DC Politics & Christians: Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock: Unfit To Lead.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) This is a wake-up call to the truth. I will give you the facts about Rev. Raphael Warnock, the pretender, not just what you want to hear or believe. Not just what you have been told to think or how you have been programmed to vote by the Democratic party. And just so you know, I am not a fan of Herschel Walker either, for a number of obvious reasons. One of those not being the intelligence issue because Warnock, college educated though he may be, is not that bright either. And in Georgia, it is a shame that we don’t have a third choice labeled “none of the above”. But we don’t. And why do we end up with 2 poor and controllable choices? Because the smartest people in the “black” community are smart enough not to go into politics, unwilling to sell their souls for a political position and aware of the game that is being played using the voting public as ping pong balls.

Many of you don’t want the truth. You want to always vote for whomever you like, who you are told to vote for and who all the people around you seem to be voting for. But you need to wake up. Because if the truth sets you free and you reject it, guess what lies do? I dare you to think for yourself and be your own person. You have no idea what Warnock is doing in DC.

So what about this Warnock guy? First of all, Raphael Warnock is a fake religious pastor. And before you say I am judging, I suggest you read a Bible. The thief of scripture referenced as coming to steal, kill and destroy is not satan. The thief is the pastor who desserts the sheep. So you have to ask yourself if a man (Warnock) is called and sent to be a pastor, how can he just forsake those responsibilities for a worldly position? How can he “pastor” from Washington, visiting the sick and shut in, conducting weddings and funerals and counseling sessions? He can’t unless he can effectively be in two places at one time. And here is another tidbit of information you might not know. A large portion of the population of the church Warnock pastors does not even like him. Fact? Oh yes. And how do I know? Because numerous people there have said so confidentially.

Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock - 2022


The party does not care about you any more than the Republicans do. They just want your vote and your “black” dollars”. And if you think the Democratic party is run and controlled by “black” people, you are delusional. The overseer puppet masters are NOT BLACK. Wake up.

Next of all, how can a pastor claiming to represent God take a position that destroys innocent life in the womb? Such a position completely contradicts what the giver of life says. God says He kills and He makes alive. The Bible says “choose life”. And just like the idiots did who went against choosing life back then, so does Raphael Warnock do so now. So while you may have your own views about the murder of innocent unborn children being torn apart from the womb based on the mother’s irresponsibility and convenience, I dare you to watch it then deny what is happening. And I dare Raphael Warnock to watch it from start to finish or look at a sonogram then deny the truth. If he can, watch out because that is a man with a cold, dark heart.

God knows it’s not just the woman’s body so why can’t Warnock see that? The scripture teaches that we belong to God, not just to ourselves. The Bible teaches that teaches that when a man and woman marry, neither have complete authority over their own bodies, but rather they also have authority over each other’s body. So if you didn’t know that or don’t agree, I understand. But a pastor who reads from that Bible and says he represents God should stand with what God says – not with the message of the Democratic party on abortion.

That brings up a bigger issue about Warnock. If he will compromise the word of God, all the while saying he is a pastor who represents God, how can he be trusted? And on that note, that disqualifies him from being a pastor. Still, that only scratches the surface.

So wait, it does not stop there. The Bible teaches that if a many cannot handle his own household, he is not fit to handle the household of God. In 2020 Warnock tries to run over his now ex-wife? That is ungodly, illegal and not managing your household. But what do people who want to vote for him do? Ignore whatever he does, just like the backwards leaders of his church who brought him there anyway. And while we all have a past and we all fall short, Warnock is the one placing himself out front as an example, the Reverend you are supposed to trust. Wake up people. This guy is a slick Willy used car sales-man type. So slick that many of you cannot see that, others refuse to and a bunch of you just ignore it. Look at the evidence. And remember, I never said Herschel Walker was a prize either, but this article is about Raphael Warnock. And at least with Herschel you know exactly what you are getting, sad to say. There is an old saying that goes “better the devil you know”. I would add to that “better than a mask-wearing, smiling used car salesman fake pastor who can’t give a straight answer in a debate”.


My views are based on the facts, like them or not. And I could just as easily write a balanced article about Herschel Walker that tells the truth. So if you want to discredit this article because you think I am biased, you are wrong. That being said, one of the biggest struggles people have is in finding balance. Another is in accepting the truth. And you know it.

