is to be a support group acting on behalf of the interest of the Rothschild and Rhodes secret society and Zionist.

It is a Greek fraternity organization. A Greek term, meaning “advisers to the king“. The next question should be, “who’s the king?” The king that they receive direction from and protect like their logo the Sphinx is the Cecil Rhodes/Lord Rothschild secret society which includes the Rockefeller Foundation.

One of the problems with the Boule (and the offspring of the Boule: the eight college fraternities and sororities) is that they falsely acknowledge the Greeks as the founders of civilization which is a fabrication. The Greeks got their knowledge from the Nile Valley (ancient Nubia and Kemet); they plagiarized accumulated knowledge after killing off and raping Kemet then deemed themselves as the originators of the knowledge given to them erasing the African presence of Kemet. Pythagoras is one of the falsely credited fathers of the arts and sciences from the ancient African mystery schools.

The Boule have taken a sworn oath to maintain the state of white supremacy and to never let you know the names of the whites that rule the world. It’s just like the house negro/field theory; the white “massa” needed a house-negro to keep an eye on the rest and to alert him if there would be an uprising. The Boule serves as a modern-day replica of the Meritorious Manumission Act of 1870.  Chains and whips may have been abolished but other than that very little have changed…mind control still prevails. Many prominent professional Black lawyers, doctors, engineers, and politicians are members of this secret organization. All of whom are content with living on their knees.

How can the Black race work out their own salvation? You’ve been remade into an image of a so-called n**ger/n**ga. True knowledge and positive images of self was taking from you, but it’s up to you to take it back, it’s up to you to overcome paternalism and false images of who you truly are. There are three kinds of people in the world: Those who do what they’re told without question, those who control them, and those who REFUSE to play the submissive game of being a n**ga…thus ENVIED and HATED by the other two. The psychological and spiritual liberation of the Black race involves embracing a reality of truth and enlightenment. None of which can be accomplished without the unification of the masses.

Our STRENGTH lies in UNIFICATION something that we’ve been programmed not to do. There’s nothing the oppressor fears more than UNITY among the Black race. Do what you must. STOP sitting around waiting to be validated by white people, begging, pleading, moaning, and groaning to be treated right. We must stop thinking and acting like helpless, weak, impotent, and powerless human beings. Get up off your hands and knees stop going along with the false narrative that you are a n**ger/n**ga.

Staff Writer; H. Lewis Smith

This brother is the author of Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word and Undressing the N-word: Revealing the Naked Truth, Lies, Deceit and Mind Games. Follow him on Twitter:

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