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Working-Class Americans are “Being Abused” by Democrats & President Joe Biden When It Comes to Our Job Rates.

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( You have got to get the numbers, right! Any number of us have heard that statement, many, many times. It is an accepted expression because, it just makes common sense. We do not give it a second thought, when we say it. To build a car, send a person to the moon, even manage our financial affairs, or balance our checking account, we have got to get the numbers, RIGHT!

So, what is the deal with President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democratic Party-political figures, including Rep. Hakeem Jeffriesthe latest paid talking head, and black face of the Democratic Party, operating as the Minority Leader, and the new Congressional Black Caucus Chair, Rep. Steven Horford?  They are deliberately, even willfully, supporting undercounting our Unemployment rate numbers leading to understating current, and future layoffs, of working-class Americans, as the Federal Reserve hikes interest rates, to reduce inflation to 2%.

President Joe Biden - Working Class America.

The evidence is irrefutable, President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and the Democratic Party embrace a vile policy of undercounting working-class Americans Job rates, as we face in all probability a 3rd Recession, in 15 years, due to rising interest rates. It is a hurtful policy, directly affecting working-class Americans, of every race, and gender, everywhere. Clearly, if you are not counted, it means, you are unseen, and are likely underserved.

With 517,000 Jobs created in January, it is an excellent time for the Biden-Harris administration to abandon a LIE, the Democratic Party has perpetuated since 1994, when it comes to our Job rates, without creating much negative political pushback. Bad news, during this robust period of Job creation, will be received much better, by voters.

But, President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democrats aren’t going to stop undercounting our Job rates, hiding our current, and coming layoffs, until you join us in telling THEM to give it a rest. WHY? It is easier to maintain a LIE started, in 1994, by these same Democrats,” when it comes to lying about Job rates, then endure the pain of telling the nation the TRUTH. Biden’s Job rate for January is, 3.4%. However, the real Job rate is, 6.6%. The black rate is 5% higher, at 11.6% (already showing African Americans are in a Great Recession).

For the most part, we are hardworking people, who believe in a level playing field, which we currently do not have, when it comes to our Job rates. We are working-class Americans, as Biden likes to crow, who built this economy. Biden owes working-class Americans a level playing field, when it comes to our Job rates, as millions of economic immigrants cross our Southern borders seeking Jobs, in the United States.

Capitalism as is, which underpins our Democracy, is a great economic system. It does not need inaccurate unemployment rates, promoted by politicians, to work smoothly. Let us deliver the very best product, at the lowest price, which works in the nation’s best interest.

In looking into our Job rates, a rigged system was discovered, and uncovered. Along with the rigged system, a broken Democratic Party was found, in need of forgiveness and reformation. Mr. Biden, and the Democratic Party are “needlessly manipulating our Unemployment rates,” so as to make them lower, enhancing their political image. But in doing this, they hurt American workers. In an attempt to hang on to political power, they are putting “the Party and politics over people.” This might be why every effort to get them to voluntarily come clean, about our Job Situation, has failed.

The U-3 category rate of Unemployment, Biden’s 3.4%, was never meant to be viewed, as being comprehensive of our nation’s Unemployment situation, because it is narrow in scope, as it measures a small worker group, hence, it will always flash a low Job rate number. Economists, at the time the changes to the Unemployment rates were done in 1994, agreed the most comprehensive of the category of Unemployment rates is, the U-6 rate, which was 6.6%, for January.

Yet, somehow U-3, the lower of the two category rates, became our official Unemployment rate, with no one in the Clinton administration including, Secretary of Labor, at the time, Robert Reich, or anyone, in the Bureau of Labor Statistics taking credit, for making U-3, the official rate. Biden can wisely align his administration, with economists, and declare U-6, at 6.6%, for January, as the most comprehensive Job rate. No added authority is needed, by Biden to carry out this positive change, just as the Clinton administration in 1994, did not need added authority to start the “disgusting scheme,” of undercounting our Job rates.

This is a devious economic policy, as it denies us, the TRUTH about our economy. Do the math. Biden’s 3.4% is 3.2% lower than the real rate of Unemployment of 6.6%. So, what happens to that 3.2% of Unemployed American workers he does not recognize, in his count? Do they magically disappear? Of course not! He intentionally does not count 49% of working-class Americans (that is what the 3.2% represents, 49% of all working-class Americans, including Black Americans, and working women, who head households, many with children), using the U-3 category rate.

We, as American workers deserve true Job numbers, and a resilient, long-term, and healthy economy. The bottom line is, Biden owes working-class Americans a level playing field, if he really cares, when it comes to our Job rates. It makes good, common, and political sense, “the Honorable President of the United States,” gets our Unemployment rate numbers, RIGHT, as we watch the Federal Reserve raise interest rates, that will eventually produce layoffs, to bring down the rate of inflation!

A note: Readers, my account, @Jamesabides1, was permanently suspended, on Twitter December 1, 2022, at about 1:00 pm, for expressing and advancing the same factual information, found in this article. Go to @Jamesabides1, see if you can understand, why the TRUTH, has been suspended, in the market square of ideas, and concepts, on Twitter. Suppressing free responsible speech is unacceptable, in our Democracy, no matter who does it. The TRUTH matters. The January 6th Committee affirms it.

Staff Writer; James Davis

Mr. Davis is a leading expert and consultant in Financial Analysis and Social Dynamics. He is a graduate of Florida A. and M. University (FAMU), a former stockbroker, and a human rights activist who resides in Sanford, Florida. He was awarded the prestigious Governor Haydon Burns Scholarship to attend FAMU and while at FAMU was awarded the first Martin Luther King Scholarship. He is the author of three books, among them is “The Fix This Time,” Boost Your Retirement Income! Simultaneously Create Jobs and Spur Economic Growth (

Mr. Davis can be reached through his blog @

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