If Raphael Warnock cannot manage his own household without running over the woman he made vows to love and honor, how can he be trusted with the household of God? If he is not taking care of his child support while he gets over $7,000 a month for housing himself and drives around in a Tesla, how can such a man be trusted? And if he cannot be trusted in God’s house nor to manage his own, can Raphael Warnock really be trusted anywhere else in leadership? Obama (who yes I voted for TWICE), said “don’t boo – vote”. I am saying “don’t just vote – think”. Sadly too many of you can’t, won’t, didn’t or are afraid to because finding the truth will cause you to break ranks, step away from the lies and out of the deception. And what did you do instead of checking the facts and thinking for yourself? Send that charlatan right back to Washington as if he is going to be there working for you. Think for yourself. I dare you!

Then there is the REVEREND RAPHAEL WARNOCK SLUM LORD. The Bible says to help the poor, not throw them out. Christ says “when you have done to the least of them, you have done unto Me”. How would a pastor not understand that Raphael Warnock? A real pastor would. And yes I say that as both a license and ordained minister of God. As a Bible scholar, I speak from that which I know, not from that which pleases people’s ears. And I will debate Raphael Warnock anytime, anywhere. WARNOCK IS NOT QUALIFIED TO LEAD!


If Warnock is called to the church, then how can he just run up to Washing DC? Is he called there by God too? Then why hasn’t he said so? Or is he just an opportunist climbing the world ladder the way every non-pastor does? What would make him choose to be in the world and such a big part of it when the Bible says to do just the opposite? That same Bible says the world recognizes its own. And if you are the world’s own, you are not a member of the family of God. Still, no man can serve two masters Raphael Warnock. These are the truths of scripture, the same scripture Warnock reads, reads from and says he teaches. Yet when you hear him talk, while he throws the “Reverend” title around, you hear a man who sounds more like the world than the kingdom of God. A man who will pimp his title as a qualification when he is not even qualified to carry that title. A man who talks more about where he grew up, where he went to school and what he has done than he does about the God he claims to serve. Hmmmm. Why is that? Warnock you are trying a little too hard to blend in with the world and the snakes, serpents and demons of DC.


Any time a so-called black pastor stands with the murder of innocent unborn children in the black community by the millions (which reduces the black population), he is either Cointel Pro, brainwashed, ignorant or wearing a pulpit mask while deliberately and openly supporting evil, irresponsibility and lack of accountability. Such a man is working for the other side, no matter what title he carries. Therefore he is NOT a pastor of the Gospel of life eternal when he is promoting, accepting, making excuses for and standing with death. He has decided NOT TO CHOOSE LIFE, he has chosen the other direction. And all those who stand with him are dark, lost, confused, blind, deceived, about self, some or all of the above.

Black people who support Raphael Warnock have won, but won what? A great deal of democratic darkness. The murderous genocide of innocent unborn children under the cloak of “women’s reproductive rights”.  And the black community fell for the death-dealing Margaret Sanger eugenic propaganda, drinking every single drop of the Kool-Aid. But what else has the black community won behind door number 2 Raphael? The control of the black community through entitlement program dependency. The perversion of family, gender, marriage and relationships. The promotion of “do you” selfishness that further buries the unity needed in the black community. The morality, integrity and spirituality that can never be replaced by man-made religion nor politics. And the list goes on. So I ask you, what does it profit a man to gain the whole world yet lose his soul? Especially at the hands of covert oppression disguised as a trojan horse help package for black people. Wake up! I dare you.



And just so you know, I will debate Raphael Warnock any time on every single point made in this article. But will you stand up, speak up, be silent or simply follow the crowd of zombies who can pace a vote but yet refuse to think for themselves and look at the truth? Where is the backbone of the black community? Who else will speak up or are you so programmed and afraid that you can’t? Will you find it easier to attack me and this article than to look in the mirror and the reflection of your decisions? Again, I dare you to think for yourself.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

A Free Thinker, who loves to talk about Politics, etc. Also, all about uplifting the Black Community even if it doesn’t fit your mindset. One may hit me up at; TrevoCraw@ThyBlackMan.com.